Playlist for 14 March 2013 (AOTW: Suede – Bloodsports)

Jensen Code – Flight To London
David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
Decade In Exile – Patti’s Town
Suede – Barriers
Dumb – Dive
E-Jitz – Def Con Wan
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer – Event Horizon
Art Brut – Arizona Bay
Everything Everything – Kemosabe
Suede – Snowblind
Muse – Time Is Running Out
I Plead Irony – Now Or Never
Blindness – Last One Dies
British Sea Power – Machineries Of Joy (radio edit)
My Bloody Valentine – New You
Brothergang – Glove
Sonic Wah – Is This The Day
Plantman – Lunaria
Victories – Come For Me
Dutch Uncles – Fester
History Of Apple Pie – Mallory
Republica – Christiana Obey
Perhaps Contraption – Breathe Your Breath
Eva On The Western Castle Island – Shaolin Punk
Lavers – I’ve Been Waiting For You
Suede – For The Strangers
Universal Disappointment Sponge – Poor Dave
Pre New – The CCC#2 (presenting Public Service Broadcasting Wide Screen PreMix)
They Might Be Giants – Icky
Whackatronix – Numan 60