Movie Review with Mark Searby

On the Drive show every Friday at 3:30, we invite Mark Searby, our popcorn-hating, Pacino-loving movie guru into the studio to talk film choices for the weekend…

Cinema :
The Incredibles 2 – Is the sequel to one of Pixar’s greatest films worth seeing?
Marrowbone – A mysterious thriller with a horror edge about a group of teenagers living in a spooky house.

Blu-ray/DVD :
Dark Crimes – Jim Carrey goes very dark in this neo-noir crime film.
Red Sparrow – Jennifer Lawrence joins the Russian intelligence school to infiltrate the CIA.
Genesis – A post-apocalyptic story about developing an android that can help humans in a pollution filled world – filmed locally at the Kelvedon Hatch “Secret” Nuclear Bunker!

Bonus Chatter
We also spoke about The Long Goodbye which is being screen locally by the Brentwood Arts Cinema Club on Sunday evening. [see our events guide for details]

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