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Corrosion Of Conformity | Reed Mullin Interview – Musical Meanderings 18th January 2018

During the holiday season it was wonderful to record a phone conversation with Reed Mullin of Corrosion Of Conformity. In fact it was on Christmas eve as they were flying out on Boxing Day to meet Zakk Wylde and join the tour with Black Label Society.

You can hear the show here:

During the interview we spoke about how much they’re enjoying being back together and creating the new album ‘No Cross No Crown’. They continue to have a big, grooving sound and Reed spoke about how great it was to still be working with John Custer, their ‘fifth Beatle’.

We also spoke about their origins, such as how Slayer helped get them signed, the evolution of music through the eighties and nineties. And how they almost worked with Dave Grohl to do some work with his sound city studio for the new album, though it wasn’t needed in the end as they were so happy with what they recorded locally in Mike Dean’s studio.

He was also looking forward to playing in London again. We talked about the venues they’ve played and lamented some of the ones that have closed that Reed remembered fondly, such as also gigs he’s seen such as Faith No More at the Brixton Academy.

During the conversation I played the first two singles from the new No Cross No Crown album- Wolf Named Crow and The Luddite, then also one of my favourites of theirs- Albatross (written by Reed) and the song which introduced me to them- ‘Vote With A Bullet’.

Here is the playlist for 18th January 2018 (links to more information and where to buy where available)
1. Faith No More – From Out Of Nowhere (Live at the Brixton Academy – 1990)
2. Soundgarden – Hands All Over (Louder Than Love – 1989)
3. Black Sabbath – Tomorrow’s Dream (Volume 4 – 1972)
4. Ozzy Osborne – Desire (No More Tears – 1991)
5. Zakk Wylde – Lost Prayer (Book Of Shadows II – 2016)
6. Nebula – Freedom (To The Centre – 1999)
7. Corrosion Of Conformity – Wolf Named Crow (No Cross No Crown – 2018)
8. Corrosion Of Conformity – Albatross (Deliverance – 1994)
9. Corrosion Of Conformity – The Luddite (No Cross No Crown – 2018)
10. Corrosion Of Conformity – Vote With A Bullet (Blind – 1991)
11. Foo Fighters – Everlong (The Colour And The Shape – 1997)
12. Vy Pole – V (Untitled Album – 2013)
13. Mooncake – Rain in the Ashtray (More Oxygen, I Said – 2007)
14. Solar Fields – Sky Trees (Movements – 2009)

Black Orchids | Live In The Studio | Musical Meanderings 11th January 2018

Wonderful to have live musical guests to launch powerfully into 2018. The Black Orchids, Kay Elizabeth, Magnus Box, Alain Duchesne and Brian Hedemann, joined me live in the studio in Brentwood to talk about the recording of the new album and shared a couple of songs from it- Still Remains and The Wonder.

You can hear it all again here:

We also reflected on the previous release ‘Blood Moon‘ and any changes in the song writing and production styles, especially with the help of producer John Moon.

Their Facebook:



As well as their music I also started the show with a song by Motörhead- Killed By Death, celebrating the life of ‘Fast’ Eddy Clarke who passed away today. Also, as the conversation unfolded, we talked about musical influences, such as the heavy music I’ve enjoyed with Kay, such as Windhand and there were a couple of contributions by Magnus who shared a song from his other project Sparkle Darkly as well as a song he enjoyed by another band he came across Ringo Deathstarr.


