MJ Hibbett: Twenty Golden GRATES

We don’t normally plonk up press releases on this website, but, you know, MJ Hibbett. I dare you not to smile …


Picture “borrowed” from Bandcamp

Today MJ Hibbett & The Validators are proud to unleash an old-fashioned thing in a dead moden way, for LO! their long-awaited greatest hits album Twenty Golden GRATES is now available for free as a Spotify Playlist.

‘We’re playing some festivals this summer,’ says drummer Tim Pattison, ‘and realised that there would be people there getting drunk entirely legally who hadn’t even been born when we released our first single, so made this for them as an introduction to our music.’

MJ Hibbett added, ‘Hopefully if enough Young People get to like us one of them will come round and show me how to reset the clock on the cooker. I just can’t work it out.’

The playlist features the the world’s first ever download single (‘Hey Hey 16K’), the last song ever played on Steve Lamacq’s Evening Session (‘The Lesson Of The Smiths’), the hold music at Bristol Science Centre (‘A Little Bit’) and many more. It’s available right now, right here: