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Christmas 2017 – Musical Meanderings 21st December 2017

Celebrating the end of 2017 and the holiday season with some of the highlights of the year and the music I discovered.

You can listen to it again here:

Here is the playlist for 21st December 2017 (including links to more information or purchasing where available)
1. Yuri Gagarin – First Orbit (Yuri Gagarin – 2014 Remix)
2. Fjord – There is Life inside this Sapphire (Portrait for a Reflection – 2016)
3. Corrosion Of Conformity – Wolf Named Crow (No Cross No Crown – 2018)
4. Vista Chino – Dargona Dargona (Peace – 2013)
5. Kyuss – Gardenia (Welcome To Sky Valley – 1994)
6. Crippled Black Phoenix – How We Rock (No Sadness Or Farewell – 2012)
7. Raintimes – Forever Gone (Raintimes – 2017)
8. Night Ranger – Running Out Of Time (Don’t Let Up – 2017)
9. The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices Feat. Lisa Gerrard – Pora Sortunda
10. I/O – Alternates (Anyone, Anywhere – 2017)
11. Oh Hiroshima – Ellipse (In Silence We Yearn – 2015)
12. Paint The Sky Red – Victory (Not All Who Wonder Are Lost – 2015)
13. Pictures From Nadira – Por la Noche (Nadira – 2016)
14. We Shine Every Night – Guiding Hand (All Shall Rise, All Shall Prosper – 2017)
15. Stars Of The Lid – December Hunting For Vegetarian F**kface (And Their Refinement Of The Decline – 2007)

Barren Moon – Musical Meanderings 30th November 2017

Eleventh Vibration

Lucy Claire

Lucy Claire

A return to more traditional meanderings, featuring new examples of some of the post rock I’ve being learning about recently. In this case from Russia, such as Eleventh Vibration, Siberia* and We Shine Every Night.

Then I also somehow ventured from some blues based rock of Raging Slab and Richie Kotzen through a mini melancholic theme featuring alt country such as My Morning Jacket through to the gentle beauty of Lucy Claire and Daniel Lanois.

Thanks again to the ‘Where Post Rock Dwells’ YouTube channel for the help in discovering some of the new music:

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 30th November 2017 (including links to buy or find out more where available)
1. Eleventh Vibration – Nature (Illusions – 2016)
2. Wychhound – Hourglass (Wychhound EP – 2015)
3. Boris – Riot Sugar (Heavy Rocks – 2011)
4. 1968 – Duchess (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
5. Obituary – Platonic Disease (Back From The Dead 1997)
6. Dinosaur Jr. – Watch The Corners (I Bet On Sky – 2012)
7. Richie Kotzen – Something To Say (Something To Say – 1997))
8. Raging Slab – Gracious (Sing Monkey Sing – 1996)
9. Jackson Browne – Sleep’s Dark And Silent Gate (The Pretender – 1976)
10. My Morning Jacket – I Needed It Most (At Dawn – 2001)
11. Daniel Lanois – Desert Rose (Belladonna – 2005)
12. Ulaan Khol – Sunset, 2am (Los Angeles EP – 2012)
13. King Creosote & John Hopkins – Your Own Spell (Diamond Mine – 2011)
14. Lucy Claire- Kaiwata Tsuki – The Barren Moon (Kaiwata Tsuki – The Barren Moon – 2016)
15. Elliot Smith – Stupidity Tries (Figure 8 – 2000)
16. Alice In Chains – Down In A Hole (Dirt – 1992)
17. Windhand – Hesperus (Grief’s Infernal Flower – 2015)
18. Alcest – Délivrance (Shelter – 2014)
19. Siberia* – She Is The Universe (Kaleidoscope – 2015)
20. We Shine Every Night – Guiding Hand (All Shall Rise, All Shall Prosper – 2017)

Ellie Parsons from Billericay Choral Society

Billericay Choral SocietyOn Tuesday 21st November, I was able to fill in for Michelle Ward on Eat My Brunch on Phoenix FM which gave me the chance to speak to Ellie Parsons, Musical Director with the Billericay Choral Society.

She popped into the studio to talk about their latest production- a wonderful version of Handel’s Messiah this coming Saturday the 25th November at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Great Burstead.

We spoke about her journey in becoming Musical Director with the choir, how often they meet and what goes on behind the scenes to make such a production happen.

You can listen to the conversation again here:

Ellie Parsons

You can find out more about the Billericay Choral society here, including upcoming productions and how to get involved and join here:

And where to find tickets for the production:

And you can find out more about Ellie here:

Jay Matharu – Musical Meanderings 16th November 2017

Jay MatharuAnother enjoyable Musical Meanderings and a great full circle moment as I have the pleasure of sharing a conversation with an artist who was my first ever interview on Phoenix FM.

