Midway Still – this is how it ends?

Described by the NME – a real, influential part of the UK music press at that time – as “Britain’s answer to Nirvana”, Midway Still burst onto the music scene in the early 1990s, recording a Peel session on Radio 1 soon after they formed. They even had Radiohead as a support band!


The band released two albums at that time – Dial Square and Life’s Too Long but then split around 1994. After a long hiatus they got back together in 2010 and recorded three more studio albums – Note To Self, Always Ends and Go Team No Help.

They also recorded one of my favourite Phoenix FM sessions in 2012 when they took part in our annual Creative Sessions at the Brentwood Centre. At 10.50 in the morning!!

The band recently announced they had played their final UK gig at the end of 2016, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to play with the Sensless Things at their Hull warm up on Sunday. That struck a chord with me as I’d seen the two bands play together in 1991. I still have the T shirt!

Paul and Russell spoke to me about the gig and their thoughts on the band’s future. You can hear it again here:


(BTW, if you didn’t know, “This Is How It Ends” is one of their songs. Go to your record shop and buy it).