Musical Meanderings Playlist 14th June 2018

A return to traditional Meanderings on this edition. Featuring latest doom and stoner, such as Cloud and Fire Down Below towards the start of the show, through some ‘80s memories into some singer-songwriting I’ve been enjoying, including talking about seeing Gill Landry live again on his recent UK tour.

You can listen to it again here:

While reminiscing, I also took the opportunity to share stories of my old friend, the late Tony Weston and share a song by Little Richard, from a genre he loved.

Here is the playlist for 14th June 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 Fire Down Below – The Cosmic Pilgrim (Hymn Of The Cosmic Man – 2018)
2 Cloud – Deus Ex Machina (Deus Ex Machina – 2018)
3 Dog Chasing Sun – Southern Melancholy (Slow Burn – 2018)
4 Sabel – Atlantean (Re-Generation – 2018)
5 Trevor’s Head – Idiot Time (Tricolossus – 2016)
6 Six Months Of Sun – Mud Horse Rider (Below the Eternal Sky – 2018)
7 Pallbearer – Dropout (Adult Swim Single Program – 2018)
8 W.A.S.P. – I Wanna Be Somebody (W.A.S.P. – 1984)
9 Cinderella – Night Songs (Night Songs – 1986)
10 Zakk Wylde – Lost Prayer (Book Of Shadows II – 2016)
11 Little Richard – Long Tall Sally
12 ZZ Top – Planet Of Women (Afterburner – 1985)
13 The Black Crowes – Losing My Mind (Lions – 2001)
14 Wilco – I’m Always In Love (Summerteeth – 1999)
15 Gill Landry – Emily (Gill Landry – 2015)
16 Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies – Sister Mercy (Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies – 1993)
17 Young Coppers – Hard Times Of Old England (Passing Out – 2008)
18 Natalie Merchant – Seven Years (Tigerlily – 1995)
19 Spurv – den gamles stemme brister (Myra – 2018)
20 Aurora Borealis – Goodbye 1 (Goodbye – 2018)

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