Jay Matharu is a wonderful and accomplished guitarist and I first met him when he sent me a CD of one of his previous projects, Mahavira only two weeks after I had started Musical Meanderings. I remember recording the conversation by the canal in Camden after we arranged to meet.

Jay Matharu

Jay Matharu

His life has taken various turns since then, including a move to Sweden with his wife almost ten years ago. After finding some outlets for playing out there, he noticed that he had a lull in his creative output for himself. He then found a way of pushing out of it, which was then the path of creating his new, solo album- These Clouds Are So Undisciplined!

You will find out the process of how he did during the conversation, along with the origins of the album name and also how he was able to arrange the collaborations on the album with wonderful musicians, including Nili Brosh, Ponch Satrio and Andreas Boliden. I included the songs featuring them during the conversation.

Speaking to Jay then made it easy to organise the other music I played during the show as it allowed me to share some songs featuring some of my favourite rock and metal guitarists over the years, including Dinosaur Jr, Joe Satriani and Pallbearer. I also ‘book ended’ the show with a couple of post-rock songs from bands I’ve been playing over recent weeks as I spoke with Jay about enjoying a lot of artists in that genre- Sound Architects and I/O.

You can listen to it all again here:

You can listen to the interview on its own here:

Here is the playlist for 16th November 2017 (Including links to purchase where available)
1. Sound Architects – 1972 (In Time of Need – 2017)
2. Dinosaur Jr. – Get Me (Where You Been? – 1993)
3. Joe Satriani – I Believe (Flying In A Blue Dream – 1989)
4. Testament – The Legacy (Souls Of Black – 1990)
5. Marty Friedman – Saturation Point (Dragon’s Kiss – 1988)
6. PALLBEARER – Watcher In The Dark (Foundations Of Burden – 2014)
7. Jay Matharu – Ascent (These Clouds Are So Undisciplined! – 2017)
8. Jay Matharu – Illumination (feat. Ponch Satrio) (These Clouds Are So Undisciplined! – 2017)
9. Jay Matharu – Kaleidoscope (feat. Andreas Boliden) (These Clouds Are So Undisciplined! – 2017)
10. Jay Matharu – Breathe In, Breathe Out (feat. Nili Brosh) (These Clouds Are So Undisciplined! – 2017)
11. I/O – 60 – South (Anyone, Anywhere – 2017)


Pallbearer – Musical Meanderings 9th November 2017

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost TourA great joy to see Paradise Lost once again at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. The last time was in 1993 during their Icon tour.

What made it better was that on this occasion they were supported by Pallbearer, who I’ve been enjoying a lot over the last couple of years.

Before the show it was wonderful to speak to them and Waltteri from Paradise Lost and share the conversations on tonight’s show.



You can listen to the show again here:

And here you can listen to my conversation with Pallbearer on its own:

PallbearerHere is the playlist for 9th November 2017 (with links to where to purchase where available)
1. Fjord – Phoenix (Portrait for a Reflection – 2016)
2. Oh Hiroshima – Aria (In Silence We Yearn – 2015)
3. Iah – Eclipsum (Iah – 2017)
4. Paradise Lost – True Belief (Icon – 1993)
5. Paradise Lost – Erase (Symbol Of Life – 2002)
6. High On Fire – Sons Of Thunder
7. Windhand – Woodbine (Soma – 2013)
8. Pallbearer – Devoid Of Redemption (Sorrow & Extinction 2012)
9. Pallbearer – The Ghost I Used To Be (Foundations Of Burden – 2014)
10. Pallbearer – I Saw The End (Heartless – 2017)
11. Pallbearer – A Plea For Understanding (Heartless – 2017)
12. Bark Psychosis – All Different Things (All Different Things EP – 1990)
22. Paint The Sky Red Red – The Happy Ending Is You (Not All Who Wonder Are Lost – 2015)

Kelly Keagy | Night Ranger Interview – Musical Meanderings 2nd November 2017

Night Ranger

Night Ranger

It was great news when I heard that Night Ranger were releasing a new album ‘Don’t Let Up’ and they were still going strong after more than 35 years.

It was also lovely to see how they continued to share such positivity in their music, such as in the single from the new album ‘Running Out Of Time’ and examples I noted from their 2011 album ‘Somewhere in California’, such as ‘Live For Today’ and ‘Follow Your Heart’.

This topic was thread throughout our conversation and it is a belief of his how important art such as music is at bringing light and positivity to the world amidst what else may be happening.

Kelly also spoke about enjoying a recent change with how him and the band write songs and record together over recent albums. Allowing for a live and spontaneous element into their creations, which also brought some freshness to their time together.

We also covered topics such as how much he enjoys playing live, changes in the music industry and the effects of modern technology.

