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Playlist for 10 Mar 2018 (AOTW: Moaning – Moaning)

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This week’s album of the week is the debut from Los Angeles post-punk trio MOANING. It’s out now on Sub Pop Records and you can find out more about them here.

Tonight’s playlist:

Salad – Kent
Moaning – Don’t Go
Fontaines DC – Boys In The Better Land
Planet – Save.Sold
Asylums – Joy In A Small Wage
Blur – Go Out
Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian At Best
Jesus Jones – Suck It Up
Kills – List Of Demands (Reparations)
Shame – Lampoon
Moaning – Tired
Altered Hours – Open Wide
Fernweh – The Liar
Say Sue Me – Old Town
Monochrome Set – Stage Fright
Grace Vonderkuhn – Worry
Lovely Eggs – Wiggy Giggy
Ride – Pulsar
Goat Girl – The Man
Moaning – The Same
Kenickie – In Your Car
Hookworms – Static Resistance
Danny Goffey – Ancient Text
Shed Seven – Speakeasy
Wannadies – Might Be Stars
Belly – Seal My Fate (US Radio Mix)
Presidents of The United States of America – Lump
Franz Ferdinand – Feel The Love Go
Dream Wife – Kids
Kula Shaker – Grateful When You’re Dead
Super Furry Animals – God! Show Me Magic
Devlins – Waiting

Playlist for 03 Mar 2018 (AOTW: Grace Vonderkuhn – Reveries)

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This week’s album of the week is REVERIES from Wilmington, Delaware’s Grace Vonderkuhn.

The album is a wonderful mix of garage, grunge and 90s-style alt rock – let’s hope she makes it over to the UK in time for festival season.

Today’s playlist:

Art Brut – Alcoholics Unanimous
Grace Vonderkuhn – Worry
Horse Heads – Questions
Dream Wife – Kids
Monochrome Set – Stage Fright
Men – Rose On Top Of The World
Say Sue Me – Old Town
Fernweh – The Liar
Blossoms – I Can’t Stand It
Divine Comedy – Love What You Do
Grace Vonderkuhn – Candy Buttons
Franz Ferdinand – Feel The Love Go
Garbage – Dumb
Ladytron – The Animals
Olden Yolk – Cut To The Quick
Blur – Turn It Up
Katalina Kicks – Waterfall
Goat Girl – The Man
Sloan – The Day Will Be Mine
Bilk – Give Up
British Sea Power – Remember Me
Mega City Four – Ticket Collector
Grace Vonderkuhn – Cellophane
Whenyoung – Pretty Pure
Turin Brakes – Underdog (Save Me) (Phoenix FM Creative Session)
Omni – Wire
Young Knives – Green Island Red Raw
Maximo Park – What Equals Love (acoustic version)
Ash – Buzzkill
Pinkshinyultrablast – In The Hanging Gardens

Playlist for 01 Mar 2018 – A St David’s Day special!

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To celebrate St David’s Day we’ve squeezed in an extra show tonight with some of the highlights of Welsh indie and alternative music since the 1980s.


Young Marble Giants – Brand New Life
U Thant – Rownd A Rownd
Anhrefn – Rhedeg i Paris
Manic Street Preachers – You Love Us
Darling Buds – Sure Thing
Pooh Sticks – Working On A Beautiful Thing
Catatonia – Sweet Catatonia
60ft Dolls – Talk To Me
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Let’s Get Together (In Our Minds)
Super Furry Animals – Northern Lites
Melys – Chinese Whispers
Feeder – Buck Rogers
Mo-Ho-Bish-O-Pi – Playboy
Mclusky – To Hell With Good Intentions
Goldie Lookin Chain – Guns Don’t Kill People Rappers Do
Stereophonics – Dakota
Hot Puppies – The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful
Automatic – Monster
Joy Formidable – Whirring
9bach – Gwydr Glas
Jayce Lewis – Electric Medicine
Y Niwl – Undegpedwar
Strange News From Another Star – Last Night I Happened Twice
Colorama – V Moyn T
Joanna Gruesome – Sugarcrush
Llwybr Lleathog feat Rufus Mufasa – Rhagfarn
Cate le Bon – Are You With Me Now?
Catfish and the Bottlemen – Pacifier
Gulp – Game Love
Helen Love – A Boy From Wales Called Gareth Bale
H Hawkline – Means That Much
Los Campesinos! – 5 Flucloxacillin
Adwaith – Femme

