Reflection – Musical Meanderings 10th August 2017

Desperate Journalist - Grow Up

Desperate Journalist – Grow Up

A return to the usual time slot on a Thursday. But perhaps as a result, or just how the week went, the musical journey was a different one than expected.

It was about to be a bit heavier, but then some reflection from perhaps a tired perspective brought me to play some more mellow, perhaps melancholic music I enjoyed when I was younger. Perhaps from a time when I was delving into such music for too long, keeping myself in those frequencies rather than brief visits to embrace feelings, then let them go.

It was lovely to hear them tonight from that perspective and enjoy them with fresh ears as it were.

Songs that I listened too from Frank Black, The Antlers and Jeff Buckley don’t hold the same power as they once did. But I can enjoy them and recognise the feelings they represented and still resonate when I bring my attention there.

iiah - Voyagers

iiah – Voyagers

This is also reflected in some of the music I still discover, such as in the ‘post-rock’ genre I discussed a bit during the show. There is a lovely scale/grandness to the music, but also a melancholic and inward thinking type edge to it. I will be examining the style over the coming weeks, but tonight I enjoyed playing great examples from Synopsys and iiah. You will find Bandcamp links in the track listings, along with some of the artists I played.

The Antlers at Latitude 2012

The Antlers at Latitude 2012

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 10th August 2017
1. Desperate Journalist Resolution (Grow Up – 2017)
2. Planet of Zeus – Macho Libre (Macho Libre -2011)
3. Alcest – Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles (Les Voyages De L’ame – 2012)
4. Synopsys – Morning In The Wilderness (Le Temps Du Rêve -2017)
5. Mt. Mountain – Freida (Cosmos Terros – 2016)
6. Boris – Window Shopping (Heavy Rocks – 2011)
7. iiah – Voyagers (Distances – 2017)
8. Madrugada – Sirens (Industrial Silence – 1999)
9. John Trudell & Bad Dog (Undercurrent (Live A Fip – 2003)
10. Immortal Technique – Eyes In The Sky (The Martyr – 2011)
11. The Mother Hips – Time We Had (Kiss The Crystal Flake – 2007)
12. Brandi Carlile – Again Today (The Story – 2007)
13. Bobby Whitlock – The Scenery Has Slowly Changed (Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way – 1972)
14. Blue King Brown – Babylon A Fall (feat. The Congos) (Born Free – 2014)
15. The Antlers – Kettering (Hospice – 2009)
16. Frank Black – I Burn Today (Honeycomb – 2005)
17. The Last Town Chorus – Huntsville, 1989 (Wire Waltz – 2006)
18. Jeff Buckley – Morning Theft (Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk – 1998)
19. King Creosote & John Hopkins – Bats In The Attic (Diamond Mine – 2011)
20. Love – Live & Let Live (Forever Changes – 1967)
21. Iron & Wine – Walking Far From Home (Kiss Each Other Clean – 2011)

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