Interview and session with Mick Squalor from Dingus Khan


Listen to the whole thing again (interview and session starts at 35:46)

It was great to welcome Dingus Khan frontman Mick Squalor to the studio today. We had a chat about what the band are up to and Mick played a few songs live in the studio – Milk Of Every Mammal, Camber Sands and Bits Of Metal which should all be ending up on Dingus Khan’s second album at some point in the future. But if you can’t wait for that you can watch the session tracks again below:

He also demonstrated his other skill as photo scenario creator with his brother and dad, who were also visiting to provide applause and moral encouragement. In fact, looking back at the photos, I’m not quite sure what happened.


You can keep up to date with the band’s tour schedule by visiting their official website – or just keep listening to us, as we’re sure we’ll get them all in sooner or later!