Flirting…it’s complicated.

Flanter, flirty banter, straight up flirting – which is it?!

Flirting shouldn’t be so complicated, we all do it right? However, some of us don’t know how to flirt or on the rare occasion are so confident in our flirting ability that we…well, screw it up.

In our chat today we discussed our disastrous flirting experiences, the experiences other people have had and most importantly – what we think is the best method of flirting.

In our chat, we came up with the following bullets points:

  • Relax – the more pressure you put on yourself to be a “good” flirt, the more awkward you actually appear.
  • Smile – most people love a person with a great smile. Dazzle away!
  • Be friendly – the whole brooding thing doesn’t actually work that well, you just seem moody. Friendliness is much more effective.
  • Be yourself – there’s no point in trying behave in a certain way that isn’t you when it won’t last.
  • Don’t be creepy – staring at someone from across the room for an hour without blinking, staring at boobs etc…just don’t do it!
  • Offer them a drink – if you buy a drink for yourself when you’re talking to them without even offering…it’s not a good look.
  • Learn to take rejection – it’s not personal, people like what/who they like. If you kick off in the face of rejection you just look like an idiot.
  • Make them laugh – laughter is one of the number one things people list as a tick in their box. So show them your sense of humor!
  • Pay attention – don’t be eyeing up other people when you’re trying to flirt with someone!! Listen to them and pay attention.
  • Be brave – just go and say hi! What have you got to lose?? Nothing!

Happy flirting!!!

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