Curveballs 2nd May 2018 (with StackFest organisers Joe & James)

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Tonight I was joined in the studio by Joe Blamey & James Clarke from StackFest, a new music event in Canvey Island. You may recognise the pair from their previous roles as drummer and guitarist in Curveballs regulars The Ends, and since then they’ve moved into putting on their own events with the regular Straight Razor gigs, which has culminated in the new StackFest event at Canvey’s Haystack Pub in the first weekend of May with a great line-up of local bands, some of which we heard tonight. Head to the Straight Razor website to find out more!

Terrorvision – Perseverance

Sleeper – She’s a Good Girl

The Eels – Mr E’s Beautiful Blues

Courts – Tonight

Natalia Marrokin – Go Down & Go Down

Lazy Habits featuring Miss Baby Sol – Crossing

Darrah – Another

Alba Plano – Out There



The Lucky Strikes – The Fight

The Trusted – Boy

Dave Woodcock – Same Things

Doojip – Would I Lie to You?


The Silver Bayonets – Fake

Young Machetes – Just Happening

The Timlins – I’m Not Ambivalent. But…

Bob Collum & the Welfare Mothers – Knockdown Dragout

Arfur Doo & the Toerags – Kid on the Mountain

White Raven Down – Take Me

Lady Grey & the Earls – Juxtapose

The Bluetones – The Fountainhead

The Mighty Fallen – Freaky Thing

Carousel – My Father’s Son

Hemmingway – Fluid Like Water

The Foreign Exchange – So What If It Is?

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