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Body Talk - 12 Jul 2020
Body Talk
Mel Watson

Menopause is a huge problem for many women of a certain age. The symptoms are many and varied including hot flushes, brain fog and tiredness. It’s really uncertain as to what to do to combat it, the only treatment currently offered by the NHS is HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy,but that has also come under fire as to its safety, those taking part in trials were seen to have an increase in cancer.
Its now having a bit of a revival as its safety seems to be being confirmed with new studies showing its benefits.
Some of the symptoms can be helped by a change in diet. Hot flushes can be cooled by a diet rich in soy and isoflavones. In one study a group consuming soy decreased decreased their hot flushes by 45% after three months. The soy acts like a weaker form of oestrogen in the body, but this has also come under question as it can be harmful to the thyroid and can be genetically modified. Choose fermented soy in moderation like miso and fermented soy milk.
Cutting caffeine can also be helpful, vitamins C,E and evening primrose oil can also help.
Insomnia is another problem, so again avoid caffeine and lowering alcohol intake and increase carbs if possible and foods rich in vitamin B12.
Weight gain is also the body’s way of creating more oestrogen, so a little weight gain can be ok to help your body balance itself,but try to stick to a healthy diet.
Mood swings are another problem, and diets low in Omega 3 may contribute to bad moods and a diet high in spinach and seaweed can improve the production of tryptophan which lifts the mood.
So, a few tips for you to help cope with the menopausal phase of life, which is something every woman will experience but it doesn’t always have to be a bad experience as new research unfolds to help all us ladies through this challenging phase of life.

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