Find out more about their upcoming tour here:

You can hear it again here:

And the interview on its own is here:

Or on my Soundcloud page:

Here is the playlist for 2nd November 2017
1. Iah – Stolas (Iah – 2017)
2. Windhand – ‘Feral Bones’ LIVE @ Mixtape 5 (2014)
3. A Perfect Circle – By and Down (Stone And Echo – 2013)
4. Aerosmith – Dream On (Aerosmith – 1973)
5. W.A.S.P. – The Idol (The Crimson Idol – 1992)
6. The Law – Miss You In A Heartbeat (The Law – 1991)
7. Asia – Heat of the Moment (Asia – 1982)
8. Night Ranger – Sentimental Street (Seven Wishes – 1985)
9. Night Ranger – Running Out Of Time (Don’t Let Up – 2017)
10. Night Ranger – No Time To Lose Ya (Somewhere In California – 2011)
11. Night Ranger – Somehow, Someway (Don’t Let Up – 2017
12. Night Ranger – Live For Today (Somewhere In California – 2011)
13. Night Ranger – Sister Christian (Midnight Madness – 1983)
14. Hillsong United – Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Live)

Big Four – Musical Meanderings 26th October 2017

Metallica played a series of nights at the Millennium Dome this week, which allowed for a playlist which created itself. I got inspired to share some of the music I enjoyed from a peak period of Heavy Metal, namely around 1987/88. Pivotal albums by the ‘Big Four’ bands- Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. But then also other bands had big albums, or even began around that time, such as Iron Maiden and Sepultura.

You can hear it all again here:

Here is the playlist for 26th October 2017
1 Budgie – Breadfan (Never Turn Your Back on a Friend – 1973)
2 Metallica – Master Of Puppets (Master Of Puppets – 1986)
3 Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due (Rust In Peace – 1990)
4 Obituary – Dying (Cause Of Death – 1990)
5 Anthrax – Time (Persistence Of Time – 1990)
6 Iron Maiden – Infinite Dreams (Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son – 1988)
7 Sepultra – Arise (Arise – 1991)
8 Slayer – Raining Blood (Decade Of Aggression – 1991)
9 W.A.S.P. – Rebel In The F.D.G. (The Headless Children – 1989)
10 Suicidal Tendencies – If I Don’t Wake Up (How Will I Laugh Tomorrow… – 1988)
11 Motörhead – Motörhead (Motörhead – 1977)
12 Helmet – He Feels Bad (Meantime – 1992)
13 Infectious Grooves – Punk It Up (The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move… – 1991)
14 Downset – Empower (Do We Speak A Dead Language – 1996)
15 Corrosion Of Conformity – Vote With A Bullet (Blind – 1991)
16 Nine Inch Nails – Just Like You Imagined (The Fragile (Left) – 1999)
17 Machine Head – Old (Burn My Eyes – 1994)
18 Life of Agony – Through And Through (River Runs Red – 1993)
19 Monster Magnet – Nod Scene (Spine Of God – 1991)
20 Pallbearer – I Saw The End (Heartless – 2017)
22 Windhand – ‘Woodbine’ LIVE @ Mixtape 5 (2014)
23 Osi And The Jupiter – Landvœttir (Uthuling Hyl – 2017)

Free Fallin’ – Musical Meanderings 12th October 2017

Continuing traditional Meanderings. Including heaviness, celebrating current Windhand tour. Then also the life of Tom Petty.

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 12th October 2017 – Click the links where available to find out more and where to buy their music:
1. Soulfly – Prophecy (Prophecy – 2004)
2. The Cortège – Love & Land (Love & Land EP – 2016)
3. Windhand – Summon The Moon (Windhand – 2012)
4. Pallbearer – The Ghost I Used To Be (Foundations Of Burden – 2014)
5. Khemmis – The Bereaved (Absolution – 2015)
6. Mogwai – White Noise (Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will – 2011)
7. Alcest – Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles (Les Voyages De L’Âme – 2012)
8. Synopsys – Morning In The Wilderness (Le Temps Du Rêve – 2017)
9. Oh Hiroshima – Holding The Rivers (In Silence We Yearn – 2015)
10. Screamin’ Cheeta Wheelies – Sister Mercy
11. Brandi Carlile – Again Today (The Story – 2007)
12. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Free Fallin’ (Full Moon Fever – 1989)
13. John Denver – Rhymes And Reasons (Rhymes And Reasons – 1969)
14. Blue King Brown – Babylon A Fall (feat. The Congos) (Born Free – 2014)
15. Eurythmics – Miracle Of Love (Revenge – 1986)
16. Pictures From Nadira – Por la Noche (Nadira – 2017)
17. Solar Fields – Falling Shadows (Origin – 2005)

Classical Meanderings – Stepping Out on Phoenix FM 8th October 2017

Returning to stand in for Nigel Fitzmaurice on a Sunday evening, continuing to share some of my favourite classics.

