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Stand Together with Choirs with Purpose


Joined in the studio by Anita McCarthy and Jane Keane from St Francis Hospice who came in to talk about CHOIRS WITH PURPOSE. The album, STAND TOGETHER is released on Friday 15th December and has 13 beautiful songs featuring hospice choirs from all over the UK.

Available from Amazon, Itunes and Aldi price £8.99 depending on the retailer. All proceeds go towards

Last year they were part of the London Hospices choir and made it to No.1 in the physical sales charts for three weeks with their take on the Mike and the Mechanics hit The Living Years.

This time members of our choir have joined forces with choirs from across the UK to create ‘Stand Together’ – a charity album to inspire & heal.

One of the singles (a remake of the Paul McCartney hit We All Stand Together) was released on Friday, November 24th and includes the 1,400 people involved in the project!

Anita and Jane tell us more


Keeping safe for Christmas

Paul Salmon

Joined in the studio by Paul Salmon of Elan Fire and Security Group who came in to talk about how to keep your home secure this Christmas.

With home alarms starting from an incredible £450.00.

Elan is an independent, family run business that has over 20 year’s experience in the electronic fire and security industry. Based in Essex and London, but with customers all over the UK, we pride ourselves on being an NSI / NACOSS Gold installer who offer an extensive range of services, and are always striving to be at the forefront of the Electronic Fire & Security market. Often we see and hear about people being burgled, sometimes it’s people we know.

However, we choose to ignore these warnings as “it will never happen to me!”. Unfortunately, life is not like that and the harsh reality is that you, your family your staff and your property are at risk, and you should be taking preventative actions to minimise the danger to them. We understand this, and with so much depending on a security system these days it is essential that you receive guidance from a security professional.

What is Aphantasia?


An interesting and informative interview with Alan Kendle who came in to discuss Aphantasia.

Alan’s book is out today on Amazon and all good book shops.



Aphantasia: Experiences, Perceptions, and Insights.


Close your eyes and picture a sunrise.

For the majority of people, the ability to visualize images such as a sunrise seems straightforward, and can be accomplished on demand. But, for potentially some 2% of the population, conjuring up an image in ones minds eye is not possible; attempts to visualize images just bring up darkness.

Although identified back in the 19th century, Aphantasia remained under the radar for more than a century, and it was not until recently that it has been rediscovered and re-examined. It has become clear that Aphantasia is a fascinating and often idiosyncratic condition, and typically more complex than the simple absence of an ability to visualize. People with the condition Aphants commonly report effects upon their abilities to recreate sounds, smells and touches as well; many also struggle with facial recognition. Paradoxically, many Aphants report that when they sleep, their dreams incorporate colour images, sound, and the other senses.

Put together by lead author Alan Kendle who discovered his Aphantasia in 2016 this title is a collection of insights from contributors across the world detailing their lives with the condition. It offers rich, diverse, and often amusing insights and experiences into Aphantasia’s effects. For anyone who wishes to understand this most intriguing condition better, the book provides a wonderful and succinct starting point.

GET THE JOB YOU ALWAYS DREAMED OF – Recruitment Specialist, Penny Hollington, tells us more (Part Two)



Joined in the studio by Penny Hollington from Hollington Associates. Hollington Associates is an independent specialist recruiter within the office support market, working with clients and candidates throughout Essex.

Each month Penny will be at Phoenix FM with practical tips to help you get that job! So, if you are a School leaver or looking to change jobs or going back into work after a break, Penny can help you.

Hollington Associates are based in Brentwood, resource support professionals at all levels.

On this months show Penny discusses:-

  • How to dress for an interview
  • How not to fill the conversational gap in an interview
  • School Leavers part time job pro’s and con’s
  • Local or London
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Technology


Hollington Associates support both clients and candidates through the recruitment process, taking the time to really understand what both parties are looking for, to ensure they get the right person for the right role every time.

With Hollington Associates it’s personal, we meet every client and candidate we work with.

With Hollington Associates it’s about building long term relationships, based on delivering a service that is honest, open and professional.

We offer…

  • A full recruitment service, finding the ideal candidate for the vacancy
  • Support during the recruitment process, to create a job specification, screen CV’s, conduct interviews, or assist at offer and pre-employment stage
  • CV advice and interview coaching for school leavers, graduates and experienced support professionals

Photograph of Penny by Carmel Jane Photography (Brentwood)

Thinking about a career in Plumbing? Free E-Book click here (1st – 5th December).


Joined in the studio by Sylvia Kent and this months Book Club Guest writer and editor, Carol Cannavan. 


Carol’s book A Career in Plumbing is on promotion e-book between 1st – 5th December and can be downloaded freely from this link.



Carol Cannavan worked as a journalist and editor in the plumbing and heating industry for over 18 years. She was the communications manager for the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) and edited the Institute’s journal, P&HE Magazine and ETM (Education & Training Matters), which goes out to plumbing lecturers.

She went on to work for SNG Publishing as the editor of HIP! Magazine and Sparks Magazine, which is distributed to plumbing students and electrotechnology students in colleges and training centres around the UK.

In her time spent working at the CIPHE, Carol was often interviewed on radio and appeared on the Richard and Judy TV show to talk about diversity in the industry.

