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Ep 31 Wellbeing – Somatic exercise, what does it actually mean? – Being careful of quick fix fads – Drive

Monday 19 February 2024,

We take a break from exercises this week as Michelle wanted to share her thoughts on Somatic exercise, what does read more

Ep 30 Heart Openers – Shine your heart forward – Just in time for Valentines day

Tuesday 13 February 2024,

With Valentines Day upon us Michelle takes us through some Heart Opener Exercises – We also hear about Galentine’s Day read more

Ep 29 Drive – Stretching hamstrings – practising our cowboy skills & the cork block makes another appearance in the studio

Sunday 4 February 2024,

Ep 28 – Mindfulness – Motions, feelings and coloured sweets

Tuesday 30 January 2024,

Michelle brought a guest along, her daughter Allie, to help with todays easy exercise. Michelle taught us a super smart read more

Ep 27 – Senses awareness/mindfulness – Michelle brought chocolate into the studio!

Sunday 21 January 2024,

Hyper senses awareness/mindfulness Michelle brought chocolate into the studio! Jo’s fave Episode to date! Lol Bringing mindfulness into any part read more

Ep 26 – Looking after your hamstrings and the donkey kick pose

Friday 12 January 2024,

Today we learnt how to look after our hamstrings Super,simple exercises. My favourite is the Donkey Kick Pose Michelle’s website

EP 25 Digestive system – Detox – Michelle Spencer

Monday 8 January 2024,

Beginning of a new year so Michelle told us all about the digestive system & even shared a yoga move read more

Jo Bailey’s Drive Special with Michelle Spencer

Saturday 30 December 2023,

Drive special – Michelle Spencer Joined Jo for all her best bits Guess the celebrity, Guess the intro, A sparkly read more

Ep 24 Christmas Yoga with Michelle Spencer

Monday 18 December 2023,

Christmas Yoga – If you’ve never done Yoga? Now’s the time to start! Jo demostrated the snowman pose (Mountain Pose read more

Ep 23 – Ocean/Snoring Breath – Calming as well building internal heat

Friday 24 November 2023,

Michelle takes us through a gentle breathing exercise that helps to build internal heat. We also find out how Michelles read more

Ep 22 How yoga for men can improve mental health and even their golf swing – Is Michael Buble listening???

Friday 17 November 2023,

How yoga for men can improve their mental health and even their golf swing. Men that lift weights come along read more

Ep 21 Mala beads – Choose your own mantra – Jabba the Hutt wrists

Saturday 4 November 2023,

Michelle brought in a gift for Jo so she could help show, just how easy it is to meditate with read more

Apu Vyas – Chair Inclusive Irons WHU

Sunday 29 October 2023,

Apu Vyas – Ukulele playing, tough mudder running Co-Chair of Inclusive Irons, joined Jo in the studio to talk all read more

Ep 20 – Breast Health – Suprising Facts, exercises and a cork brick!

Sunday 29 October 2023,

Breast Cancer Awareness. 56,000 new cases of breast cancer a year in men as well as women. Michelle shares some read more

Ep 19 – Menopause awareness month (M.O.T for women) – It’s important to involve men in the conversation as well as women.

Sunday 15 October 2023,

Research on Oestrogen and what it can affect – Once the oestrogen drops it can affect your cholesterol and affect read more

Ep 18 Plantar Fasciitis – You voted and you decided that Michelle’s theme tune is????

Tuesday 26 September 2023,

Plantar Fasciitis – Plant-er fash-ee-eye-tis — Plantar = Foot Fasciitis = Muscles Plantar Fasciitis = Means cramps or pain, near read more

Ep 17 – Improving your balance – Michelle Spencer Drive’s Wellbeing coach

Saturday 16 September 2023,

Today Michelle showed us a super easy exercise to improve our balance. The Mountain Pose Did you know that 1 read more

Ep 16 – Life Gets Good At 40! – Drive well-being coach – Why call her classes Midlife Yoga instead of Menopause Yoga

Wednesday 13 September 2023,

Our resident Yoga Guru Michelle, tells us why she calls her classes Midlife Yoga instead of Menopause Yoga? Life gets read more

Margarita Helene – Drive Live Session

Sunday 3 September 2023,

Margarita Helene– singer songwriter, guitarist & keyboard player. Margarita performed 3 of her tracks on keyboard & guitar, live at read more

Ep 14 Menopause, Dangers of self diagnosis, Thyroid & Good Vibrations

Thursday 31 August 2023,

Song choice of the day was Fleetwood Mac with Don’t stop We’ll be putting out a poll soon for your read more