Playlist for 24 Feb 2018 (AOTW: The Lovely Eggs – This Is Eggland)

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This week’s album of the week is THIS IS EGGLAND from the Lovely Eggs.

Can’t believe it’s been seven years now since we had them in for a session here at Phoenix FM!

This Is Eggland is their 5th offering and it sees the band head in a slightly heavier direction with a step up in production quality too, but the humour and the anger are still there.

There’s a lot to love about the band – from their charmingly old-school and profanity-laden website to their brilliant live performances, where you can be guaranteed to get the last bus home because there are NO FAKE ENCORES.

Today’s playlist:

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
Lovely Eggs – Hello I Am Your Sun
Hookworms – Static Resistance
Ride – Keep It Surreal
Courtney Barnett – Nameless, Faceless
Sunflower Bean – Easier Said
Kings and Castles – Friday Nights
Sloan – The Day Will Be Mine
Hot Hot Heat – No Not Now
Elcka – Boho Bird
Belly – Shiny One
Beach House – Lemon Glow
Albert Hammond Jr – Muted Beatings
Lovely Eggs – I’m With You
Manic Street Preachers – International Blue
Olden Yolk – Cut To The Quick
Dream Wife – Let’s Make Out
Wombats – Lemon To A Knife Fight
Y Niwl – Tridegtri
Brownies – Dance Romance
Mega City Four – What’s Up
Rakes – Retreat
Lovely Eggs – Big Sea
Baikonour – Oben Beg mk3 CBC theme
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – Airplane Food/Airplane Fast Food
Art Brut – Nag Nag Nag Nag
Blur – Never Clever
British Sea Power – Observe The Skies
Night Flowers – Cruel Wind
Young Knives – Dialling Darling
Divine Comedy – Come Home Billy Bird
XTC – Ball And Chain

Playlist for 17 Feb 2018 (AOTW: Y Niwl – 5)

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Our album of the week this week is 5 from Welsh surf rockers Y Niwl.

I first came across these guys when I interviewed them at Latitude 2011 (was it REALLY that long ago?) Their performance on the Lake Stage confirmed that they’re a great live act too. You may recognise this song as one of the themes from BBC1’s Football Focus:

5 is very much in same vein as their earlier work. No enormous changes of direction, genre hopping or experimentation – just another album of doing what they do, very very well indeed. Roll on 6.

Tonight’s playlist:

Pulp – My Legendary Girlfriend
Y Niwl – Tridegpump
Grace Vonderkuhn – Worry
Hookworms – Static Resistance
Wombats – Cheetah Tongue
Freak – Everyone’s The Same
Manic Street Preachers – Distant Colours
Sloan – The Day Will Be Mine
Paradise – Humiliation
HMLTD – To The Door
Y Niwl – Tridegtri
Goat Girl – The Man
Breeders – All Nerve
Ash – Buzzkill
Sleater-Kinney – Bury Our Friends
Shed Seven – Nothing To Live Down
Danny Goffey – Ancient Text
Dream Wife – Right Now
Hot Puppies – The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful
Y Niwl – Dauddegwyth
British Sea Power – The Spirit Of St Louis
Others – Lackey
Alpaca Sports – Summer Days
Albert Hammond Jr – Muted Beatings
Whenyoung – Pretty Pure
Served On Sunday – Enemy To Me
Horse Heads – Questions
Ride – Charm Assault
Bilk – Give Up
Lovely Eggs – Wiggy Giggy
Maximo Park – Apply Some Pressure
Gwenno – Tir Ha Mor

Clive Bayley chats about Mabel Greer’s Toyshop

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Mabel Greer’s Toyshop formed in 1966 and were the precursor to legendary progressive rock band Yes. Band founders Clive Bayley, Robert Hagger and Paul Rutledge recruited a number of musicians who would form Yes’s nucleus, including Chris Squire, Peter Banks, Jon Anderson, Bill Bruford and Tony Kaye.

