Artist Feature: At Any Moment

We’ve been giving Letting Go, the new track from AT ANY MOMENT a lot of airplay recently – and I caught up with the band’s Dennis Lee to find out more about them.

So who are AT ANY MOMENT?

We’re an alternative/indie rock band from Detroit, Michigan. We’ve been a band for about 3 years but individually we all started at a very young age. We’re made up of 5 members: Dennis Lee on vocals, Kyle Clark on guitar, Nolan Turner on guitar, Hani Aljanbi on bass and Justen Longo on drums.

How did you all start your musical careers?

We all met in High School back in 2008. Justen and I were drummers in a jazz band, and Kyle was in another rock band I played with back then.

The interesting thing about our music is that we all come from different backgrounds and cultures and bring something different to each song which is why none of our songs sound the same. For example I grew up playing and singing in church, and also played jazz and R&B, so that soulful twang comes out in our music.

Justen grew up studying all kinds of music but specialized in jazz drumming and that shows with his abilities in writing some of our music and with his drum fills. Kyle grew up with a more classic rock vibe – Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and so on.

Kyle and his father would listen to classic rock for hours and then pick up their guitars and emulate what they heard to perfection. They’re the ones that introduced me to Led Zeppelin and it was awesome!

Both Nolan and Hani are a little more technical in that they took lessons to learn how to play – however they’re what I would consider experimental when it comes to the way they play. Mastering different chords, solo riffs, writing progressions – they continue to push the limits of what is considered “normal”.

Which artists did you listen to while growing up?

Some of the artists we grew up listening to cover a wide variety of genres. Earth Wind & Fire, Green Day, Fallout Boy, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, A Day to Remember, Chon, STP, Jay Z, Chaka Khan, Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat, Nas, Beyonce, Prince, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Wu Tang Clan, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Rick James, Anderson Paak, Mac Miller, Tina Turner, Tina Marie, Tyler The Creator, John Legend, Temptations, My Chemical Romance, Killswitch Engage, Kenny G, Lil Wayne, Eminem, 50 Cent, Led Zeppelin, Jamie Foxx … the list goes on and on.

So much great music and the music we listened to back then definitely had something to do with the musicians we are today.

Tell us a little bit about Letting Go?

It’s the title track of an EP we released September 2019. The song is about letting things go and moving on – in most cases people dwell in the past and hang on to negativity and let themselves be held back in life in a place of self pity.

Letting Go affirms that it’s a beautiful thing to forgive; forgive those who may have done you wrong in some way and, more importantly, forgive yourself. Each person’s situation is unique and it will touch peoples’ mind, body, and spirit in different ways.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

A dream collaboration would be if At Any Moment could do a song with Chon, Thudercat, and Anderson Paak!

What’s the best thing about being in At Any Moment?

The greatest thing about our band is our diversity and authenticity. Because we all come from different backgrounds and cultures and add different aspects to our music, no two of our songs sound the same so we cover a wide variety of genres.

We pour our heart and soul into everything we do and the emotion in our songs come from a real place. Our goal is to make you feel something when you listen and to relate to each and every one of our listeners on a personal level.

And because we have something to say in our music, we chose to pursue a career. The blood, sweat, and tears we put in our songs come from real emotion, real feelings, real situations and our authenticity shows in our music. We feel that our messages should be heard by everyone.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future are to continue to put out great music, continue to grow our fan base, continue to perfect our craft, tour the globe playing our music for millions of fans, and to turn that into a lucrative business.

We’re dreaming pretty big and we’re prepared to put in all the necessary work to make those dreams a reality. We are “At Any Moment” – thank you for your time!

The Letting Go EP is available now from all good online record stores and you can find out more about AT ANY MOMENT by visiting them on Instagram or YouTube.

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