Musical Meanderings Playlist 3rd May 2018

There was more new music this week, particularly anticipated new material by Wychhound and Sabatta. You can hear it again here:

Wychhound have been waiting to release recorded material of their new sound without a singer and they released it – ‘Earth Orbiter‘, on the first of May. Really capturing their fantastic new live sound.Sabatta have a new album, Misfit Music, coming out on June 4th and it was great to hear their new single ‘Scream Of Consciousness‘. They’ll be joining me in the studio in a few weeks.

Based on Wychhound’s new sound, I began the show with some of my recent favourite instrumental sounds, such as Yuri Gagarin and Eleventh Vibration. And new stoner rock vibes, such as Foot.

Another shout out to the ‘WherePostRockDwells‘ and ‘StonedMeadowOfDoom‘ Youtube channels which has helped me discover some of this great, new music.

This week I also discovered some new wonderful post rock music in The Sun Burns Bright. Really capturing what I enjoy about that genre of music- the beautiful ambient landscape contrasted with a mighty, heavy melodic guitar based crescendo.

There was continued meanderings in the form of another play of the new Belly single, through more recent discoveries I’ve been enjoying, such as K-Rino and Hillsong United, to more new music by The Breeders and old favourites like Loudon Wainwright III, 10,000 Maniacs and Richard Hawley.

Here is the playlist for 3rd May 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 Yuri Gagarin – The Big Rip (Yuri Gagarin 2014 Remix)
2 Somali Yacht Club – Loom (The Sun – 2014)
3 Wychhound – Comet Shoemaker – Levy 9 (SL-9) (Earth Orbiter – 2018)
4 Eleventh Vibration – Nature (Illusions – 2016)
5 1968 – Duchess (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
6 Foot – Sweet Stuff (Buffalo – 2018)
7 The Sun Burns Bright – Forward We Move, Upward We Climb (Through Dusk, Came The Light – 2018)
8 Alcest – Shelter (Shelter – 2018)
9 Sabatta – Scream Of Consciousness (Misfit Music – 2018)
10 Black Sabbath – Hole In The Sky (Sabotage – 1975)
11 K-Rino – Hidden Agenda (80-Minute Eternity – 2012)
12 Belly – Shiny One (Dove – 2018)
13 Aimee Mann & Michael Penn – Reason To Believe (Badlands – A Tribute To Bruce Springseen – 2000)
14 Loudon Wainwright – Sometimes I Forget (History – 1992)
15 Thundercat – Them Changes (Drunk – 2017)
16 The Breeders – All Nerve (All Nerve – 2018)
17 10,000 Maniacs – Peace Train (In My Tribe – 1987)
18 Hillsong Worship – What A Beautiful Name (Let There Be Light – 2016)
19 Neil Diamond – Act Like A Man (Home Before Dark – 2008)
20 Richard Hawley – Lady Solitude (Lady’s Bridge – 2007)
21 Loud Exit – Out Of Hibernation (Loud Exit – 2018)
22 The Last Sighs Of The Wind – Bird’s Song (We Are Trees – 2017)

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