Also, here is the post rock youtube channel I mentioned, ‘WherePostRockDwells‘:

Here is the playlist for 11th January 2018 (including links for more information and where to buy where available)
1. Motörhead – Killed By Death
2. Alice In Chains – Dam That River (Dirt)
3. Grottos – Pendulum (Catch The Breeze EP – 2012)
4. Moby – New Dawn Fades (Heat Soundtrack)
5. Black Orchids – Obscure Vision (Blood Moon EP – 2015)
6. Black Orchids – Still Remains
7. Black Orchids – Blood Moon (Blood Moon EP – 2015)
8. Windhand – Hyperion (Grief’s Infernal Flower – 2015)
9. Alcest – Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles (Les Voyages De L’ame – 2012)
10. Black Orchids – The Wonder
11. Ringo Deathstarr – Guilt (Pure Mood – 2015)
12. The Sweetest Ache – Briaris (Jaguar – 1990)
13. The Mystery Of The Bulgarian voicesa Feat. Lisa Gerrard – Pora Sotunda (Single- 2018)
14. Sparkle Darkly – Velvet Glove
15. Sejd – Båtsman (Sejd – 2015)
16. Bark Psychosis – All Different Things (All Different Things EP – 1990)

Black Orchids

2018 Launch – Musical Meanderings 4th January 2018

A dual celebration – remembering highlights of 2017 and looking forward to what’s ahead in 2018.

Enjoying the new music I discovered, such as the explorations of the post rock and doom metal genres, such as Tempus and Fjord, and also highlighting my song of the year- Pallbearer- A Plea For Understanding and my album of the year- 1968 – Fortuna Havana.

Also looking ahead to upcoming gigs in 2018, such as Myrkur, Crowbar and Obituary.

I looked at what I learned about the variations in forms of expression in artists such as Dorthia Cottrell– I played a song from her solo project along with her fronting doom metal band Windhand. Similarly, I discovered an artist from Denmark- Amelia Bruun who has done the same. I played a song of hers, then from her other more well known project- Myrkur from the new album Mareidt which she is promoting during her current tour. She is playing in Bethnal Green on the 22nd.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for a fantastic 2018! Here’s to all the music we will be enjoying.

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 28th December 2017 (including links to more information or purchasing where available)
1 Tempus – Tuvia (Hymn For The Courageous – 2017)
2 Fjord – Phoenix (Portrait for a Reflection – 2016)
3 Sleep – Sonic Titan (Live – 2013)
4 Yuri Gagarin – The Big Rip (Yuri Gagarin 2014 Remix)
5 1968 – Duchess (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
6 Pallbearer – A Plea For Understanding (Heartless – 2017)
7 Crowbar – Self Inflicted (Crowbar – 1993)
8 Windhand – Summon The Moon (Windhand – 2012)
9 Dorthia Cottrell – Gold (Dorthia Cottrell – 2015)
10 Goldmund – Threnody (The Malady Of Elegance – 2008)
11 Lucy Claire & Kaiwata Tsuki – The Barren Moon (Kaiwata Tsuki – The Barren Moon – 2016)
12 The Last Sighs Of The Wind – Your Wave Caresses Me (We Are Trees – 2017)
13 Desperate Journalist – Be Kind (Grow Up – 2017)
14 Amalie Bruun – Siren (Crush EP – 2012)
15 Myrkur – Ulvinde (Mareidt – 2017)
16 Saturnus – I Long (Veronika Decides To Die – 2006)
18 I/O – To Everyone I Could Have Loved & All The Places We Could Have Called Home (Anyone, Anywhere – 2017)

Christmas 2017 – Musical Meanderings 21st December 2017

Celebrating the end of 2017 and the holiday season with some of the highlights of the year and the music I discovered.

You can listen to it again here:

Here is the playlist for 21st December 2017 (including links to more information or purchasing where available)
1. Yuri Gagarin – First Orbit (Yuri Gagarin – 2014 Remix)
2. Fjord – There is Life inside this Sapphire (Portrait for a Reflection – 2016)
3. Corrosion Of Conformity – Wolf Named Crow (No Cross No Crown – 2018)
4. Vista Chino – Dargona Dargona (Peace – 2013)
5. Kyuss – Gardenia (Welcome To Sky Valley – 1994)
6. Crippled Black Phoenix – How We Rock (No Sadness Or Farewell – 2012)
7. Raintimes – Forever Gone (Raintimes – 2017)
8. Night Ranger – Running Out Of Time (Don’t Let Up – 2017)
9. The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices Feat. Lisa Gerrard – Pora Sortunda
10. I/O – Alternates (Anyone, Anywhere – 2017)
11. Oh Hiroshima – Ellipse (In Silence We Yearn – 2015)
12. Paint The Sky Red – Victory (Not All Who Wonder Are Lost – 2015)
13. Pictures From Nadira – Por la Noche (Nadira – 2016)
14. We Shine Every Night – Guiding Hand (All Shall Rise, All Shall Prosper – 2017)
15. Stars Of The Lid – December Hunting For Vegetarian F**kface (And Their Refinement Of The Decline – 2007)