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for the 8th October 2017
1. James Whitbourn/ Matthew Berry – John The Apostle (Luc in Tenebris) (Luminosity)
2. Antonio Vivaldi – Autumn from The Four Seasons
3. Idil Biret – Chopin – Variations on a German air (Chopin Box Set)
4. Dvorak – Symphony No.9 in E Major, New World
5. Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (Adagio)
6. Tallis Scholars/ Peter Phillips – Palestrina Missa Papae Marcelli – Agnus Dei 1&2 (Live in Rome)
7. Orchestra Of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garded – Prokoviev Dance of the Knights from Romeo & Juliet
8. Elgar – Variations On An Original Theme, Op.36 Enigma
9. Anton Nanut/ Ljubljana Symphony Orchestra – Ruslan and Ludmilla Overture
10. Ermanno Mauro & The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Of Canada – Puccini Nessun Dorma From Turandot
11. Barber – Agnus Dei
12. Johann Strauss – Blue Danube Waltz
13. King’s College Choir, Cambridge – Taverner The Lamb
14. James Whitbourn/ Matthew Berry – A Prayer of Desmond Tutu (Luminosity)
15. Vienna Opera Orchestra – Ravel Bolero
16. Salzburg Boys’ Choir & Orchestra – Orff O Fortune From Carmina Burana
17. Beethoven – Symphony #7 In A, Op.92 Allegretto
18. Antonin Dvorak – Op. 90 ‘Dumky’
19. I Fagiolini/ Robert Hollingworth – Striggio Missa Ecco Si Beata Giorno 1&2 (Mass in 40 Parts)
20. Tallis Scholars/ Peter Phillips – Spem In Alium (Live in Rome)

Harvest Moon – Musical Meanderings 5th October 2017

A celebration of the continuing transition into autumn, the Harvest full moon in Aries and the life of Tom Petty. Also, a reminder of the life of Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone and some propaganda, perhaps perpetuated by the media, helpfully assisted by Sepultura.

There was a a traditional meander into some alt-country as well with interventions by Neil Young, Geoff Tweedy’s Wilco and My Morning Jacket.

I had a melancholic meander during the show which was lovely to embrace temporarily, but it was even nicer to be brought back up via a beautiful classic by Stevie Wonder and India Arie, then into a finale featuring I/O and Pictures from Nadira.

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 5th October 2017 – Click the links where available to find out more and where to buy their music:
1. Tom Petty – Don’t Come Around Here No More
2. Neil Young – Harvest Moon
3. Mother Love Bone – Heartshine (Stardog Champion – 1992)
4. The Cult – Rain (Love)
5. Sepultura – Propaganda (Chaos A.D.)
6. W.A.S.P. – The Titanic Overture (The Crimson Idol)
7. Mastodon – Oblivion [Instrumental] (Crack The Skye – 2009)
8. High on Fire- 10,000 years (The Art Of Self Defence)
9. System Of A Down – Aerials (Toxicity)
10. Faith No More – Ashes To Ashes (Album Of The Year – 1997)
11. Neil Young – Country Home (Ragged Glory)
12. Wilco – You Satellite (Star Wars)
13. King Creosote & John Hopkins – Bats In The Attic (Diamond Mine)
14. Malojian – All I Need (Simple Life EP)
15. My Morning Jacket – Just One Thing (It Still Moves – 2003)
16. Leonard Cohen – On That Day (Dear Heather – 2004)
17. Richard Hawley – Lady Solitude (Lady’s Bridge – 2007)
18. Stevie Wonder & India Arie – A Time To Love
19. Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers (Blue Bell Knoll – 1988)
20. I/O – South (Anyone, Anywhere 2017)
21. Pictures from Nadira – Por la Noche (Nadira – 2017)

Classical Meanderings – Stepping Out on Phoenix FM 1st October 2017

I covered Nigel Fitzmourice’s Stepping Out show this Sunday evening and took the opportunity to play a lot of the classical music I’ve been enjoying recently. Especially as it is a Sunday and I spoke about what a special day of the week it is for me. The day when we can hopefully relax and be away from the daily grind and also how it is traditionally a sacred day, one of worship.

I played a lot of what I considered to be ‘heavyweights’ of the classical genre, especially of the polyphonic choral music I enjoy so much, some of which was taken from the Cathedral Voices album. Also were examples by the Tallis Scholars and Robert Hollingworth’s I Fagiolini.

