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Curveballs 7th March 2018 (with The Mighty Fallen)

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Tonight I was joined in the studio by The Mighty Fallen, just ahead of their latest gig at Soho’s St Moritz Club. They first joined us last August having just released their debut album, Artificial Ignorance, and have been regulars on the local gig scene since. They can next be seen live at The Islington on March 30th (Good Friday, no less!) with more gigs to come, including Zigfrid von Underbelly in Hoxton on May 9th – stay tuned to their social media and for more news!

Click above to listen back to the interview and see them playing live in the studio below!

Bubblies – Oscar

Cube – Get Out

The Age of LUNA – Coco

Rachel Bloom – I Don’t Care About Award Shows

Django Django – Champagne

Dartz! – Cold Holidays

Minus the Bear – Give & Take

The Mighty Fallen – Virtual Machine



The Mighty Fallen – Freaky Thing (live in session)

Fleetwood Mac – Big Love

Arctic Monkeys – The View from the Afternoon

The Mighty Fallen – Golden Paper (live in session)

Radiohead – Karma Police

The Mighty Fallen – Circles (live in session)

Audioslave – Gasoline


Amplifier – Kosmos (Grooves of Triumph)

Cardinal Kid – Bad Man

No Braver – Regression

Arcaves – Don’t You Love the Rain

Helen Connelly – Garden of Kisses

Juliet Roberts – Caught in the Middle

Curveballs 28th February 2018

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Hope this finds you all well and staying warm! (Yes, even if you’re living somewhere with no snow, keeping warm is kinda important…) Slightly shorter show than usual this week, but we’ll be back to the normal length next week.

Blood Red Shoes – Cold

Minus the Bear – Ice Monster

Freeze the Atlantic – Annotate My Fate

Mr Happy Chainsaw – Standing There

Hemmingway – Fluid Like Water

BaVard – Young & Restless

Carousel – Throw Me to the Wolves

Jamie Lenman – Hardbeat

The Mighty Fallen – Virtual Machine

Whoremoan – Killer Gorilla

The Recoupes – All I Know

The Silver Bayonets – Fake

The Invaders – Windows

Dishy Tangent – Monster

Jacksonswarehouse – Right Here Right Now

Lady Grey & the Earls – Flowers

The Foreign Exchange – So What If It Is

Night Driving in Small Towns – February

Curveballs 21st February 2018

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Mansun – Stripper Vicar

To Kill A King – No More Love Songs

Blur – Sunday Sunday

Rachel Bloom – I Don’t Care About Award Shows

Youth Club – The Man That I Am

Kings & Castles – Friday Nights

The Silver Bayonets – Fake

Filthy Militia – Little Sister

Ricky Murray – Not Now (Busy)

Django Django (featuring Self Esteem) – Surface to Air

Carmen Toth – Signs of Life

Moss Kena – Square One

The Waterfalls – She’ll Never Know

Elliot Porter – Lanes

Bavard – Those Days

Mr Happy Chainsaw – Charlie

Katy Forkings – Creatively (Studio 6 Session)

Victories – Mandy Machine

SKUFT – Laughing in the Dark

Jamie Lenman – All of England is a City

Danny McMahon – Hide Away

Russell & the Wolf Choir – The Constant

A – Pacific Ocean Blue

Al Stewart – Year of the Cat

Portrait – Problems

Ruffneck featuring Yavahn – Everybody Be Somebody

Bavard – Young & Restless

Curveballs 14th February 2018 (Vaguely Valentine’s Special)

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Saint Valentine himself wasn’t a particularly romantic chap. The lovey-dovey element has more to do with how it was believed birds would start to mate on the 14th. And for us here on Curveballs, it was a good opportunity to play a few under-appreciated love-themed tracks from the local scene and beyond, plus news of a few upcoming gigs for a date night! (While still enjoyable by yourself too!)

Black Keys – Have Love, Will Travel

Mansun – Mansun’s Only Love Song

Suzanne Vega – Night Moves

Wolf Alice – Freazy

Lady Grey & the Earls – Love Me & Leave Me

Courts – Feel My Love

Youth Club – People

Abandon Alex – Perfect You

Jack Off Jill – My Cat

Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra – Cats & Chickens

Jodie Abacus – She’s In Love with the Weekend

Optional Rubber Duck – Girl at the Movies

Thundercat – Without You

Sonic Boom Six – Love

The Foreign Exchange (featuring Tamisha Waden) – Truce

Shawn Lee – Happiness

Sabiba – One More Chance

Lee Bowers – Love & Hate

Koray – Whisper in the Wind (Phoenix FM Session)