Barren Moon – Musical Meanderings 30th November 2017

Eleventh Vibration

Lucy Claire

Lucy Claire

A return to more traditional meanderings, featuring new examples of some of the post rock I’ve being learning about recently. In this case from Russia, such as Eleventh Vibration, Siberia* and We Shine Every Night.

Then I also somehow ventured from some blues based rock of Raging Slab and Richie Kotzen through a mini melancholic theme featuring alt country such as My Morning Jacket through to the gentle beauty of Lucy Claire and Daniel Lanois.

Thanks again to the ‘Where Post Rock Dwells’ YouTube channel for the help in discovering some of the new music:

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 30th November 2017 (including links to buy or find out more where available)
1. Eleventh Vibration – Nature (Illusions – 2016)
2. Wychhound – Hourglass (Wychhound EP – 2015)
3. Boris – Riot Sugar (Heavy Rocks – 2011)
4. 1968 – Duchess (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
5. Obituary – Platonic Disease (Back From The Dead 1997)
6. Dinosaur Jr. – Watch The Corners (I Bet On Sky – 2012)
7. Richie Kotzen – Something To Say (Something To Say – 1997))
8. Raging Slab – Gracious (Sing Monkey Sing – 1996)
9. Jackson Browne – Sleep’s Dark And Silent Gate (The Pretender – 1976)
10. My Morning Jacket – I Needed It Most (At Dawn – 2001)
11. Daniel Lanois – Desert Rose (Belladonna – 2005)
12. Ulaan Khol – Sunset, 2am (Los Angeles EP – 2012)
13. King Creosote & John Hopkins – Your Own Spell (Diamond Mine – 2011)
14. Lucy Claire- Kaiwata Tsuki – The Barren Moon (Kaiwata Tsuki – The Barren Moon – 2016)
15. Elliot Smith – Stupidity Tries (Figure 8 – 2000)
16. Alice In Chains – Down In A Hole (Dirt – 1992)
17. Windhand – Hesperus (Grief’s Infernal Flower – 2015)
18. Alcest – Délivrance (Shelter – 2014)
19. Siberia* – She Is The Universe (Kaleidoscope – 2015)
20. We Shine Every Night – Guiding Hand (All Shall Rise, All Shall Prosper – 2017)

Ellie Parsons from Billericay Choral Society

Billericay Choral SocietyOn Tuesday 21st November, I was able to fill in for Michelle Ward on Eat My Brunch on Phoenix FM which gave me the chance to speak to Ellie Parsons, Musical Director with the Billericay Choral Society.

She popped into the studio to talk about their latest production- a wonderful version of Handel’s Messiah this coming Saturday the 25th November at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Great Burstead.

We spoke about her journey in becoming Musical Director with the choir, how often they meet and what goes on behind the scenes to make such a production happen.

You can listen to the conversation again here:

Ellie Parsons

You can find out more about the Billericay Choral society here, including upcoming productions and how to get involved and join here:

And where to find tickets for the production:

And you can find out more about Ellie here:

Jay Matharu – Musical Meanderings 16th November 2017

Jay MatharuAnother enjoyable Musical Meanderings and a great full circle moment as I have the pleasure of sharing a conversation with an artist who was my first ever interview on Phoenix FM.