Carol is a full member of the Society of Women Writers & Journalists (SWWJ) and is a Companion member of the CIPHE, the professional body for the plumbing and heating industry. Carol is currently the editor of the SWWJ publication The Woman Writer.



Sylvia contributes to national, regional magazines and on-line journals. Following her Freelance Writer of the Year award for Writing Magazine, she began work on FOLKLORE OF ESSEX which contributed to Channel s film COUNTY SECRETS. Sylvia’s book THE WOMAN WRITER, published by the History Press is sold @ the British Library. This history of the Society of Women Writers & Journalists dates from 1894 and includes pioneers who made their mark in journalism, literature & poetry. Sylvia celebrates the centenary of Joyce Grenfell, a former SWWJ president. A chapter is dedicated to Joyce who meanders throughout the book which was reviewed in The Times, other dailies & YouTube. Sylvia is Archivist. She work with several publishers including on-line specialists. Ebook titles are BRENTWOOD: HISTORIC TOWN & ST MARY MAGDALEN: BILLERICAY, both downloadable via Kindle. later books are kindlised. 2,000 articles are linked to Facebook, Twitter @sylviaakent & Suite 101. Film/audio clips now added.

Sylvia’s 10th book Barking & Dagenham From Old Photographs is selling well.


Show 4 – Jenny Essex talks Botox for headaches, Permanent Make Up Tattoos, bum lift results & more!

jenny essex

This month Jenny talked about her experiences with body contouring, skin care, permanent make up tattoos and the results of the bum lift!



Why is Brentwood the best place for Women to work?


Great to have Carmel Jane back in the studio to talk about photography and why Brentwood is the best place for women to work.




Carmel Jane Photography established over 10 years ago as dance photography specialists. Their combined years of knowledge and experience has also allowed them to expand the range of photographic services they offer. Their professional and friendly team of creative photographers take great pride in capturing your natural grace.

Carmel Jane Photography main aim is to capture expression, movement and style. They offer a professional yet vibrant and relaxed photography experience to cater to your needs. Their experience and expertise in capturing natural photos helps to portray the movement of dance and stage, and also produce professional head shots. This can all be captured at our very own custom built photography studio located in Essex.

To find out more about these services please explore our website and portfolio or contact us on 01277 822674.

About Carmel Jane

Perfect Blue Sky are back! LIVE peformance & Interview

WP_20171110_12_29_42_Moment (2)

Lovely to have Jane Kitto and Pna Andersson AKA Perfect Blue Sky back in the studio.

We last heard the guys in May and they are back on tour in the UK for the next week. For more details on venues and location

Another gusty performance with Jane’s incredible vocal range and guitar licks plus stunning guitar rifts from Pna as well as vocals.

There is a warmth and energy from Perfect Blue Sky that you cannot help but feel their good earthy vibes. Lot of love and spirituality in the room. Their album THE EYE OF TILOS is out now.






Dusty Wagons – In interview & superb live performance

dusty wagons one

Great to meet two of the Dusty Wagons, Daniel and Colin, who came in to talk about their music, the EP, SIGNS and to play live in the studio.

Definitely a band to see play live, their acoustic performance was stunning. Great tunes and very hooky.

INTERVIEW PLUS LIVE PERFORMANCE OF THAT LOVE & their brand new track MONSTER is out today and you can listen to the acoustic version here.



Inspired by acts such as Fleetwood Mac, Ryan Adams and Passenger, their songs possess a delicate and charming folk based sound with story driven lyrics.

Facebook @dustywagonsuk

Twitter @DustyWagonsUK

WP_20171109_11_52_28_Pro (2)WP_20171109_12_08_53_Pro (2)WP_20171109_12_09_00_Pro (2)




Daniel Lumley – Lead Vocal, Guitar

Ollie Hough – Lead Guitar, Keys

Colin Jennings – Bass, keys

Darryl Manning – Percussion

dusty wagons full band


The Teapot Challenge with Michelle, Phil and Nicci.


Joined by Billericay Street Pastor, Phil Norton and Hazle’s Pottery Barn’s, Nicci Swainbank to reveal who had won the “Teapot Challenge“.

The Challenge – 

We had five minutes to make a teapot out of clay with the help of the team at Hazle’s Pottery Barn. There is only so much help one can have before nature takes over and you produce the teapots shown above. We were against the timer!

Mine can hold an egg cup of water before it falls out the spout and Phil’s resembled something a gentleman might use when bedridden in hospital! Nicci’s was better but the teapot lid look liked someone had taken a bite out of it. Still, we all styled it out with our wonderful hand painted creations (all but Phil who painted the teapot blue and had someone else draw the design).

Laughter aside, Hazle’s raised over £350.00 for Billericay Street Pastors with a 12 hour pot-ta-thon.

Here Phil talks about the important work that Billericay Street Pastors do (all volunteers) and Nicci explains why a sense of community is so important.


Who won? I mean CLEARLY you can see just from the picture below???????????? (Its not the hat).


Michelle, Nicci & Phil’s Teapots (Phil had to get his hat in the picture for some reason).


short arse

Pictured. Phil Norton, Michelle Ward & Nicci Swainbank.

On showing my Mum the above picture….

Michelle “Mum this is a picture of Phil and Nicci, that’s  the teapot I made”

Mum “why are you sitting down”