Different People – Best Before / Used By

The Recoupes – All I Know

Fyresky – Red Velvet Rope

Katy Forkings – Find My Feet

Minerva Falls – Devil

Mr Happy Chainsaw – Bigger Man

Portrait – Honey Dip

Do Me Bad Things – The Power of Love

Curveballs 7th February 2018 (with Koray)

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This week I was joined in the studio for a second time by singer-songwriter Koray, the week before his first ever London show in Islington. Since he last joined us in November, Koray has continued to build on his online profile, with a live broadcast on Facebook during the show and inviting viewers & listeners to suggest a title he would then build a song around – click above to listen back and find out what they chose! Find Koray on his Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Click below to see him playing live in the studio:

Rage Against the Machine – Guerrilla Radio

Django Django – Champagne

The Folk Implosion – Free To Go

The Silver Bayonets – Fake

Moss Kena – Square One

Mr Happy Chainsaw – Standing There



Florida Georgia Line – Dig Your Roots

Koray – Whisper in the Wind (live in session)

No Braver – Ghost in a Shell

Koray – Toxic (live in session)

Sugarcult – Stuck in America

Koray – Thunder & Lightning (live in session)

Busted – Air Hostess

Koray – Rock ‘n’ Roll All Night & Party All Day (live in session)

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars


A – Getting Around

The Mighty Fallen – Freaky Thing

Stick in the Wheel – Over Again

Katy Forkings – Creatively

Cavalcade – Anita

Tanita Tickaram – Stop Listening

The Wannadies – Might Be Stars

Lizz Fields – All My Mistakes

Ben Folds Five – Where’s Summer B?

Curveballs 24th January 2018 (with The Brothers Trio)

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Tonight I was joined in the studio by Mike, Jack and Tom (aka Tommy Vegas) Yetton of The Brothers Trio. After performing in various bands and solo projects over the last decade-and-a-bit, the three brothers have joined forces for the first time and hit the live scene, performing at various open mic nights around Essex, and have also begun work writing their first set of songs which they’ll be recording soon. In the meantime though, visit the Brothers Trio on Facebook, click above to have a listen back to them chatting about their many musical influences they acquired growing up, and a few live cover versions too!

Maximo Park – The Coast is Always Changing

Sisteray – Nostalgia Trip

Marika Hackman – Good Intentions

To Kill a King – No More Love Songs

The Recoupes – All I Know

Arcaves – Out of the Blue

Elliot Porter – Lanes



Steely Dan – Don’t Take Me Alive

The Brothers Trio – A Little Respect (live in session)

Royal Blood – Figure It Out

The Brothers Trio – Cream (live in session)

The Bee Gees – How Deep is Your Love?

The Brothers Trio – Englishman in New York (live in session)

John Mayer – Still Feel Like Your Man

The Brothers Trio – The Way You Make Me Feel (live in session)


Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart

Lighthouse – Brown Bottle Flu

Django Django – Tic Tac Toe

Mr Happy Chainsaw – Charlie

Tall Poppies – Now

Mally Harpaz – Voices

Rayne – Human Imitation

Curveballs 17th January 2018 (with the cast of Changing Face)

Click below to listen back to the show (Changing Face interview starts at around 1:24:00)

Tonight I was joined in the studio by (l-r) Tony Williams, Debra Ball and Lee Scott Doran from forthcoming feature film Changing Face. Currently being filmed at various locations in the North and Midlands areas, Changing Face takes an uncompromising look at the sinister world of domestic violence and its many ugly forms behind closed doors. The film has already received waves of interest and praise for its gritty portrayals of its subject matter, following the release of its first trailer which you can see here. Changing Face is planned for a late summer release, and you can keep up with the crew’s latest news on their Facebook page.

The Cranberries – Promises

De Staat – Sweat Shop

Boy Kill Boy – Civil Sin

Seedling – Sensational Vacuum

Clor – Love & Pain

Danny McMahon – Hide Away

Lady Grey & the Earls – Electric Mist

Primitive Radio Gods – Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand

Angie Stone – Wish I Didn’t Miss You

The Recoupes – All I Know

Didi – Stampede

Warriors of the Discotheque (featuring Bella Deanie) – Just Breathe

The Big Moon – Happy New Year

Penny Arcane – Here We Are

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – Call Me Ishmael

SKUFT – Take It Off

Marika Hackman – Time’s Been Reckless

The Folk Implosion – Free To Go

Django Django – Tic Tac Toe



Queen – I Want to Break Free

The Charlatans – Blackened Blue Eyes

Oasis – Wonderwall

Curveballs 10th January 2018 (with The Lightworker and Lady Grey & The Earls)

Click below to listen back to the show: (Tune in around 20:00 for Lightworker interview and 1:10:00 for Lady & Grey & The Earls)

This week we had our first session of 2018 courtesy of Kay and Dan from The Lightworker. Dan was originally a guest on the show as The Lightworker way back in early 2013, but after a few years off he reactivated the band with a new line-up last year. With plans for new recordings and a host of live dates for 2018, expect to be hearing a lot more of The Lightworker this year! Click above to hear them chat about where they’re playing live and Dan’s recollections of his teenage years – spent mainly on tour! Find The Lightworker on Facebook & YouTube.

