Coastlands | Jason Sissoyev Interview – Musical Meanderings 7th March 2019

Another great conversation on Musical Meanderings this week as it was a pleasure to speak to Jason Sissoyev of Coastlands. I enjoyed their new album The Further Still since hearing about it on the Where Post Rock Dwells youtube channel in November last year. Their music typifies what I enjoy in post-rock and instrumental music, with the building, layered crescendos and what can be expressed in the music, even without words.

In fact, we spoke about that, along with learning about his history in music in a nurturing, supportive environment when Jason was young. He also talked about the formation of the band, the creation of the music and playing live.

You can hear the whole show via the podcast link here:

Part of the conversation touched on how emotions can be expressed and worked out through the music and how they support each other and their fans. I included an extract from the conversation about this on my recent Mental Health Matters podcast here at Phoenix, which you can check out here:

Coastlands are from Portland, Oregon so it was a chance to celebrate other wonderful artists and bands from Oregon that have been releasing great music recently, such as Elica and This Patch Of Sky which Jason mentioned, along with doom band Tar Pit who I enjoyed discovering recently via the Stoned Meadow of Doom youtube channel.

Here is the conversation on its own:

Here is the playlist for 7th March 2019 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 neànder -Khàpra (neànder – 2019)
2 Tar Pit – Rune (Tomb Of Doom – 2018)
3 Elcia – Higher, Further, Faster (1. Awaken The Stars – 2019)
4 Legendary Skies – Gradus (Navigation – 2018)
5 Wander – March (March – 2019)
6 Coastlands – Tired Eyes (The Further Still – 2018)
7 Coastlands – A World Not Yet Darkened (To be found – 2016)
8 Coastlands – Bottomfeeder (The Further Still – 2018)
9 Coastlands – Quiet Beneath the Yangtze River (The Further Still – 2018)
10 The Sun Burns Bright – Never let go of the light (Longing For A Place, Yet To Be Seen – 2019)
11 This Patch of Sky – What Once Was Lost (These Small Spaces – 2017)
12 Aurora Borealis – Goodbye (1 & 2) (Goodbye – 2018)
13 pg.lost – Desperdicio Pt1 & 2 (pg.lost / Wang Wen split – 2012)

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