Body Talk 13/5/20

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Body Talk - 13 May 2020
Body Talk
Mel Watson

Are you getting enough sleep. All the heightened stress and disruption of our bodies clocks may mean that our sleep has been disrupted just when we need it to be at its best. New research has shown that our response to infection changes each day, and sleep disruption can leave our immune system compromised.
Before Covid struck, there was a big study into sleep and how it affects our immune system.
The first protective barrier is the skin, its topmost layer is made of dead cells which form a barrier to invaders, and there are secretions from the skin that can kill viruses. Other areas which are more vulnerable are the eyes,ears and nose. Tears are antiseptic and are good at killing off bacteria which is why our eyes water when we get a piece of grit inside them.
The mucus membranes that line the nose prevent bugs from entering. If pathogens do succeed in entering, the white blood cells combine to battle against the bugs. Memory cells are then produced and can work very quickly to destroy the bugs in future.
The 24 hour body clock instructs us when the best times are to eat and sleep, without regulation we would be in a mess.Blood flow to the skin increases at night,repairing damages to the body, meaning this healing time is vital, while at the same time,the immune system is lowered allowed the repairs to take place.So your immunity is at its highest during the day. There fore we can see that vital functions happen while we sleep, and may be why disease spreads more in hospitals and care homes as people sleep. It’s also well researched that shift workers and people who cannot get a regular amount of sleep have poorer mental health and lowered immune systems.
Try meditation or calming music before bedtime, to encourage more peaceful sleep and check out some of the various different relaxation apps that are available like Headspace, which seem to be very popular. Sweet dreams!

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