Jay Matharu is a wonderful and accomplished guitarist and I first met him when he sent me a CD of one of his previous projects, Mahavira only two weeks after I had started Musical Meanderings. I remember recording the conversation by the canal in Camden after we arranged to meet.

Jay Matharu

Jay Matharu

His life has taken various turns since then, including a move to Sweden with his wife almost ten years ago. After finding some outlets for playing out there, he noticed that he had a lull in his creative output for himself. He then found a way of pushing out of it, which was then the path of creating his new, solo album- These Clouds Are So Undisciplined!

You will find out the process of how he did during the conversation, along with the origins of the album name and also how he was able to arrange the collaborations on the album with wonderful musicians, including Nili Brosh, Ponch Satrio and Andreas Boliden. I included the songs featuring them during the conversation.

Speaking to Jay then made it easy to organise the other music I played during the show as it allowed me to share some songs featuring some of my favourite rock and metal guitarists over the years, including Dinosaur Jr, Joe Satriani and Pallbearer. I also ‘book ended’ the show with a couple of post-rock songs from bands I’ve been playing over recent weeks as I spoke with Jay about enjoying a lot of artists in that genre- Sound Architects and I/O.

You can listen to it all again here:

You can listen to the interview on its own here:

Here is the playlist for 16th November 2017 (Including links to purchase where available)
1. Sound Architects – 1972 (In Time of Need – 2017)
2. Dinosaur Jr. – Get Me (Where You Been? – 1993)
3. Joe Satriani – I Believe (Flying In A Blue Dream – 1989)
4. Testament – The Legacy (Souls Of Black – 1990)
5. Marty Friedman – Saturation Point (Dragon’s Kiss – 1988)
6. PALLBEARER – Watcher In The Dark (Foundations Of Burden – 2014)
7. Jay Matharu – Ascent (These Clouds Are So Undisciplined! – 2017)
8. Jay Matharu – Illumination (feat. Ponch Satrio) (These Clouds Are So Undisciplined! – 2017)
9. Jay Matharu – Kaleidoscope (feat. Andreas Boliden) (These Clouds Are So Undisciplined! – 2017)
10. Jay Matharu – Breathe In, Breathe Out (feat. Nili Brosh) (These Clouds Are So Undisciplined! – 2017)
11. I/O – 60 – South (Anyone, Anywhere – 2017)


Pallbearer – Musical Meanderings 9th November 2017

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost TourA great joy to see Paradise Lost once again at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. The last time was in 1993 during their Icon tour.

What made it better was that on this occasion they were supported by Pallbearer, who I’ve been enjoying a lot over the last couple of years.

Before the show it was wonderful to speak to them and Waltteri from Paradise Lost and share the conversations on tonight’s show.



You can listen to the show again here:

And here you can listen to my conversation with Pallbearer on its own:

PallbearerHere is the playlist for 9th November 2017 (with links to where to purchase where available)
1. Fjord – Phoenix (Portrait for a Reflection – 2016)
2. Oh Hiroshima – Aria (In Silence We Yearn – 2015)
3. Iah – Eclipsum (Iah – 2017)
4. Paradise Lost – True Belief (Icon – 1993)
5. Paradise Lost – Erase (Symbol Of Life – 2002)
6. High On Fire – Sons Of Thunder
7. Windhand – Woodbine (Soma – 2013)
8. Pallbearer – Devoid Of Redemption (Sorrow & Extinction 2012)
9. Pallbearer – The Ghost I Used To Be (Foundations Of Burden – 2014)
10. Pallbearer – I Saw The End (Heartless – 2017)
11. Pallbearer – A Plea For Understanding (Heartless – 2017)
12. Bark Psychosis – All Different Things (All Different Things EP – 1990)
22. Paint The Sky Red Red – The Happy Ending Is You (Not All Who Wonder Are Lost – 2015)

Kelly Keagy | Night Ranger Interview – Musical Meanderings 2nd November 2017

Night Ranger

Night Ranger

It was great news when I heard that Night Ranger were releasing a new album ‘Don’t Let Up’ and they were still going strong after more than 35 years.

