Friday Night Extra 1.9. 17 Total eclipse

It was great to be back on Phoenix tonight. Jonty was back as well.  In the second hour we did a special feature on the Box Tops. This band from Memphis are part of the Happy Together tour, playing over 40 dates in the USA. This features a number of 60s acts, I was lucky enough to see them in Nashville. I felt the Box Tops, who closed the first half, were the best act. We learnt tonight that with 69 singles chart entries, the Shadows are the third most successful band in UK pop history. Ist is Elvis. 2nd is Cliff Richard.  Who would have thought it?

Tonight’s playlist

Booker T & MGs – Crazy – Show theme

Ward Thomas – When its not me

Brenda Russell – Walking in New York

Sting – Desert Rose

Shakatak – Down on the street – for Rene, who is a big fan

The Shadows – Apache – for Phyl.

Glen Campbell – By the time I get to Phoenix _ Jonty said the words of the title were virtually the last words he said before he left the house tonight.

The Four Tops – Its the same old song

The Foundations – Build me up buttercup

Clare Teal – Chasing cars

Bonnie Tyler – Total eclipse of the heart – for Sue and Leonard and family who I was blessed to be with near Nashville to see the total eclipse.

Beach Boys – Do it again – we will do the watching of the total eclipse again in seven years time, God willing.

Booker T & the MGs – Soul limbo – John e-mailed in and said he recognised the theme from Test Match Special and expected us to talk about cake. We didn’t!

Pentatonix – Somewhere over the rainbow

Kraftwerk – The model – requested by Patrick

The Box Tops – The letter

The Box Tops – Neon rainbow

The Box Tops – Soul deep

Natalie Grant – Clean

Carole King Musical recording – It might as well rain until September

The Crystals – Da do ron ron – We sang along in the studio

Toto – Rosanna

Michael Buble – Everything

The Temptations – Just my imagination – for John, listening to the whole show whilst decorating a kitchen…on Friday evening  !?!

Imagination – Just an illusion – for Jonty’s mum and all the family, listening at home

Michel Jackson – Human nature – for Jonty who has just been given an original vinyl copy of the album.

George Martin – Theme 1

Join us next week, when my studio guest is Moira O’Regan, who will be telling us about a dance festival she is organising for the whole family in Hylands Park.



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