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Author Peter Jones – funny, witty, sad, dating, uplifting Interview

peter jones 2

(Peter Jones & Michelle Ward with “yuuuuful” glow provided by photo editing).

Long time no see Mr Jones! Great to have best-selling author, Peter Jones, back on the show. Besides writing loads of self help books, Peter is also a regular on the public speaking circuit bringing his humour, energy and engaging talks to audiences all over the country.  Peter has now moved back to his true love, fiction! So with this brand new book in his hand My Girlfriend’s Perfect Ex-Boyfriend we talked about his latest work (which is that book I just mentioned about a second ago).

INTERVIEW WITH PETER (including dating tips, stalking Facebook and the new book).


Adrian Turner, Mountaineer, Secret Agent, Fireman… Ade would dearly like to be any of these things, though he’d trade them all to win the heart of feisty Public Relations Executive, Paige.

Instead, he’s a disillusioned school teacher, on suspension, after an unfortunate incident with a heavy piece of computer equipment. And somebody’s foot.

And Paige? Despite being his girlfriend for the past eighteen months, she still seems to have one foot out of the door and hasn’t quite committed to leaving a toothbrush in the bathroom.

Of course, it doesn’t help that she’s working with her ex-boyfriend, Sebastian. A man who in almost every way imaginable is better, taller, wealthier, hairier, and infinitely more successful than Ade.

Is Paige still in love with Sebastian? Why then did she suggest they get away for a few days? Some place romantic…

But when Adrian finds himself in Slovenia – with Sebastian in the room down the hall as he realises there’ serious possibility that he’s in danger of losing his job, his mind, and the woman he loves…

All books available via Amazon

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Show 3 – Jenny Essex talks Misotherapy Micro Needling, Rosacea & Bum Lifts!


Joined in the studio by Jenny Essex who is a Responsible/Ethical Aesthetics/Beauty/Brand Journalist/Writer/Blogger and part of Netmums bloggers network. Making mums feel good about themselves without the guilt.

This month we talked about a variety of different aesthetics treatments misotherapy micro needling, treatments for rosacea, WOW facial and a soon to be had, Bum Lift!


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Brain Tumour Charity – Interview with Singer/Songwriter Dee Hepburn & Fundraiser Claire Howell

dee hepburn

Always a pleasure to have Dee Hepburn (formerly Hunter) in the studio. Dee is a very talented singer/songwriter/pianist/producer from Essex. Her original material is beautifully crafted and today we got to hear two more of her tracks from an album (yet untitled) which is due out towards Christmas.

Joining Dee today was Claire Howell Community Fundraiser for The Brain Tumour Charity.

A very inspiring interview with two girls who bring joy to others through music and positivity.

Would you believe there is 500 million pounds spent on Cancer Research in the UK every year but less than 2% is spent on brain cancer. The Brain Tumour Charity is run on donations and they rely on fundraising.

If you would like to get involved look at their website or this year, order your Christmas cards via their website. Give a little to help a lot x



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Jane Merrigan & Katy Chelcowska from St Francis Hospice talk Hospice Care Week & Carly’s Story


Joined in the studio by Jane Merrigan and Katy Chelcowska from St Francis Hospice to talk about HOSPICE CARE WEEK along with Carly’s Story


Twitter @SFHUK

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Do you or someone you know have Epilepsy? Near to Brentwood? Read more…


Joined in the studio by Nigel Bennett from Epilepsy Action.

On Thursday 12th October Epilepsy Action will be at The Baytree Centre Café (Brentwood) for their first drop-in event from 10am to 12pm. The monthly session is an opportunity for people affected by epilepsy to come together in an informal setting to support each other and share experiences.





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James Benardout plays live

james b

Fantastic live performance from my musical guest James Benardout. James is a singer/songwriter and one hell of a guitarist. Born in London he travels with his guitar singing his songs.

You can fall in love with James and his songs, definitely one to watch, an amazing talent. His album will be out next year and when it is he will be back to Phoenix FM to promote it!


Interview Part One 


Interview Part Two Plus live Performance of Tiny Heart 



Live Performance of Here & Now 

Live Performance of Never Enough 



WP_20170926_11_23_14_Rich (2)

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Leigh Luscious – WOOPDEDOOP! New album.


Joined in the studio by Phoenix FM regular Leigh Luscious, local Dagenham girl, singer, songwriter, with two books under her belt, gigs all over London and energy levels you wouldn’t believe.

I have been playing Love is Forever, which is from Leigh’s Album WOOPDEDOOP, for ages (should of said forever). Its a brilliant track with a nod back to the 60’s. Catchy hook of a chorus too.


INTERVIEW PLUS tracks Love is Forever, VIP & The Hunger Live Version of Girlfriend  



Album is rather rude in places, so PARENT ADVISORY or over 18s.


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Essex Air Ambulance

On Thursday 14th September, I sat in for Michelle on the show and the main topic of conversation was the Essex Air Ambulance as it was their National Air Ambulance Week.

