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Body Talk - 26 Jul 2020
Body Talk
Mel Watson

Your daily routine may be far from ideal for your health. So maybe we should consider what we could be doing to improve matters.
During the small hours your body is preparing itself for the day ahead and releasing cortisol to improve bodily function, and releasing glucose to give you energy. These things are controlled by our internal body clock, preparing us to get out of bed at the optimum time of 7am.
The first thing we do on rising is to brush our teeth. Don’t wait till after breakfast, as the acidic substances we consume can weaken the teeth and we could be brushing into the tooth rather than cleaning the top layer. If you want to leave your mouth clean after eating, chew some minty sugar free gum which will clean the food debris from your teeth and also promote the production of saliva.
Consider having something sweet for breakfast, dieters who did that discovered they could maintain their weight more efficiently. Having a dessert first thing is said to lower levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, and also prevents the desire for sugary food later in the day.
Healthy bowel movement frequency can range from three times per day to once a day. Ensuring you have breakfast will keep you regular.
Scientists suggest waiting for an hour or two before having your morning coffee, as our wakefulness is already being boosted by cortisol.
Leanness is also linked to early morning sun, so it’s a good idea to get some light first thing. If you don’t get the right amount of light in the morning it can upset your body clock.
It is recommended that over 50’s have their last coffee of the day around lunchtime to avoid a bad night’s sleep, as the body takes about 6 hours to process the caffeine. Tea is lighter so can be drunk up until 4pm.
Thinking about changing some of these simple things could help to regulate your body clock and improve your health and fitness levels,

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