Clive left the band in 1968 – but a meeting with Robert in 2014 led to the original band being reformed. Since then they’ve recorded two new albums, the most recent of which – The Secret – was released in December. They’ve also re-released some remastered recordings originally made in 1966 and 1967.

Clive talks about his memories of the early years in the band, and what they’ve been doing second time around.

You can find out more about what the band are currently up to at

Playlist for 10 Feb 2018 (AOTW: Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending)

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This week’s album of the week is Always Ascending, the new offering from Franz Ferdinand, which was released on Friday – 14 years to the day after the release of their debut album,

There’s more of a disco feel to this album than the last offering, 2013’s more guitary Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. Songs such as the title track, Feel The Love Go and Lazy Boy bring back memories of their earlier songs – good to have them back.

In tonight’s show we also paid and played homage to the Sultans of Ping FC and their classic debut album Casual Sex In The Cineplex, which turned 25 years old last week. (Really!)

In the second half of the show we went back to 1996 and dug up some of the best indie hits from that year.

Tonight’s playlist:

Shame – Tasteless
Franz Ferdinand – Paper Cages
Serol Serol – K’TA
Spook School – I Only Dance When I Want To
Sultans of Ping FC – Give Him A Ball (And A Yard Of Grass)
Deadcuts – Opium Style
Dream Wife – Fire
Franz Ferdinand – Lois Lane
Martha Ffion – Take Your Name
Grace Vonderkuhn – Cellophane
Sultans of Ping FC – You Talk Too Much
High Hazels – Days Of No One
Orielles – Sugar Tastes Like Salt
Franz Ferdinand – Glimpse Of Love
Gingerlys – Playgrounds
Bellatrix – Sweet Surrender
Sultans of Ping FC – Indeed You Are
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Patio Song
Beck – The New Pollution
Earl Brutus – Navyhead
Stereolab – Cybele’s Reverie
Cardigans – Happy Meal II
Catatonia – Sweet Catatonia
Kenickie – Private Buchowski
Divine Comedy – Becoming More Like Alfie
Frank and Walters – Indian Ocean
Lush – Single Girl
Marion – I Stopped Dancing
Mike Flowers Pops – Venus As A Boy
Bis – This Is Fake DIY
Sleeper – Nice Guy Eddie
Pulp – I Spy
Kula Shaker – Grateful When You’re Dead

Playlist for 03 Feb 2018 (AOTW: Deadcuts – Hit On All Sixess)

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My album of the week this week is the new offering from the amazing DEADCUTS – Hit On All Sixess.

The band comprises Mark Keds on vocals and guitar, Jerome Alexandre on guitar, Aaron Scars on bass and Cass Browne on drums. Eagle eyed readers will of course recognise the names of Keds and Browne as one half of late 80s/early 90s indie legends THE SENSELESS THINGS, who reformed for a couple of fantastic live shows in 2017. Cass has been keeping himself busy as the drummer for Gorillaz, while the various other members of the Senseless Things have gone on to other bands including Muse, 3 Colours Red and Delakota.

Hit On All Sixess is dark, loud and bristling with energy. You can get a copy of the band’s official website.