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 1st October 2017 – Click the links where available to find out more and where to buy:
1. Greig – Morning from Peer Gynt
2. Thomas Tallis – Spem in Alium (Cathedral Voices)
3. Steve Reich/Czech Philharmonic Orchestra – Duet for 2 Violins
4. Craig Armstrong/Paul Bateman & Prague Philharmonic Orchestra – Balcony Scene From Romeo & Juliet
5. Barber – Adagio For Strings, Op. 11
6. I Fagiolini/ Robert Hollingworth – Striggio – Missa Ecco Si Beata Giorno – Credo (Mass in 40 Parts)
7. Dimitri Shostakocich Jr./ Maxim Shostakovic – Piano Concerto #2 In F Op. 102 Andante
8. Vaughan Williams – Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
9. Tallis Scholars/ Peter Phillips – Palestrina – Missa Papae Marcelli – Kyrie (Live In Rome)
10. John Barry – The John Dunbar Theme (Dances With Wolves Soundtrack)
11. Idil Biret – Chopin – Nocturn in G Major, Op. 37 No.2
12. Philip Glass & Lavinia Meijer – Metamorphosis Two – Flowing (Metamorphosis – The Hours)
13. Johann Sebastian Bach – Air on a ‘G’ String
14. Bizet – Les Pecheurs De Perles – Au Fond Du Temple Saint
15. Mascagni – Intermezzo- Cavalleria Rusticana
16. Faure – Requiem – In Paradisium
17. Taverner Consort – Miserere (Cathedral Voices)

Into Autumn – Musical Meanderings 28th September 2017

I’m continuing to enjoy the transition into autumn and celebrated with a gig I enjoyed at the Bird’s Nest in Deptford, organised by Trevor’s Head and featuring Oak, Wychhound and Dead Nectar.

I spoke about Wychhounnd’s change in style to no vocalist and talked about their upcoming gigs. There was more live music talk with Trevor’s Head and I looked forward to seeing Paradise Lost and Pallbearer at the Electric Ballroom in November.

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 28th September 2017 – Click the links where available to find out more and where to buy their music:
1. Wychhound – Hourglass (Wychhound EP- 2015)
2. Trevor’s Head – Pan-Galactic Peaceniks (Tricolossus – 2016)
3. OAK – A Bridge Too Far (OAK II – 2016)
4. Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters – Mother Chub (Earth Hog – 2017)
5. Pallbearer – Foundations (Foundations Of Burden – 2014)
6. Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf (Master Of Reality – 1971)
7. Sleep – The Clarity (Single – 2014)
8. OM – Thebes (God Is Good – 2009)
9. Mt. Mountain – Elevation (Cosmos Terros – 2016)
10. Yuri Gagarin – Za Kosmosom (Yuri Gagarin – 2014 Remix)
11. Sound Architects – Seismos – (In Time Of Need – 2017)
12. The Last Sighs Of The Wind – Euphoria (We Are Trees – 2017)
13. Pictures from Nadira – Rijl al Awa (Nadira – 2017)
14. I/O – To Everyone I Could Have Loved & All The Places We Could Have Called Home (Anyone, Anywhere – 2017)

August End – Musical Meanderings 31st August 2017

Interesting feeling for a show to land on the last day of August. Even though we’re still technically amongst summer, it can be seen negatively as the time of the end of holidays, the beginning of a colder autumn and the start of school and more work. On tonight’s show I was speaking of it more positively, helped by remembering the last few years when we’ve had glorious Indian summers, with warm weather into October.
But also that change is always good anyway and autumn is one of the more powerful in that regard. A great opportunity for reflection as we go inwards, even physically indoors, and integrate what we’ve learned and experienced during the expansive out and about adventures over the past warmer months.

Playing House at the Reading Festival

Playing House at the Reading Festival

What has helped in this regard has been more festival adventures, with the pleasure of catching up with Playing House once again as they had the pleasure of progressing and playing at the Reading and Leeds festival over the bank holiday weekend. I was able to take them to both and tonight I celebrated by playing another wonderful song from their Jocelyn EP of this year and also the other artists I enjoyed meeting there such as Beth and Lily from IDER who’s song King Ruby I played during the show.

I’ve spoken before on the show about how much I enjoy tight harmonies and particularly female vocals and IDER are a wonderful example of that. After their song, I couldn’t resist playing a song by other favourites and regulars to the show, The Lonesome Sisters.

Before that segment was the recently usual heavy launch into the show and tonight I started with a song by Trippy Wicked And The Cosmic Children Of The Knight who are sadly now on hiatus, but were an early landmark band for me on the road to enjoying more of the recent contemporary heavy/stoner genre, especially from the UK. It was also a great excuse to play songs by 1968 and once again by local favourites Herida who have also been experiencing a hiatus of sorts, but are looking to record new music soon.

