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The Billericay Soapbox Derby 2018 – Peter Greene and Les Sheppard

It’s almost time for one of Billericay’s major annual events – The Billericay Soapbox Derby which raises thousands of pounds for charity. This year’s event takes place on Bank Holiday Monday 7th May. Today I was joined in the studio by Peter Greene and Les Sheppard from Billericay Rotary Club.

Peter and Les

You can listen to our chat about this great family fun event here –

You can find out more about the Soapbox Derby here

You can purchase tickets in advance here

Tickets can also be purchased in various local businesses and shops. Details are in the interview.

Have a fun day supporting this great local charity event!

Barry “Bash” Galvin – Interview and Live Session

When my colleague, sports presenter Chris Hood told me he had a guest for my show I was unsure what to expect. Barry Galvin is a regular contributor to Chris’s show The Orient Hour on Sunday evenings, but Barry is also an accomplished singer/song writer, and it was in this guise that he joined me today.

Barry Galvin

I’m delighted to say that Barry was a fabulous guest who writes brilliant thoughtful songs and performs them flawlessly. My favourite was “Your Soulful Eyes” the final song he performed.

You can listen to the entire session and interview here –

Thanks Bash!

BeeFest – Billericay Rugby Football Club

Billericay Rugby Football Club is holding its annual BeeFest on April 28th from 10am until late at their club in Stock Road. Traditionally a day set aside, in part to thank all the members of the club, but also to mark the end of the rugby season.

This year is no different and there will be the usual bouncy castles; coconut shy; ball games; and the sale of BRFC merchandise and goodies as well as the traditional family 7’s tournament and plenty of hot food with a hog roast and barbecue as well as other food and drink being available.
This year the club are showing their support for FAB – the Fight Against Bullying. Bringing Awareness to a new social media movement, to stamp out bullying in all forms. Get involved and follow @FABcampaign. With a large and diverse membership it is the club’s priority to ensure that they continue to provide a safe and secure environment for all to enjoy, learn and develop their rugby.
There will be a large marquee as well as the club house available should we be forced inside due to bad weather
In addition, the club will be awarding their annual age group prizes and medals to the minis and junior members in the marquee by their respective age group coaches in the morning.
Truly a fun family day out and supported by the Brentwood Imperial Youth Band who will be performing during the day. So if your son or daughter is interested in rugby at any age then make sure you get along to Billericay Rugby Football Club, Stock Road, Billericay on 28th April.

How to make a profit from travelling – well maybe!

Today we heard how 27- year old Tom Church discovered  it was cheaper for him to buy a car and drive it to Bristol and back rather than than going by train.

He had been quoted £218.10 for the return train ticket from London and so purchased the 1997 Honda Civic, which was being sold for scrap for £80. Road tax for 6 months was £81.38, insurance for one day £20.43 and petrol was £25. A total of £206.81, a saving of more than £10 over the rail fare. 

And at the end of it he still has the car and thinks that with a bit of TLC he might even be able to sell it for £200, and since any unused rad tax is refundable, he might even end up making a small profit!

An entrepreneur in the making perhaps!

In the second hour of today’s show, Margaret Mills told us all about smuggling in Essex, and particularly in Rochford where St Andrew’s Church was a hot bed of contraband activity.

If you missed it you can listen again here to what Margaret told me today: –

See you next time,

Mediation for family break-up

Just for a change it was SANDY BROWN who took BRIAN HUGHES’ place today to explain why MEDIATION is so vital when it comes to family break ups especially in divorce cases involving children.

You can listen here to what Sandy told me this afternoon: –

Keeping loosely to a legal theme, we looked at the case of the Derbyshire Constabulary Male Voice Choir who seem to have fallen foul of some membership issues.

Reportedly the Chief Constable of Derbyshire feels that a Male Voice Choir associated with the police force, if it is to continue it’s police association, must allow women to join.

The Derbyshire Constabulary Male Voice Choir has been singing and helping raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity since 1956 but Chief Constable Peter Goodman now says that as the local police is an equal opportunities employer and committed to having an organisation where there are no enclaves where people from different backgrounds cannot go. that having a male voice choir representing the organisation is incompatible with this.

As a result from June the choir will be re-named as the Derbyshire Community Male Voice Choir and they will no longer be able to wear the police uniforms which will be replaced by new costumes “to create a more contemporary image”.

Chairman of the choir, Kevin Griffiths said that to attempt to recruit 50 new female members would have destroyed the choir and felt it was better to sever our association with the constabulary and continue the good work we do under a new name.

Well there you go!

