A Week on Drive by Charlie

Another week has gone, so it’s time to add some audio to the Best/Worst shelf of the Phoenix FM archives!  Monday to Friday, 3-6pm sees all the sensible and important stuff like news, travel and local events, guests plus the film review with Mark Searby – and then we have this lot which has its own category…

Let’s start the show!

The new Alonestar track makes Apache Indian sound gangsta, but haven’t we heard it somewhere before?

What’s that music? Oh, it’s Freeze Frame!

I always get the airport-patdown – I just have one of those faces 🙂

We need a bit of music that’s sun-kissed and exotic…

Rita Ora sounds like she needs a wee…

I may have had a bit too much coffee!

Do you remember Tandy?

What to do if Karin Ridgers is late (again) ???

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About Charlie Davy

I started off where many young radio upstarts begin - Hospital Radio. I kept my hand in presenting on and off professionally over the years but found that the technical side appealed more to me. I originally got involved with Phoenix FM just after the full-time licence was granted in 2007, presenting Drive and then coming back (on more than one occasion!) for more. Somebody must like me as I'm now back doing the Drive show once again a decade later!