Next up it was the return of Lady Grey & The Earls for their first appearance on the show in over a year. The foursome (l-r Paul, Amy, Justin, Graham) have just made their back catalogue available on their Bandcamp page and are currently working on new material, of which we were treated to an exclusive sample tonight! Click above to listen back to the interview & hear them chatting about the influence of Alice In Wonderland & the theatre on the new songs, and more! Find them on Facebook too.


Eighteen Visions – I Let Go

Django Django – Tic Tac Toe

Minus the Bear – Call the Cops

The Age of LUNA – Feels So Good



Fleetwood Mac – Hold Me

The Lightworker – Beyond the Skylight (live in session)

The Corrs – Dreams

The Lightworker – Take Me as I Am (live in session)

Goo Goo Dolls – Slide

The Lightworker – Beat You Down(live in session)


Rayne – Human Imitation

Lady Grey & the Earls – Flowers



Lady Grey & the Earls – Dark Dog

Shed Seven – Disco Down

Lady Grey & the Earls – New World

Kasabian – Ill Ray

Lady Grey & the Earls – Into the Sky

Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl


The Lemoncurd Kids – Building Blocks

Curveballs 3rd January 2018 – Happy New Year Special!

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Jamie Lenman – Hardbeat

Jodie Abacus – 100 Dollars

The Mighty Fallen – Freaky Thing

Calvalcade – Slight of Mind (Phoenix FM Session)

Crown the Mushroom – Get This

The Lemoncurd Kids – Caveat

Carousel – Show (Phoenix FM Session)

Sound Mirrors – Suntanned Soul (Phoenix FM Session)

The Recoupes – Lovinit (Phoenix FM Session)

Victories – Mandy Machine

Calum Lintott – It’s Still Me (Phoenix FM Session)

Koray – Dear Darling (Phoenix FM Session)

Forged in Black – Sinner Sanctorum

Darrah – Vitamin D (Phoenix FM Session)

Primo Nelson – Stink

The Royals – Cage the Royals (Phoenix FM Session)

Walkway – Stutter

Frank Turner – There She Is

Lady Grey & the Earls – Juxtapose

Shoot the Symphony – Rattlesnake

Scarred By Name – When the Slaughter Screams Your Name

Machine Head – Catharsis

Kenickie – In Your Car

Hydrocele – Content With Concise

Mark Anthony – Thank You

Courts – Feel My Love


Curveballs 27th December 2017 – Highlights of 2017 Part 1

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Tonight was the final show of 2017 so about the right time to look back at some of the great guests & live sessions we’ve had in this year, including highlights from our 10th anniversary show from March and a host of new & returning acts. We’ll be playing more highlights on our first show of the new year on the 3rd – thanks for all your support for the show this year and see you all in 2018!

Oh Wonder – Ultralife

Thundercat – Them Changes

Code of Conduct – Three’s a Crowd

Stealing Signs – You Will Be (Phoenix FM Session)

The Royals – Birdcage (Phoenix FM Session)

The Youts – Dizzy (Phoenix FM Session)

Mark Anthony – London City

Josh Emerton – Balthazar Impresario (Phoenix FM Session)

Two Year Break – Flaws

‘The Hemojis’ – Gimme Shelter (Phoenix FM Session)

Magda Czula – Fly High (Phoenix FM Session)

Silent Natives – Sunlight (Phoenix FM Session)

Lee Bowers – Postcards (Phoenix FM Session)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Andy – Rock ‘n’ Roll (Phoenix FM Session)

Lilac Sheer – A Little Little (Phoenix FM Session)

Tom Baitson – Ordinary People (Phoenix FM Session)

Dishy Tangent – Far From the Tree (Phoenix FM Session)

Late Homecoming – Clover (Phoenix FM Session)

The Waterfalls – Missing the Sun (Phoenix FM Session)

Alcanein – Star of the Show

The Vision – Living for the Weekend (Phoenix FM Session)

Wolfe Sunday – A Song For You (Phoenix FM Session)

Frankie Terra – You Can Go (Phoenix FM Session)

The White Gospel – The Birthplace of Radio (Phoenix FM Session)

Sound of the Suburb – No Tomorrow (Phoenix FM Session)

Darrah – Can’t Tax the Sun (Phoenix FM Session)

The Subliminal Kittens – Like You (Phoenix FM Session)

At Last We Live – Walk Away

Bricks – Footprints (Phoenix FM Session)

Minus the Bear – Silver