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Want to speed up the traffic?

On today’s programme we heard about the man so fed up with traffic delays on his way to work that he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Noting that the route taken by his bus was always full of parked cars, whilst the left filter lane was always clear, he simply re-painted the road markings, thereby providing an additional straight-on lane. 

Road markings

Unfortunately for him, his activities were captured on surveillance cameras, resulting in his being fined the equivalent of £112.

The road his since been repainted so his efforts were all for nought.

Well I suppose you have to try!

Later in the programme Margaret Mills returned to tell us all about a renowned surgeon from Chelmsford in Georgian times – Dr Benjamin Pugh.

Listen again here to what Margaret told me:-

See you next time,

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More about service charges

On today’s programme I was joined once more by Brian Hughes, the consultant solicitor from Shenfield based solicitors, RAINER HUGHES.

Over the past couple of times Brian has joined me, he has been looking at questions relating to service charges and today, Brian took the issue one step further by looking into the “nuts and bolts” of what is clearly a very complex issue.

You can listen here to what Brian had to say on this subject today: –

Later in the show we heard about one man who could probably have done well to have had Brian at his side.

What had he done to need legal help?

Just posted a cheery “good morning” greeting on his FACEBOOK page. So what went wrong?

It's a good Morning from him!

Well unfortunately somehow FACEBOOK’s automatic translation software, interpreted the post in a way that alerted Israeli police to believe that he was about to commit a terrorist attack.

Mercifully after due investigation the man was released.

So with this item of good news, I’ll sign off for now.

See you again tomorrow,

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It’s party time!

And by golly we had a real party on today’s show as I was joined by three very attractive young ladies who together go by the name of THE ADELAIDES.


The ADELAIDES have been taking the world of country music by storm and are currently on tour supporting the singer and TV star, MEGAN McKENNA.

You can listen again here to what the girls had to say about the group, the current tour and their plans for the future: –

In the first hour of the show we heard about the AMAZON ELECTRA that left alone, got bored and decided to party on its own at full blast – but at 2 o’clock in the morning!

Party Time

Disgruntled neighbours called police, who unable to make themselves heard above the music, called a locksmith to break in.

They were naturally astonished to find that no one was at home and that the AMAZON ELECTRA was boogying away happily to itself.

The flat owner was equally bemused when he returned to find that he couldn’t get back inside and had to go to the police station to pick up new keys, where he was also presented with a bill from the locksmith.

Not knowing how to get recompense for the cost of a new lock, he turned to ALEXA for the answer, only to be rewarded by the somewhat unhelpful response, “Unfortunately, I have not found an answer to that question”

The good news is that subsequently an AMAZON spokesperson confirmed that although the device had been found to be working flawlessly, they had offered the customer to cover the cost of the incident.

Well at least there was a happy ending this time around.

See you next week,


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Just another manic Monday!

On today’s show we heard all about the man who wanted to ensure that his final selfie would be a real blast – and it was.

He took it alongside a hand grenade from which he had removed the pin!

Nevertheless our hero managed to post the picture he’d taken to his friends just before the inevitable detonation.

hand grenade selfie

Police believe that for some reason the man thought that the grenade would not explode unless he actually threw it.

Well at least he’ll know better next time.   

We also revelled in the story of the 8 donkeys arrested and thrown into jail for theft.

jailed donkeys

Yes, it’s all true.

It seems that they had munched their way through £6000 worth of plants that were intended for planting inside the jail in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

See you again tomorrow,

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Are driverless vehicles really the future of transport?

This photo by KVVU reporter Kathleen Jacob shows a driverless shuttle bus after it collided with a big rig in Las Vegas Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017, less than two hours after the automated ride service was launched. Police say no injuries were reported. It's not yet clear what caused the wreck. (Kathleen Jacob/KVVU-TV via AP)

There’s been a lot in the news lately about driverless vehicles, but knowing how easily computers can be hacked, I have to say the whole idea makes me more than a little uneasy.

I’m not sure that I am reassured by the news that the new driverless shuttle, just introduced in a blaze of publicity in Las Vegas, was involved in a crash less than 2 hours after the official launch party and unveiling ceremony.

Before the crash dozens of people had queued up for the free journey into downtown Las Vegas.

The bus, which can hold up to 12 passengers, has an attendant and computer monitor but no steering wheel or brake pedals.

It uses GPS and electronic kerb sensors to navigate the roads.

To be fair the crash was was not the result of any technical fault but was due to a lorry reversing into the bus.

Indeed the shuttle stopped when it sensed the lorry was approaching but the lorry just kept on coming.

Mercifully there were no injuries and the shuttle was able to complete 2 more circuits after the accident. 

Being a Tuesday, Margaret Mills joined me with news of an amazing 19th century woman, Clarissa Bramston and her incredible sketchbook.

If you missed it just click on the link below to hear what Margaret told me: –

See you again next week,

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A real popularity contest


Russian-armored-personnel-carriersWe hear a lot about alleged Russian interference in western elections but news has just emerged about what you need to do if you want to stand for a governor’s position in Russia – and it’s truly bizarre.

Seemingly President Putin just had a clear out of old governors to make way for new blood as it seems he wants to ensure that vigorous loyalists are in place to pave the way for smooth presidential elections in March.

But anyone thinking of applying might want to think carefully as two hopefuls have just revealed that they were expected to lie down as armoured personnel carriers were driven over them!

They also had to make parachute jumps, throw hand grenades, and fire pistols and automatic weapons.

Three of the candidates pulled out after the parachute jumps with leg injuries, and another with a bad back. Apparently the jumps were designed for guys weighing 60-70 kg, but some participants weighed in at 100 kg (16 stone).

So if the Russians really are trying to interfere with elections in the west, perhaps they could have arranged for “THE DONALD” to have been driven over by an armoured personnel carrier and chucked out of an aircraft.

Now that would really have been something!

Meanwhile from India comes news of the woman who caused uproar on a plane after she unlocked her husband’s phone, by using his thumbprint whilst he slept and discovered he was having an affair.

Phone thumbprint 

The ensuing fracas caused the plane to have to make an emergency landing as even the efforts of all the flight attendants failed to subdue her from kicking and punching her other half.

The winner of that popularity contest has yet to be revealed.

See you again tomorrow,

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More explosive vegetables!

Yesterday we told you about the award-winning vegetable grower who was raided by the security services as a result of his bulk purchases of fertilizer and other materials.

Today the boot was on the other foot as we had news of an 81-year old German man who thought he’d unearthed a World War II bomb in his garden.

giant corgette

But instead of an unexploded device, bomb disposal officers who had evacuated the area surrounding the 81-year old’s property, discovered that the suspect ordinance was in fact a particularly large courgette, which measured around 40 cm in length and weighed in at around 5kg.

Being a Tuesday, Margaret Mills joined me today to discuss a terrible railway accident which occurred close to Seven Arches Bridge on 19th September 1850.

Listen again here to what Margaret told me today: –

See you again next week,

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The September 1850 Railway accident at Seven Arches Bridge, Brentwood

seven_arches_brentwoodToday’s Bygones feature, looked back to the terrible railway accident which occurred close to Seven Arches Bridge, near Brentwood on 19th September 1850.

Listen again here to what Margaret had to say on this subject today: –

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