It was also lovely to see how they continued to share such positivity in their music, such as in the single from the new album ‘Running Out Of Time’ and examples I noted from their 2011 album ‘Somewhere in California’, such as ‘Live For Today’ and ‘Follow Your Heart’.

This topic was thread throughout our conversation and it is a belief of his how important art such as music is at bringing light and positivity to the world amidst what else may be happening.

Kelly also spoke about enjoying a recent change with how him and the band write songs and record together over recent albums. Allowing for a live and spontaneous element into their creations, which also brought some freshness to their time together.

We also covered topics such as how much he enjoys playing live, changes in the music industry and the effects of modern technology.

Find out more about their upcoming tour here:

You can hear it again here:

And the interview on its own is here:

Or on my Soundcloud page:

Here is the playlist for 2nd November 2017
1. Iah – Stolas (Iah – 2017)
2. Windhand – ‘Feral Bones’ LIVE @ Mixtape 5 (2014)
3. A Perfect Circle – By and Down (Stone And Echo – 2013)
4. Aerosmith – Dream On (Aerosmith – 1973)
5. W.A.S.P. – The Idol (The Crimson Idol – 1992)
6. The Law – Miss You In A Heartbeat (The Law – 1991)
7. Asia – Heat of the Moment (Asia – 1982)
8. Night Ranger – Sentimental Street (Seven Wishes – 1985)
9. Night Ranger – Running Out Of Time (Don’t Let Up – 2017)
10. Night Ranger – No Time To Lose Ya (Somewhere In California – 2011)
11. Night Ranger – Somehow, Someway (Don’t Let Up – 2017
12. Night Ranger – Live For Today (Somewhere In California – 2011)
13. Night Ranger – Sister Christian (Midnight Madness – 1983)
14. Hillsong United – Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Live)

Big Four – Musical Meanderings 26th October 2017

Metallica played a series of nights at the Millennium Dome this week, which allowed for a playlist which created itself. I got inspired to share some of the music I enjoyed from a peak period of Heavy Metal, namely around 1987/88. Pivotal albums by the ‘Big Four’ bands- Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. But then also other bands had big albums, or even began around that time, such as Iron Maiden and Sepultura.

You can hear it all again here:

Here is the playlist for 26th October 2017
1 Budgie – Breadfan (Never Turn Your Back on a Friend – 1973)
2 Metallica – Master Of Puppets (Master Of Puppets – 1986)
3 Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due (Rust In Peace – 1990)
4 Obituary – Dying (Cause Of Death – 1990)
5 Anthrax – Time (Persistence Of Time – 1990)
6 Iron Maiden – Infinite Dreams (Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son – 1988)
7 Sepultra – Arise (Arise – 1991)
8 Slayer – Raining Blood (Decade Of Aggression – 1991)
9 W.A.S.P. – Rebel In The F.D.G. (The Headless Children – 1989)
10 Suicidal Tendencies – If I Don’t Wake Up (How Will I Laugh Tomorrow… – 1988)
11 Motörhead – Motörhead (Motörhead – 1977)
12 Helmet – He Feels Bad (Meantime – 1992)
13 Infectious Grooves – Punk It Up (The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move… – 1991)
14 Downset – Empower (Do We Speak A Dead Language – 1996)
15 Corrosion Of Conformity – Vote With A Bullet (Blind – 1991)
16 Nine Inch Nails – Just Like You Imagined (The Fragile (Left) – 1999)
17 Machine Head – Old (Burn My Eyes – 1994)
18 Life of Agony – Through And Through (River Runs Red – 1993)
19 Monster Magnet – Nod Scene (Spine Of God – 1991)
20 Pallbearer – I Saw The End (Heartless – 2017)
22 Windhand – ‘Woodbine’ LIVE @ Mixtape 5 (2014)
23 Osi And The Jupiter – Landvœttir (Uthuling Hyl – 2017)