We Become | Leo Vela Interview – Musical Meanderings 28th February 2019

It’s always wonderful to hear from artists who are finding ways of learning about and creating music in their day to day lives. Leo Vela grew up as a musician and had a background in heavier music, but found a recent love of more instrumental, atmospheric and post-rock music. He then learned how to create the music he enjoys and has a great platform with bandcamp to release it under his project name We Become to whoever is lucky enough to come across it.

You can listen to the conversation during the whole show here:

I discovered his music via recent guest Chris Garr, otherwise known as The Sun Burns Bright who is very passionate about sharing the music he enjoys on his social medias. He posted a recent song by We Become- Soaring and I loved he gentle nature and atmospheric soundtrack images in evoked. I had the pleasure of getting in touch and recording a conversation with him to discover his journey in creating the music.

Also in this episode I celebrated the music of Wychhound, previous guests on the show, stalwarts of the UK stoner and doom scene and their recent Earth Orbiter EP was my album of the year in 2018. They recently announced that they are sadly going their separate ways. I wish them all the best, I know each of them will be successful and happy with whatever direction they choose next.

Speaking of the UK scene, there was a recent show in Camden featuring Oak and 1968, alongside Mastiff and Possessor. It gave me another change to play their music once again, with new favourites Mammoth Grove and Neànder.

Here is the playlist for 28th February 2019 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 Wychhound – Truant Mind (Wychhound EP – 2015)
2 Mammoth Grove – Valleys (Slow Burn – 2018)
3 Neànder – Thũjen (Neànder – 2019)
4 Getaway Van – Branches (Getaway Van – 2019)
5 Oak – Nothing Without You (Oak III – 2018)
6 1968 – McQueen (Ballads Of The Godless – 2018)
7 Wychhound – Comet Shoemaker – Levy 9 (SL-9) (Earth Orbiter EP – 2018)
8 Dawn Chorus Ignites – Take Me With You (Take Me With You – 2011)
9 Hammock – Sinking Inside Yourself (Asleep In The Downlights EP – 2011)
10 We Become – Soaring (2019)
11 We Become – Remé (2018)
12 We Become – You Are My Lighthouse (2019)
13 The Sun Burns Bright – The Glass Is Always Full (Through Dusk, Came The Light – 2018)
14 This Patch Of Sky – In The House Of Wolves (S/T – 2014)
15 We Lost The Sea – Challenger Part 1 – Flight (Departure Songs – 2015)


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