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Betty Goslow

Wow! A second bonus show for me this week.

You poor people.

So on today’s show we asked you what would make you keep to the speed limit.

Well a Gloucestershire village has come up with the idea of using a sometimes scantily dressed mannequin.

The mannequin, called Betty Goslow, the brainchild of local resident Julia Askew, stands on a bend at the side of the B4221 and is aimed at persuading, especially male drivers, to slow down as the gawp at her poses in mini-skirts, low-cut tops and holding a bottle of wine.

Speeding Dummy

But Betty, who even has her own Facebook page, may soon be returning to the window of the local Dorothy Perkins store, if the local authority finally decides to replace her with an electronic speed reminder.

In the second hour of today’s show we heard about the practical joker who is now potentially facing 2 years behind bars after he stuck toothpicks, purloined from a local cafe, into bus seats in the hope of surprising unwary passengers in Singapore.


How strange is that?

Well after 4 consecutive shows, that’s me done for this week.

See you again on Monday,

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The family of six

*** VIDEO AVAILABLE ***    **CONDITION OF USAGE** Body Bizarre is on Thursdays at 10pm on TLC UK.**    BRASILICA, BRAZIL - UNDATED: Seven-year-old Guilherme holding up his hands with six fingers.    A FAMILY of fourteen who were born with six fingers and six toes celebrate a new addition to the family - a baby boy with same genetic abnormality. Most would find having an extra digit a distressing deficiency, but the extraordinary De Silva, from Brazil, family have turned it to their advantage.    **CONDITION OF USAGE** Body Bizarre is on Thursdays at 10pm on TLC UK.**    PHOTOGRAPHY: Discovery / Barcroft Productions

On the first of my bonus shows this week we uncovered the bizarre story of the 14-strong Brazilian family who all have 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot.

Yes it’s all perfectly true, members of the De Silva family believe that the extra fingers have made them better musicians and competitive goalkeepers.

They weren’t sure if the latest addition to the family, Vinicius would have 6 fingers as his mother only has the usual 5 – but no he has been born with 6 fully function fingers.

Not surprisingly the family are known fondly as THE FAMILY OF SIX.

Must make buying gloves a bit tricky though!

Later in the show we reported on the 46-year old can of soup and 35-year old tin of sweetcorn just donated to a food bank in Cardiff. The products still bore their original price tags.

Cardiff Foodbank undated handout photo of out of date tins of food, including a tin of Heinz kidney soup dating back at least 46 years, that has been handed into the charity. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Thursday October 5, 2017. See PA story SOCIAL Soup. Photo credit should read: Cardiff Foodbank/PA Wire NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used in for editorial reporting purposes for the contemporaneous illustration of events, things or the people in the image or facts mentioned in the caption. Reuse of the picture may require further permission from the copyright holder.

Apparently the charity which costs between £80 and !00,000 a year to run experiences, a lot of wastage due to out of date donations , but hopefully, rarely as out of date as this lot!

Green Giant

See you again tomorrow, hopefully before I pass my sell-by date,


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Come and meet Samantha the wonder doll

SamanthaYes, visitors to a tech fair in the Austrian city of Linz were invited to meet SAMANTHA, the £3000 wonder robot doll.

Unfortunately it seems that punters who put SAMANTHA through her paces got carried away with the result that she has had to undergo multiple repairs, for amongst other things, two broken fingers.

Apparently when in pristine condition , the “intelligent” doll can reply when spoken to, reacts to being touched in certain places, for instance, by moaning although she probably did more than moan when her fingers got broken!

Later in the show, Margaret Mills joined me to explain the details of CLAIMING CLERGY, something that perhaps some of the visitors to that tech fair in Linz, might have wanted to consider!

Seemingly in times long since gone, people could elect to be judged by ecclesiastical courts, who’s sentences were far more lenient than those imposed by standard lay courts.

To be eligible all you needed was to be able to recite one psalm!

Don’t believe me? Well listen again here to what Margaret told me today: –

See you once more tomorrow,


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Birthday celebrations are the order of the day!

On Sunday 19th November, the Revival Church of Billericay will be celebrating their 5th birthday.

Well in a way, as truth to tell whilst that was the date they were formed, they were originally known as the Christian Growth Centre, changing their name to the Revival Church of Billericay in February last year.


To mark the occasion I was joined today by ANDY ROBB who outlined the reasons the Church came into being and explained about their aims and how they are setting about achieving them. 

You can listen again here to what Andy told me today: –

And if you would like more information just head on over to their website

In the second hour of today’s show, we learnt that the man appointed by the US President to negotiate peace in the Middle East seems to have problems filling in forms.

