Playlist for 13 June 2013 (AOTW: Is Tropical – I’m Leaving)

Tonight’s album of the week is from Is Tropical – I’m Leaving

This is a band that was completely off my radar until I found their Mongolia adventure video on Youtube. Good to see they had as good a time as I did when I went there last month. (And I mean that!)

Of course we also had the excellent MJ Hibbett and Carsmile Steve in session and you can see more about that here.

Tonight’s playlist –

Public Service Breoadcasting – Theme From PSB
Is Tropical – Dancing Anymore
Apu And The Dentist – No Messages For Rumi
Toy and Natasha Khan – The Bride
Beck – Defriended
Trophy Wife – Like No Other

In session:

MJ Hibbett and Carsmile Steve – Get Over It
MJ Hibbett and Carsmile Steve – I’m So Much Cleverer Than You
MJ Hibbett and Carsmile Steve – I Want The World To Stop

Haiku Salut – Sounds Like There’s A Pacman Crunching Away At Your Heart
Dropper’s Neck – Darker Waters
Desperate Journalist – Cristina
Good Natured – Lovers
Is Tropical – Lover’s Cave
Muse – Panic Station
Limbic Void – Stay Strong
Bleech – Not Like You
Echobelly – Falling Flame (Phoenix FM session)
History Of Apple Pie – The Warrior
Jagwar Ma – Exercise
Light Light – Kilo
Taffy – Snowberry
Omelettes – Perfect Wave
Universal Disappointment Sponge – No One’s Listening (Phoenix FM Creative Session)
Is Tropical – Toulouse
Velvet Two Stripes – She’s On Fire