Unplugged & Rewired 3 | Musical Meanderings 10th May 2018

Another enjoyable episode of Musical Meanderings with the return of wonderful live guests to the studio. In this case it was musicians Dan Hobbs, Dave Stannard and Lyndon Nutkins talking about their involvement with the upcoming charity event ‘Unplugged and Rewired 3’ event at the Brentwood Theatre on the 18th and 19th of May 2018.

You can hear it again here:

It’s the third event over a number of years they’ve arranged in aid of the British Heart Foundation, each of which have been a great success. It was lovely to hear about the origins, reasons and their individual journeys in music. We even talked about the creation of the wonderful poster and flyer. And somehow ended up discussing some of the deep history of technology and the internet!

Dan and Dave are part of Mr MRB who will be headlining, and Lyndon is part of The 99 with Martin Mays and Sticksy, formerly of Bushfire.
The event will be opened by Ksenia and Dan talked about how she came on board. Dave performed some live music during the show and I managed to record some video of one of them:

It was a particularly great night for me, actually I kind of reunion, as I have known them for many years, but have seen them in a few. Part of catching up with them and their musical history included asking Lyndon to bring some music with him and talking about what they meant to him.

Before I spoke with them, I continued the heavy start to the show by playing some new music of the stoner/doom genre I’ve been enjoying, including a track from the great new OAK III EP and another from the recent new Wychhound release. Also, it was wonderful to hear a new release by an amazing, mighty band from Russia- Dog Chasing Sun.

Have a listen to the show again, enjoy the conversations and support the event at the Brentwood Theatre if you can.

Here is the playlist for 10th May 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 OAK – Once You Die (OAK III – 2018)
2 Dog Chasing Sun – Only Stoned Will Survive (Slow Burn – 2018)
3 Wychhound – Supercluster (Earth Orbiter – 2018)
4 Honeybus – Story (Story – 1970)
5 Dave Stannard – The Songwriter’s Dictionary
6 Heads, Hands and Feet – Country Boy (Heads, Hands and Feet – 1971)
7 Dave Stannard – Worldwide Me
8 Steely Dan – Aja (Aja – 1977)
9 Dave Stannard – Twisted Out Of Mind
10 Brandi Carlile – Again Today (The Story – 2007)
11 Jets to Brazil – Autumn Walker (Perfecting Loneliness – 2002)
12 Manic Street Preachers – International Blue (Resistance Is Futile – 2018)
13 Ohgod – Avalanche (The Great Silence – 2017)
14 The Sun Burns Bright – Forward We Move, Upward We Climb (Through Dusk, Came The Light – 2018)


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