Yes, the President’s son in law, JARED KUSHNER, seemingly gets so confused by form filling that not only did he somehow manage to register himself in two states, but for the last two elections was also registered as a woman!


Doesn’t bode too well for the peace process then!

See you again tomorrow,

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Jim Lea talks about Slade and Therapy.

Without doubt one of the most exciting bands to come out of Great Britain in the past 50 years were Slade.
With their unique blend of perfect pop-rock’n’roll, outrageous flamboyance and pure fun, and no less than 23 Top 20 singles of which 6 were No-1 hits….plus 6 smash albums, Slade have become a firm favourite in the hearts of pop fans all over the world.
Bass, keyboard and violin Player, songwriter and arranger with Slade, and now solo artist Jim Lea, is back with a re release on vinyl of his 2007 solo album Therapy and the single The Smile of Elvis.



You can listen to our chat here –


You can order the album Therapy direct from Jim’s website or from Amazon or iTunes.

Jim Lea’s website is here

Jim Lea

Jim Lea

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Guide Dogs Coffee Morning – Brenda Weaver

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association nowadays known as Guide Dogs is a British charity founded in 1934

This week is Guide Dogs Week and people all over the UK are raising money to help ensure Guide Dogs can help as many blind and partially sighted people as possible.

Joining me today was one of those people doing a fantastic job fundraising,  Brenda Weaver who told us all about the Guide Dogs and their fundraising coffee morning in Shenfield tomorrow. (Details below)

Brenda Weaver

Brenda Weaver

Brenda also brought along a special friend Aero a working Guide Dog who was very well behaved throughout and greeted me with a very waggy tail and a kiss!



You can listen to our chat here –

Date: Thursday 12 October 2017
Time: 10:30 – 13:00
Event: Coffee Morning in aid of The Guide Dogs
Organised by: Guide Dogs
Location: Mount Avenue Banqueting Suite, Mount Avenue, Shenfield CM13 2NS map
Details: As well as the coffee there will be a raffle, Christmas cards, homemade jams and crafts and a chance to meet some puppies and adult guide dogs!
Cost: Free
Contact: Brenda Weaver 07753 482351


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Living off the fat of the land

It seems that as more and more people attain gargantuan portions, so problems have increased for emergency services called upon to treat and rescue them from incidents and accidents.

Between 2011 and 2015 around 1000 members of NHS staff were injured while treating obese patients.

As a result training is being introduced for fire and ambulance personnel using specially designed 25-stone mannequins – called Bariquins or BARRY for short.


The Bariquins, which each cost £4320 are so heavy they have to be broken into 15 separate parts to be moved around – with the main torso weighing 16kg.

Managing Director of the firm behind the scheme, Chris Jarratt, a former police officer who came up with the idea after he was faced with treating a 28-stone man, believes that dozens of the units will be snapped up as emergency staff struggle to deal with an increasing number of obese patents.

In the second hour of today’s programme, Margaret Mills returned to tell us the sad tale of what happened after the Toothill Windmill was struck by lightning during a violent storm in June 1829.

Toothill Mill

You can listen again here to what Margaret told me this afternoon: –

See you again next week,

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Work, work, work

I was joined once more today by BRIAN HUGHES from Shenfield based solicitors, RAINER HUGHES.


Today Brian climbed aboard one of his real hobby horses to discuss the role of Management Agents. These organisations are clearly not top of Brian’s favourite organisations and if you missed it you can listen again to what Brian had to say on this subject by clicking on the link below: –

Later today we heard about the study which has concluded that an 8-hour working day is counter productive and that in any case most office workers do less than 3-hours productive work per day. It seems that after that the rest of the day is spent checking social media, 
reading news websites, discussing out-of-work activities with colleagues, making hot drinks, taking smoking breaks ( whether they smoke or not), sending texts or messages, eating snacks,  preparing food in the office, making calls to partners or friends and looking for new jobs.

Hard day at work

And here am I slogging away playing records for 2-hours.

I’ve had enough. I’m off home now. See you again tomorrow for another long grind!


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The Essex Community Tree Network – Andrew Woodcock

The Essex Community Tree Network is a group of key organisations working together to support people in our community with mental ill-health.
The group is designed to enable people to access more opportunities for mental well-being.
Joining me today was Andrew Woodcock from one branch the network, Brentwood Community Print.

Andrew Woodcock

Andrew Woodcock

The Essex Community Tree Network will be represented at Shenfield Library next Tuesday 10th October for World Mental Health Day.

You can listen to our chat here –

Follow Essex Community Tree Network on Twitter here

Brentwood Community Print’s website is here



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