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Phoenix FM is truly local radio for Brentwood, Billericay and surrounding areas. We broadcast a daily serving of great chat, news, sport, a fantastic variety of music and valued interaction with our local community.

Our radio programmes are listened to on a variety of platforms – FM radio, online, iPhone/Android apps, and webcam chatrooms. Independent market research shows we have a monthly reach of 99,000 – 38,000 on FM and 61,000 online, either live or on our listen again facility on Mixcloud.

Our website is one of our great success stories – with over 8,000 pages, updated several times a day with relevant local content. In March 2019 over 218,000 unique visits were recorded – an average of over 7,000 per day.

We are on hand to create tailor made advertising solutions and deliver a cost effective bridge between our advertisers and their customers. We understand that every client is different, with different needs and business objectives. Our first meeting with you is probably one of the most important we will have establishing exactly what it is you have to communicate and who you want to communicate it to. From generating sales leads to launching new products, driving online traffic to raising awareness whatever it is we will ensure we clearly understand your business requirements before creating advertising solutions that we believe will help you generate a return on your investment.

If you would like to hear more about how Phoenix FM can help your business grow then call Steve Roach on 07952 498009.

For more information on how radio can work for you please visit the Radio Advertising Bureau at


Radio is one of the mainstays for enterprises which are looking to build their business locally.

Why is it so popular with local advertisers?

1. Radio talks to people at the right time and place

Radio works in “real time” so ads can be run at just the time when people are most ready to be influenced by the message. For example, a leisure centre can advertise on a Friday night when people are planning their weekend; a car dealership can target the “drive time” to reach people in car; a local retail outlet can advertise on Friday and Saturday morning to promote weekend offers.

Research shows that ads are far more effective when people are thinking about a related subject.

2. Radio can talk to people who are one click away

Research into surfing behaviour revealed that 20% of internet users are listening to radio at any time (Clark Chapman Research 2006).

This is great news for businesses which use the web to bring customers in, as it means many of the listeners can go and check the website immediately.

3. Radio reaches out to everyone – including new customers

While it’s easy to skip the ads on TV and in newspapers, radio ads are harder to avoid. Research shows that people just don’t avoid the ads like they do in other media.

This means that radio is ideal for reaching out to new customers – the lifeblood of most businesses. They will hear the ads regardless of whether they think they are in the market or not.

4. Radio reaches the right local audiences

Naturally the listeners to a local radio station are locals. But more importantly they are also the right kind of locals. Compared to the typical local newspaper readers, commercial radio listeners tend to be significantly younger.

This means they are more likely to have families and to spend more on shopping.

5. Radio is a ‘local friend’ for listeners

Listeners typically describe their favourite local radio station as a friend, and that friendship can be used by advertisers to change the way local people perceive them – to keep ahead of the competition.

This is especially true for branded content (sponsorships and promotions). If a radio presenter says that prizes are “thanks to our friends at XYZ Restaurant”, listeners will begin to feel a warmer relationship with that company.

6. Radio is the most flexible medium

Business conditions can change fast, and radio is well set to meet those changes. Production of commercials is quick and relatively low-cost, and this allows local advertisers to put out just the right message at the right time. This flexibility works particularly well for advertisers who’s business changes fast with late deals, extended sales, reaction to news/ weather

7. Radio builds long-term brand dominance

As the growth of Carphone Warehouse proved, small businesses can become much bigger businesses by using radio as their primary medium.

Because radio messages are repeated more often and have lower levels of avoidance, by the time a listener is ready to make a purchase, the retailer’s brand name and values are strongly established in their mind.

This is particularly true for brands which invest in audio identities or jingles.

8. Who’s benefitted from what Phoenix FM has to offer?

Satisfied customers who have advertised with us include large companies such as C2C, Holiday Inn, Intu Lakeside, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Debenhams, Essex Auto Group, Next, Spire Healthcare, Courage and Burger King plus smaller local companies such as Rainer Hughes, Mizu Noodle Bar, Onaplate, Liquorice and the Prince of Wales.

If you would like to know how Phoenix FM can help you – please get in touch.