Today’s tracklisting:

Cornershop feat Mike Flowers Pops – Born Disco; Died Heavy Metal (version)
Deadcuts – Summon The Witches
Cleargreen – Hollins Groove
Spectors – Borderline
Horse Heads – Questions
Hookworms – Static Resistance
Robots In Disguise – We’re In The Music Biz
Lighthouse – Brown Bottle Flu
Radiohead – Lift
Gaffa Tape Sandy – Pink Neck Train Wreck
Dream Wife – Taste
New Young Pony Club – Ice Cream
Candyskins – Feed It
Lovely Eggs – Wiggy Giggy
Deadcuts – Single
Marmozets – Habits
Served On Sunday – Enemy To Me
Divine Comedy – How can You Leave Me On My Own?
Superorganism – Everybody Wants To Be Famous
Bilk – Give Up
Charlotte Hatherley – Kim Wilde
Steven Wilson – Permanating
Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending
Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Patio Song
Deadcuts – Opium Style
Foals – Red Socks Pugie
Wind-Up Birds – Cross Country
Goat Girl – Cracker Drool
Whenyoung – Pretty Pure
Shame – Tasteless
Grow Rich – Cash To Kyodo
Tame Impala – Mind Mischief

Playlist for 27 Jan 2018 (AOTW: Dream Wife – Dream Wife)

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Our album of the week is the long-anticipated self-titled debut from DREAM WIFE.

I interviewed the band at Latitude last year (you can hear that interview again here) and witnessed an amazing set full of energy, enthusiasm and anger. The album is much more of the same – familiar tracks that have been “leaked” in advance like Somebody, Fire and the rather radio-unfriendly F.U.U. sit well alongside other tracks like Right Now, Taste and Act My Age. Completely and utterly recommended.

Tonight’s playlist:

Public Service Broadcasting – Gagarin
Dream Wife – Somebody
Japanese Breakfast – Road Head
Elastica – How He Wrote Elastica Man
Sleeper – Vegas
Shame – Concrete
Carter USM – Bloodsport For All
Dream Wife – Fire
Salad – Kiss My Love
Breathe Panel – Relax
John Dredge and the Plinths – Going Down
Whenyoung – Pretty Pure
Franz Ferdinand – Lazy Boy
Inspiral Carpets – I Want You
British Sea Power – The Spirit Of St Louis
Heart Throbs – Dreamtime
Spook School – Alright – Sometimes
Sultans of Ping FC – You Talk Too Much
A House – Slipping Away
Fall – Free Range
Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? – Teeth
Animalhouse – Small
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Mainland
Dream Wife – Right Now
Big Moon – Cupid
Lighthouse – Brown Bottle Flu
Fall – Theme From Sparta FC
Gwenno – Tir Ha Mor
Bivouac – Good Day Song
Frank and Walters – How Can I Exist
Thousand Yard Stare – Comeuppance

Essex Punk

(originally recorded 30 Jun 2006, reposted 28 Jan 2018)

Listen again:

I met up with Steve Pegrum, to talk about the punk music scene in Essex in the 1970s and 1980s.

Many of the bands were very well known back in the day when they were gigging constantly at venues all over Essex including Brentwood’s Hermit Club. Some of the bands, such as the Vicars, featuring a pre-Yazoo Alison Moyet, are very rarely played on the radio and it’s very likely that some of these songs are getting their first ever radio play, over 25 years after they were put down on vinyl!

Steve is the creator of which features information not just from Southend but from all over the county. The website has a wealth of information about all of the bands that were around between 1976 and 1986 and it’s growing all the time as people email in their photos and memories of that era.


Dr Feelgood – Roxette
Eddie and the Hot Rods – Do Anything You Want To
The Damned – New Rose
Machines – True Life
Machines – You Better Hear
Psychopaths – Drugs
Idiot – Ging Gang Gooley
The Vicars – I’m Going Mad
Speedball – No Survivors
The Sinyx – The Plague
Bleeding Pyles – Receiver Deceiver
The Convicted – Runaway
Kronstadt Uprising – Blind People
The Prey – Sleepless Nights
Kronstadt Uprising – Stay Free

(Here’s a screengrab of the original article, still up on the website!)