2018 Launch – Musical Meanderings 4th January 2018

A dual celebration – remembering highlights of 2017 and looking forward to what’s ahead in 2018.

Enjoying the new music I discovered, such as the explorations of the post rock and doom metal genres, such as Tempus and Fjord, and also highlighting my song of the year- Pallbearer- A Plea For Understanding and my album of the year- 1968 – Fortuna Havana.

Also looking ahead to upcoming gigs in 2018, such as Myrkur, Crowbar and Obituary.

I looked at what I learned about the variations in forms of expression in artists such as Dorthia Cottrell– I played a song from her solo project along with her fronting doom metal band Windhand. Similarly, I discovered an artist from Denmark- Amelia Bruun who has done the same. I played a song of hers, then from her other more well known project- Myrkur from the new album Mareidt which she is promoting during her current tour. She is playing in Bethnal Green on the 22nd.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for a fantastic 2018! Here’s to all the music we will be enjoying.

You can listen to the show again here:

Here is the playlist for 28th December 2017 (including links to more information or purchasing where available)
1 Tempus – Tuvia (Hymn For The Courageous – 2017)
2 Fjord – Phoenix (Portrait for a Reflection – 2016)
3 Sleep – Sonic Titan (Live – 2013)
4 Yuri Gagarin – The Big Rip (Yuri Gagarin 2014 Remix)
5 1968 – Duchess (Fortuna Havana – 2017)
6 Pallbearer – A Plea For Understanding (Heartless – 2017)
7 Crowbar – Self Inflicted (Crowbar – 1993)
8 Windhand – Summon The Moon (Windhand – 2012)
9 Dorthia Cottrell – Gold (Dorthia Cottrell – 2015)
10 Goldmund – Threnody (The Malady Of Elegance – 2008)
11 Lucy Claire & Kaiwata Tsuki – The Barren Moon (Kaiwata Tsuki – The Barren Moon – 2016)
12 The Last Sighs Of The Wind – Your Wave Caresses Me (We Are Trees – 2017)
13 Desperate Journalist – Be Kind (Grow Up – 2017)
14 Amalie Bruun – Siren (Crush EP – 2012)
15 Myrkur – Ulvinde (Mareidt – 2017)
16 Saturnus – I Long (Veronika Decides To Die – 2006)
18 I/O – To Everyone I Could Have Loved & All The Places We Could Have Called Home (Anyone, Anywhere – 2017)


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