Doomsday Outlaw | Indy Chanda Interview – Musical Meanderings 26th April 2018

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It was great to speak to Indy Chanda from blues rock band Doomsday Outlaw. I discovered their origins, including how they got signed to Frontiers records and how they created their new album Hard Times. They’ve also started a UK tour with Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate.

I also enjoyed continuing to share new music I’ve been discovering, including new releases, such as Hemelbestormer, Belly and new releases by Pallbearer and the long awaited new record by Sleep.

Here is the playlist for 26th April 2018 (With links to purchase or discover more where possible)
1 Hemelbestormer – Eight Billion Stars (A Ring Of Blue Light – 2018)
2 Year Of No Light – Perséphone (Enna) (Ausserwelt – 2010)
3 Pallbearer – Dropout (Adult Swim Single Program – 2018)
4 Mt. Mountain – Seek The Sun (Cosmos Terros – 2016)
5 Sleep – Giza Butler (The Sciences – 2018)
6 Doomsday Outlaw – Over and Over (Hard Times – 2018)
Doomsday Outlaw – Bring It On Home (Hard Times – 2018)
Doomsday Outlaw – Spirit That Made Me (Hard Times – 2018)
9 Belly – Shiny One (Dove – 2018)
10 K-Rino – Really Need You (Wizard’s Ransome – 2016)
11 Kauan – Nainen (Kaiho – 2017)
12 Ohgod – Bloom (The Great Silence – 2017)
13 Good Weather For An Airstrike – Blossom (Little Steps -2017)
14 Aurora Borealis – Goodbye (3) (Goodbye – 2018)

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