I was lucky enough to spend 2 days up at Anglia Flight Centres in Earls Colne, the home of the helicopter – The staff and crew were extremely generous with their time and not only did I get to speak to one of its pilots and critical-care doctors, but a few “up-close” pictures of the re-painted aircraft were also possible.

Essex Air AmbulanceThey typically fly 3-4 missions per day during daylight hours and its cruising speed of 150mph places it just not just minutes away from reaching an emergency, but being able to quickly transport patients to hospital.

One of the pilots on duty that day was Daniel Vickers who explained a bit about his background and what goes on during a shift.

The air ambulance is crewed by a paramedic and a critical-care doctor – and Dr Simon Keane was kind enough to explain how he got into his role and how this life-saving service is not part of the NHS but relies on generous donations to keep it flying.

The £6.5m MD902 helicopter, its crew and support staff are reliant on donations in excess of £400,000 per month, so if you have a great idea for a fundraising event, help and publicity materials are available here.

Earls Colne Airfield - panoramic viewA rather splendid panoramic image of the airfield at Earls Colne – Air Ambulance, hangars, planes and lots of grass!

The location is a plane-spotters paradise: It’s a working airfield, home of a popular flying school and aircraft hire facility as well as housing the fast-response vehicle for when the helicopter is out of service, eg: poor weather/visibility.

Amateur Radio and Helicopters?
Helping to raise awareness for the Air Ambulance were a group of Amateur Radio enthusiasts from “Essex Ham“.  Each year, an internationally co-ordinated event takes place which encourages radio operators to contact each other and make their local helicopter emergency service known.

I spoke with Pete Sipple, callsign M0PSX, about how this event is put together and what kind of radio signals are being received.

Here are 2 of the medial staff getting to grips with the Amateur Radio equipment – with me supervising!

Air Ambulance Crew at Earls Colne

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All plain sailing – well sometimes!

I was once more privileged to find myself deputising for the one and only Michelle Ward.

Today I was joined by local authoress, Shirley Baker who together with her husband Paul, spends a fair amount of her leisure time sailing around the Essex coast.


Shirley has been persuaded to put her experiences down in print and her book, AEOLUS RULER OF THE WINDS is the result.

You can listen again to what Shirley told me today by clicking on the link below: –


As we did last week, when I was on this show, we had a look at some more Darwin award winners.

Darwin Awards

Both our winners this week involved people falling by the wayside.

Because of the tiresome problem of tourists courting disaster, the more treacherous overlooks in the Grand Canyon are protected by fences and signs.

All of these overlooks are spectacular.

Some have towering columns, some have small plateaus that tourists toss coins onto, like dry wishing wells.

Make a wish!

One entrepreneur wished for financial success. And there in front of him was a means to an end.

He had a brilliant, obvious, idea. No stranger to danger, the man climbed over the fence with a bag, leapt to one of the precarious, coin-covered perches, and filled the bag with booty.

Harvest time!

But. When he tried to leap back to the safe side, he went head to head with physics. 

Our entrepreneur had increased his mass, and the force required to lift himself against the pull of gravity was now greater.

The heavy bag of coins arrested his jump, and the birds were treated to a view of his long plunge to the valley floor below, followed by a shower of coins. Brilliant idea with a fatal flaw in the execution.

The second award today went to an unfortunate mountaineer.

In the late fall and early winter months, snow-covered mountains become infested with hunters.

One ambitious pair climbed high up a mountain in search of their quarry. The trail crossed a small glacier that had crusted over. The lead hunter had to stomp a foot-hold in the snow, one step at a time, in order to cross the glacier.

Somewhere near the middle of the glacier, his next stomp hit not snow but a rock. The lead hunter lost his footing and fell. Down the crusty glacier he zipped, off the edge and out of sight.

Unable to help, his companion watched him slide away. After a while, he shouted out, “Are you OK?”

“Yes!” came the answer.

Reasoning that it was a quick way off the glacier, the second hunter plopped down and accelerated down the ice, following his friend. There, just over the edge of the glacier, was his friend…holding onto the top of a tree that barely protruded from the snow.

There were no other treetops nearby, nothing to grab, nothing but a hundred-foot drop onto the rocks below. As the second hunter shot past the first, he uttered his final epitaph: a single word, which we may not utter lest our mothers soap our mouths.

On that note I shall take my leave of you.

See you again soon,

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Peter Livingstone talks about Remap

Remap is an amazing charity which designs and makes, or adapts, equipment for people with disabilities if it not commercially available.
Peter Livingstone from Remap joined me today to tell us about the great work they do.

Peter Livingstone

Peter Livingstone

You can listen to our chat here –

Here are some examples of the work Peter and his team have done.

2012 Paralympics aids for competitors

2012 Paralympics aids for competitors


Pushchair linked to wheelchair

Pushchair linked to wheelchair








remap07 remap09 remap10 remap15 remap28


If you would like to get involved in helping Remap to help people with a disability, Peter and the team would love to hear from you.

E-mail:, or

Peter Livingstone (01621 855354)

Remap’s website is here


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