Brentwood Business Awards – Ian Marshall

As part of Phoenix FM’s support of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce 2018 Brentwood Business Awards, representatives from sponsoring organisations will be appearing on shows over the coming weeks to explain their reasons for supporting the event and their category of award.

Today’s guest was Ian Marshall from Spargo Hairdressing who are sponsoring the Sales and Marketing Award.

Ian explained their reasons for supporting the event, this award in particular and explained a bit about what is being looked-for in deciding a winner.  We also spoke about music in the salon (“Phoenix FM, we hope!”), plus the Spargoland initiative, a way of giving something back to the local community.

Ian in the Phoenix FM studio…
Ian Marshall Spargo

Spargo Hairdressing are based on Weald Road and has been in the town for over 10 years.  Their salon boasts a minimilistic look, and their Spargoland Charity is Ian’s way of giving something back to the local community by catering for both adults and children with any form of disability.

More Information
Entrants can be from organisations based in, or doing business in, the Borough of Brentwood.  It’s FREE to enter and you can enter multiple categories.  Details can be found on the 2018 Brentwood Business Awards website and why not keep up to date via the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce on Twitter.

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