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 31st August 2017
1. Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight – Going Home (Going Home)
2. 1968 – Green Sails (1968 EP – 2016)
3. Alcest Autre Temps (Autre Temps – 2011)
4. Anathema – Deep (Judgement – 1999)
5. Herida – Otra Vida (Ghost Of The Sun – 2012)
6. Kyuss – Whitewater (Welcome To Sky Valley)
7. Stone Temple Pilots – Piece Of Pie (Core – 1992)
8. Yuri Gagarin – The Big Rip (Yuri Gagarin 2014 Remix)
9. Distant Dream – Cold Clouds (feat. Mike Salow) (It All Starts From Pieces – 2017)
10. The Last Sighs Of The Wind – Bird’s Song (We Are Trees – 2017)
11. The Inklings – Lady Luck (Rhizomes – 2006)
12. Desperate JournalistYour Genius (Grow Up – 2017)
13. The Czars – Paint The Moon (Goodbye – 2004)
14. Belly – Silverfish (King – 1995)
15. Playing House – Penmere (Jocelyn – 2017)
16. Eurythmics – Miracle Of Love (Revenge – 1986)
17. IDER – King Ruby
18. The Lonesome SistersOh Sleeper (Going Home Shoes – 2004)
19. Joni Mitchell – A Case Of You (Blue – 1971)
20. Rodriguez – I Think Of You (Coming From Reality – 1971)
21. Allen Morgan – Love will find you (Light Tide – 2013)
22. The Whites – Keep On The Sunny Side (O Brother, Where Art Thou? – 2000)

Signs – Musical Meanderings 24th August 2017

It was a return to a more traditional meandering journey tonight. I continued to celebrate August by enjoying a both heavy and melodic blend with some of the new bands I’ve been enjoying recently, such as Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters, Hubris, I/O and The Last Sighs Of The Wind once again.

I tempered that with some of the more traditional rocking of Orange Goblin, Deftones and Senser.

The journey then changed as I enjoyed some more anthemic music, such as Madrugada from Norway and Amaral from Spain into a brief blues type adventure of classic Aerosmith and an even poppier edge with Donnie Ray and Jaye Hammer.

The Cortege

There was even time to celebrate the ‘Nestival’ at the Bird’s Nest in Deptford, London- a 4 day live music extravaganza over the bank holiday weekend, featuring Sabatta on Friday and The Cortège on Sunday.

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 24th August 2017
1. Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters – Chopsticks and Bad Meatballs (Earth Hog – 2017)
2. Corrosion Of Conformity – Man Or Ash (Wiseblood – 1996)
3. Deftones – Rosemary (Koi No Yokan – 2012)
4. Orange Goblin – Orange Goblin (Frequencies From Planet 10 – 1997)
5. Senser – Return To Zombie Island (SCHEMAtic – 2004)
6. Madrugada – Sirens (Industrial Silence – 1999)
7. Badmarsh and Shri – Signs (Signs – 2001)
8. Amaral – Hacia Lo Salvaje (Hacia Lo Salvaje – 2011)
9. Playing House – Missing (Jocelyn – 2017)
10. Sabatta – Always You (Middle Of The Night – 2016)
11. Aerosmith – All Your Love (Pandora’s Box – 1977)
12. Donnie Ray, Jaye Hammer – Is She Waiting On You? (I’m The Right Man – 2015)
13. Teenage Fanclub – De La Soul – Fallin’ (Judgement Night Soundtrack – 1993)
14. The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin (Oh My God, Charlie Darwin – 2008)
15. Elliot Smith – Needle In The Hay (Elliot Smith – 1995)
16. Eels – Little Bird (End Times – 2010)
17. Loudon Wainwright III – Prince Hal’s Dirge (BBC Sessions – 1998)
18. Hubris – Deimos to Phobos (Apocryphal Gravity – 2017)
19. The Last Sighs Of The Wind – Bird’s Song (We Are Trees – 2017)
20. Jonsi – Grow Till Tall (Go – 2010)
21. I/O – South (Anyone, Anywhere 2017)

Sonic Titan – Musical Meanderings 17th August 2017



A return to a heavier perspective on tonight’s show with the return to some doom/ stoner rock via a couple of examples of old thrash metal in Sepultura and Obituary.

It was a platform to play some of the music I’ve found and enjoying recently in Oak, 1968 and Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters. Also to diver to some of the “Post-rock’ music I’ve been finding and enjoying recently. I talked about how I feel about that as a genre name and what it means to me and also the form of expression. The kind of picture that can be painted without words, just with soundscapes and melodic guitar.

OakThis also brought me to talk about some of the evocative band names and song titles I’ve spoken about in recent shows. It was no different tonight with examples by Tehran’s False Horizon and the title ‘I’ve Fallen For You’ and ‘Your Wave Caresses Me’ by the wonderful band I’ve recently discovered and enjoyed, The Last Sighs Of The Wind. It’s a pleasure to feel where your mind takes you with those expressions.

A much deserved thank you to the YouTube page WherePostRockDwells which has been an amazing resource.