See you again tomorrow,

Running and Chatting . Two different Charity Initiatives

Matthew Sweetapple and Mark Halls called in to Phoenix to talk about the 5k Charity race being organised in Raphaels Park on Wed 13 June . The event is looking for serious and fun runners or you can even walk the course. The money raised will go towards First Step a fabulous local charity which help children from Babies upwards with different difficulties. If you would like to enter the race please log onto for further information

First step are at

You can hear the interview again here

Jeanie Hasler is just trying to start a charity which helps teenagers chat to each other online but the site is carefully monitored by adults. In its early stages the idea is proving and providing positive results

You can hear the interview again here

The Billericay Streetlife Strollers – Anne and Frank Woods

The Streetlife Strollers are a Billericay walking and social group that meet in Lake Meadows in Billericay once a week.
Joining me in the studio today to tell us all about the group were Anne and Frank Woods,

Anne and Frank Woods

The Streetlife Strollers meet in Lake Meadows by the gates near the cafe every Tuesday morning at 10am. You don’t need to book, just turn up to take part in this friendly group.

You can listen to our chat here –

You can find out more information on The Streetlife Strollers by joining The Billericay Discussion Page on Facebook here

Time to look at your savings and investments?



The last time I got to speak with Gavin was just ahead of his first seminar of the year at Mary Green Manor Hotel, Brentwood, and if you missed out, the next one is being held at the same venue on the 25th April.

On today’s programme Gavin provided some worthwhile “DO’s and DONT’s” and you can listen again here to all that Gavin told me today: –

I was both surprised and privileged this afternoon, to get to chat with the star of this weekend’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Brentwood Centre – the one and only CHESNEY HAWKES.


The show’s producer, former Brentwood Mayor, MARK REED, was also on hand to provide some additional information.

Listen here to what both Chesney and Mark had to tell me: –

If you are quick there are still a few tickets available if you call 0333 6663366 or go to the Brentwood Centre Events page, click on the orange boxes shown on either side of the stage

Performances are at 7pm on Saturday 14th April and 2:30pm on Sunday 15th April.

Later on today’s programme, MARGARET MILLS told us all about the religious sect known as THE PECULIAR PEOPLE.

If you missed it, listen again here to what Margaret had to say on this subject: –

See you again next week,

A holiday that is truly “out of this world”

Yes, we were delighted today to alert you to a whole new dimension which you might want to consider for a future holiday destination as plans have just been announced for a new hotel with a guaranteed room with a view – but at a price.

Indeed the price for a 12-day stay is currently set at a cool £6.7m and those keen to book their places will need to put down a deposit of £57,129

Obviously for that kind of money it will really need to offer something OUT OF THIS WORLD – and that is precisely what’s on offer as the hotel, which is due to open in 2021 with the first guests being hosted the following year, will be situated in outer space

Two crew members will look after the 4 guests in first class accommodation.

Guests will be able to experience the exhilaration of zero gravity and gaze upon stunning views of the planet below without the fear of getting lost in space, with the added perk of being able to witness an average of 16 sunrises and sunsets a day.

Optional extras include the chance to take part in research experiments such as growing food in orbit and try out state-of-the-art virtual reality technology on the holodeck.

It goes without saying that high-speed internet is included which will allow people put together some truly incredible Snapchat stories.

So if interested, you’d better start saving now!

We also reported on the US town of Youngstown in Ohio which seems to have been invaded by a load of unwelcome visitors in the shape “zombie-like” raccoons.

Residents have reported that the usually nocturnal creatures have been seen during the day standing on their hind legs, baring their teeth and then falling over backwards. in a comatose condition, which reminds of one or two people I know!

Vets believe that the animals are probably suffering from distemper – a viral disease that causes coughing, tremors, seizures and leads raccoons to lose their fear of humans.

The disease can be contracted by dogs, so owners are being advised to get their pets vaccinated.

Dear me!

Well I’ll see you again tomorrow so long as I don’t get attacked by any zombies.

A bonus show for me!

Poor old BOB SIMPSON is not too well so I got to deputise for him today.

On today’s show we reported on the man who, on seeing his bride unveiled for the first time, during the marriage ceremony, demanded an instant divorce. The incident took place in Saudi Arabia but after seeing her face for the first time when a photographer asked them to pose for pictures, her husband was not impressed – and instantly demanded a divorce.

‘You are not the girl I want to marry,’ he said.

‘You are not the one I imagined. I am sorry, but I divorce you!’

Well I bet that put the mockers on the day!

Staying in that part of the world we heard that 32 Iranian MP’s have submitted a bill to parliament which proposes a punishment of 74 lashes for people caught playing with, stroking or exercising their dogs outdoors.

The bill says such activities “harm the Islamic culture and the safety and peace of mind of other people, especially women and children”. Anyone who ignores police warnings could also be fined up to 100m rials ($3,740 – £2,350) under the plans, as well as having their animal taken away. The MPs say confiscated pets should be moved to “a zoo, forest or desert”, and that owners would have to foot the bill for the transfer. Some notable exceptions are mentioned in the bill, including for farmers, shepherds and licensed hunters.

Over the past few years Iranian police have been cracking down on dog walking, and some owners have been arrested, because under Iran’s Islamic laws the animals are considered “unclean”. Nevertheless dog ownership is a growing trend in the country, particularly among the urban middle and upper classes in major cities like Tehran.

Now there’s a thing!

See you again next week,