A real tearaway!

Geneva AirportToday we reported on the 7-year old girl who managed to board the one-stop train from the centre of Geneva to the local airport, where she succeeded in boarding an EasyJet flight to Ajaccio in France.

Apparently she gave her father the slip whilst they were walking round the centre of Geneva where she boarded the train link to the airport.

Her first attempt to board an aircraft was foiled when she attempted to follow airline crew for an Air France flight.

But unfazed by this initial setback, although unaccompanied and having no tickets or passport, she made it through security to the departure lounge, where she successfully bypassed the usual path through the departure gate by slipping into a passage accessible only to a child of her size and boarded an EasyJet flight to Corsica where took a seat unchallenged on the aircraft.

You might think that the authorities might be feeling a bit contrite over the apparent failure of security measures – but not a bit of it!

Whilst describing the incident as “extremely regrettable”, an official said that passport control was not obligatory in the European Schengen area, and that the girl had gone through security checks by “taking advantage of her small size” and had apparently managed to give the impression she was with adults who were passing [the checks] in front or behind her!

So there you have it.

It was not our fault!

In the second hour of today’s show I was joined once more by Margaret Mills who provided us with a look at the history of Gilwell Park, near Ongar which is currently home to the Scout Movement.

Gilwell Park !

Listen again here to what Margaret told me today: –

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