WindhandSpeaking of expressing, there was a lovely example of contrast tonight. Not only was there the soundscapes of the post-rock music I was playing, but also what can be expressed with singer-songwriter music, then a big heavy metal sound. In this case via just one artist, Dorthia Cottrell. I played a piece of her solo work, then a different way she can express via the metal band she is in, Windhand.

I also touched on some live music again. Not just the mighty live songs I played at the start with Sleep and Sepultura, but also highlights of live music coming up in London, featuring tonight Black Orchids and The Cortège who are playing big gigs in Camden and Deptford respectively. The Cortège will be featuring at a big bank holiday ‘Nestival’ weekend at the Birds Nest on the Sunday. The event runs all weekend from Friday to Monday, with Musical Meanderings stalwarts Sabatta also featuring on the Friday.

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 17th August 2017
1. Sleep – Sonic Titan (Live – 2013)
2. Sepultura – Inner Self (Live)
3. ObituaryVisions In My Head (Inked In Blood – 2014)
4. Oak – Mirage (Oak II – 2016)
5. Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters – Earth Hog (Earth Hog – 2015)
6. 1968Vorpal (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
7. Black OrchidsObscure Vision (Blood Moon EP – 2016)
8. The CortègeStarting Gun (Love & Land – 2016)
9. Mogwai – We’re No Here (Mr. Beast – 2006)
10. Sound Architects – Icarus (In Time of Need – 2017)
11. False HorizonI’ve Fallen For You (Transition – 2017)
12. Distant Dream – A Touch Of The Sky (It All Starts From Pieces – 2017)
13. The Last Sighs Of The Wind Your Wave Caresses Me (We Are Trees – 2017)
14. Lonesome SistersDeep Water (Deep Water – 2012)
15. Dorthia CottrellVessell (Dorthia Cottrell – 2015)
16. WindhandSummon The Moon (Windhand – 2012)
17. PallbearerA Plea For Understanding (Heartless – 2017)

Reflection – Musical Meanderings 10th August 2017

Desperate Journalist - Grow Up

Desperate Journalist – Grow Up

A return to the usual time slot on a Thursday. But perhaps as a result, or just how the week went, the musical journey was a different one than expected.

It was about to be a bit heavier, but then some reflection from perhaps a tired perspective brought me to play some more mellow, perhaps melancholic music I enjoyed when I was younger. Perhaps from a time when I was delving into such music for too long, keeping myself in those frequencies rather than brief visits to embrace feelings, then let them go.

It was lovely to hear them tonight from that perspective and enjoy them with fresh ears as it were.

Songs that I listened too from Frank Black, The Antlers and Jeff Buckley don’t hold the same power as they once did. But I can enjoy them and recognise the feelings they represented and still resonate when I bring my attention there.

iiah - Voyagers

iiah – Voyagers

This is also reflected in some of the music I still discover, such as in the ‘post-rock’ genre I discussed a bit during the show. There is a lovely scale/grandness to the music, but also a melancholic and inward thinking type edge to it. I will be examining the style over the coming weeks, but tonight I enjoyed playing great examples from Synopsys and iiah. You will find Bandcamp links in the track listings, along with some of the artists I played.

The Antlers at Latitude 2012

The Antlers at Latitude 2012

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 10th August 2017
1. Desperate Journalist Resolution (Grow Up – 2017)
2. Planet of Zeus – Macho Libre (Macho Libre -2011)
3. Alcest – Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles (Les Voyages De L’ame – 2012)
4. Synopsys – Morning In The Wilderness (Le Temps Du Rêve -2017)
5. Mt. Mountain – Freida (Cosmos Terros – 2016)
6. Boris – Window Shopping (Heavy Rocks – 2011)
7. iiah – Voyagers (Distances – 2017)
8. Madrugada – Sirens (Industrial Silence – 1999)
9. John Trudell & Bad Dog (Undercurrent (Live A Fip – 2003)
10. Immortal Technique – Eyes In The Sky (The Martyr – 2011)
11. The Mother Hips – Time We Had (Kiss The Crystal Flake – 2007)
12. Brandi Carlile – Again Today (The Story – 2007)
13. Bobby Whitlock – The Scenery Has Slowly Changed (Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way – 1972)
14. Blue King Brown – Babylon A Fall (feat. The Congos) (Born Free – 2014)
15. The Antlers – Kettering (Hospice – 2009)
16. Frank Black – I Burn Today (Honeycomb – 2005)
17. The Last Town Chorus – Huntsville, 1989 (Wire Waltz – 2006)
18. Jeff Buckley – Morning Theft (Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk – 1998)
19. King Creosote & John Hopkins – Bats In The Attic (Diamond Mine – 2011)
20. Love – Live & Let Live (Forever Changes – 1967)
21. Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home (Kiss Each Other Clean – 2011)

Earlier – Musical Meanderings 27th July 2017

Black Orchids at Afropunk

Black Orchids at Afropunk

An earlier intervention of Musical Meanderings, where I continued to enjoy the new Thursday evening, but this time a 6 o’clock start to prepare for heading straight to the Standon Calling festival after. This allowed me to enjoy the theme of some of the great music I’ve been hearing at festivals this year and some highlights of the past few years, including recent stalwarts Desperate Journalist and also the Black Orchids who performed at the Afropunk festival in London the previous weekend.


