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Body Talk 7/8/19

A plant based diet slashes the risk of developing type 2 diabetes according to latest research. Adults who chose healthy plant based foods low in sugars and high in nutrients were at the lowest risk.

A vegetarian diet reduces the risk of insulin sensitivity and helps to lose weight. There are 4 million people with diabetes in the UK currently. The researchers found in their tests that 23% of people who stuck to a plant based diet had a much reduced risk of developing this lifestyle condition. The vegetarian or vegan diet is gaining in popularity and also helps to reduce blood pressure and systematic inflammation, which can only be positive.

The diet should include a variety of fruits,vegetables, nuts, legumes and dairy with a small amount of meat if required.It reduces the risk of metabolic conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular conditions.It is well documented that vegetarians have a lower BMI, lower risk of heart disease and other chronic health conditions.

Lack of exercise and family history are also risk factors and should be taken into account. Many of us are at risk of developing this, particularly those who are overweight. Types of vegetarian diets include lacto ovo vegetarians who eat dairy products and eggs,but avoid meat and seafood, lacto vegetarians who eat dairy products but not eggs, meat or seafood and vegans who don’t eat any animal products including honey and eggs.

Try experimenting with diet and see what changes you can make for the better.

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