Also during the show I played music by bands I enjoyed meeting recently, including 1968, who organised a great gig up in Chester where they invited Sabatta to join them. They’re a wonderful blend of riff heavy stoner rock with the right mix of the blues. I was able to see them again recently at a multi band day at the Black Heart in Camden organised by Oak who are also a wonderful, heavy stoner rock type band, who also blend in the right amounts of psychedelia.

You can listen to the show again here:

1968 Logo

Here is the playlist for 27th July 2017
1. Band of Horses – The Funeral (Everything All The Time – 2006)
2. Desperate JournalistHollow (Grow Up – 2017)
3. The Black Crowes – Horse Head (By Your Side – 1998)
4. Glasvegas – It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry (Glasvegas – 2008)
5. The Allman Brothers Band – Leave My Blues At Home (Idlewild South – 1970)
6. Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies – Sister Mercy (The Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies – 1993)
7. Loudon Wainwright III – A Father And A Son (History – 1992)
8. Midlake – Small Mountain (The Courage Of Others – 2010)
9. Gill LandryWaiting For Your Love (Gill Landry – 2015)
10. Beach House – Zebra (Teen Dream – 2010)
11. The Beautiful Girls – Cash Money (Learn Yourself – 2003)
12. Raging Slab – Ain’t Ugly None (Dynamite Boogie Concert – 1993)
13. Audioslave – Show Me How Live (Audioslave – 2002)
14. Clutch – D.C. Sound Attack (Earth Rocker – 2013)
15. Monster Truck – Don’t Tell Me How To Live (Sittin’ Heavy – 2016)
16. 1968Duchess (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
17. Oak – Against The Rain (Oak II – 2016)
18. Corrosion Of Conformity – Clean My Wounds (Deliverance – 1994)
19. Somali Yacht Club – Loom (The Sun – 2015)
20. Dinosaur Jr. – Rude (I Bet On Sky – 2012)
21. Black OrchidsBlood Moon (Blood Moon EP – 2016)
22. SabattaMiddle Of The Night (Middle Of The Night – 2016)
23. Bon Iver – re: Stacks (For Emma, Forever Ago – 2007)

Tom Grennan – Phoenix FM at Standon Calling 2017

Tom Grennan

Tom Grennan

Another artist I was able to speak to before he performed at Standon Calling was Tom Grennan. It was a great chance to hear how much he enjoys playing festivals- with the immediate feedback from the crowd and how he is able to let himself go and allow his words and music to flow back out to them. A cycle of energy I’ve touched on before in some previous conversations.

He noticed the contrast between playing at festivals and his earlier gigs and how he is so grateful for his journey and opportunities to be there. A wonderful example of staying present and enjoying moment to moment.





You can listen to the conversation here:

Fickle Friends – Phoenix FM at Standon Calling 2017

Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends

The second day at Standon Calling and it was a pleasure to meet and speak to a band after they arrived at the festival and fresh before they played.

Fickle Friends have been busy and playing at many festivals over the summer and had just arrived from Kendal Calling this morning. I spoke to Naty and Jack about their festival adventures and their progress with live dates in general, from the many dates they’ve played around the UK establishing themselves, to this festival season.

We also talked about their journey together, from how they got into music, met each other studying it in Brighton and how their relationship together has grown to become a creative almost family. Where they’re now looking forward to future adventures, recording their album and future tours, back around the UK, to then Europe and beyond.

You can hear my conversation with them here:

Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends


Lucy Spraggan – Phoenix FM at Standon Calling 2017

Lucy Spraggan played a wonderful set on the main stage at the Standon Calling festival and it was a pleasure to record a conversation with her when she finished. She had great fun engaging with the audience, lighting them up on the Friday afternoon of the festival.

2017-07-28 17.21.48

Lucy talked about how much she’s been touring, the fun she’s had and the amazing places she’s played at, including a cave. And she talked about her process into becoming a full time singer songwriter, partly caused by her dream of becoming a fire fighter thwarted by a broken leg at a critical moment. There are certainly no regrets now, as writing and singing is what she does.

Also, on that note, as what is becoming a bit of a theme in my conversations, was a discussion on her songwriting process. She also found that it is easy and makes sense to write about herself and experiences and what a great way it is to connect with the shared experiences with the audience. You can hear the conversation here: