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As a child I listened to the pirate radio ships, particularly Radio London on 266. I loved the romance of the djs playing the latest music for the listeners to hear. After most of the pirate stations closed in August 1967 I used to listen to Fabulous 208 Radio Luxembourg, the continuing Radio Caroline, Radio North Sea International and Radio 1. I particularly enjoyed listening to radio in the evening and at night. One of my favourite shows was Late Night Extra in the early days of Radio 1. All kinds of guests would just turn up and be part of the show. As a listener radio should feel like a friend is talking directly to you. I dreamed of being on the radio for many years. In 1988 I began on Hospital radio with Radio Enfield in north London. I had my own request show and used to commentate from Spurs and Enfield F.C. home games. I was also part of the Radio Enfield Roadshow team, taking part in many outside broadcasts. Now I am delighted to be on Phoenix98FM, where I have had a Friday show since May 2011. On the show there are a mixture of musical genres. Often there are guests giving lengthy interviews on a wide range of topics including faith and social action. There are also some live music performances. The little boy's dream has come true. @RevpatrickS

Friday Night Extra 8.6.18 with guest Revd. Andy Griffiths

Revd. Andy told us about how his journey to the role he has today with the continuing education of clergy in Essex and east London. This included living and working for five years before ordination in Budapest, where he learnt about the importance of community from his neighbours. He was also married whist there. He moved to Paris, where he was ordained and then worked for a local church. He spent so many hours engaged in his ministry that his young daughter had an imaginary daddy, an orange robot, who was always there for her when her real daddy was not. In his role now he works with clergy, and feels it is important that they do not treat their young families in the same way. He moved to Galleywood as vicar, having never previously been to Essex. Here he was determined that he would not be the centre of parish life. That should be Jesus. His role was to form teams of people engaged in local ministry. When he left eight months ago, 120 people were involved in this way. Grove Booklets have recently published ‘Refusing to be Indispensable’, written by Andy. In it he explores these ideas further. We had considerable listener reaction to the interesting ideas he raised.

We heard the title track from Megan O’Neill’s album, available to download and buy on CD today. Patrick wanted to hear a track by Petula Clark, and we were remined she sold over 68 million records. Phyl requested Strawberry Fields for ever by the Beatles. We celebrated the birthdays of Nancy Sinatra (78) and Bonnie Tyler (67). We all loved the track by Eddy Clearwater, sadly only discovered as he has passed away recently.

Tonight’s playlist

Marc Antionne – Sunland – show theme

Simon & Garfunkle – The Boxer

George Ezra – Budapest – chosen by Andy

Stranglers – Always the sun – chosen by Andy, who went to the same school as the band. He was quick to emphasise this was many years later.

Proclaimers – Sunshine on Leith

Dave Koz & friends – Got to get you into my life

George Harrison – What is life? Thanks to Chris for reminding us about the musical legacy of George.

Megan O’Neill – Ghost of you

Petula Clark – This is my song – requested by Patrick. This brought back many memories for John.

Beatles – Strawberry Fields – requested by Phyl

Sophie Griffiths – A thousand times – Sophie is singing live on 9th of June at the Ingatestone Junior School Strawberry Fair.

Nancy Sinatra – These boots are made for walking – how can she be 78 today?

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the heart – remembered by Rene

Lisa Harman – Me and my piano

Kinks – Supersonic rocket ship – Matt, preparing for the Night swimming show at 10, had to pop in the studio to see what this track was as he loved it.

Eddy Clearwater RIP – Winds of change – we loved this track.

Walk off the earth – Happy – a copy or a cover? The video is good fun.

ELO – Living thing – Q Magazine named this track the No.1 guilty pleasure.

George Martin – Theme One – closing theme

Join me in two weeks for another edition of Friday Night Extra, live from Brentwood. My guests will be from Doddinghurst church, talking about the local festival.

Friday Night Extra 1.6.18 International day of the child.

Tonight we asked the question, what does a child need to know in order to have a happy, contented and fulfilling life? We were joined by Adrian, chaplain at Brentwood school. He talked about how schools take very seriously providing an education that gives a child skills that will be invaluable throughout their life. This included learning about how to live with others, including appreciating diversity and difference of opinion. He also commented about health, so that right choices are made. I was surprised that he also mentioned dealing with finances. General safety, including safety on line, is also seen as necessary skills. I commented how all this was very different from when I was a child. Adrian felt that particularly for older children, there was much more anxiety around, particularly in relation to expectations of others. A number of listeners also commented. Extra suggestions included fitness, which fitted with the June exercise initiative 30 minutes each of the 30 days. How to grow food. The view was given that every child should know Jesus loves them and they can talk to him at any time. That a child should know their parents have more experience of life and listen to them. The same person added ‘Happy parents = happy child’.


I was joined on the phone by Chris. He talked about the Beatles pastiche and parody band The Rutles and we played a couple of their tracks. A listener, who had never heard of them before, was amazed at how similar they were to Beatles tracks. Chris was going to see the band in Hertford on Saturday.

Tonight’s playlist

Crosby, Stills and Nash – Teach your children well

Billy Joel – My life – playing only one gig in the Uk this year, in Manchester in fifteen days time.

Boy and Bear – Summer sun – an Australian indie band.

Buddy Holly – True love ways – for Phyl who had recently seen a tribute act.

Gene Pitney – Something’s gotten hold of my heart – requested by Patrick

Jenny Evans – Ok, alright you win – by a jazz artist I have recently discovered

Active Essex recorded interview

ECHO – No pain, no gain

Sophie Griffiths – All I want – Sophie will be singing live at the Strawberry Fair at Ingatestone & Fryerning C of E Junior school on Saturday 9th.

Booker T & MGs – Soul limbo

Rod Stewart – Gasoline alley – co-written by Ronnie Wood, who celebrates his 70th birthday today

Lisa Harman – You are my son/sun

Beatles – Can’t buy me love

Rutles – I must be in love

Rutles – Piggy in the middle

Stephanie Gretzinger – Blackout

Sister Act soundtrack – I will follow him – how can it be 26 years since this film was premiered?

Sister Act 2 soundtrack – Oh Happy Day

Blood Sweat & Tears – God bless the child – Do listen to this track, it is wonderful jazz-rock from fifty years ago – a favourite of mine when I was a child.

Laura Mulvula – Green garden

Lady Antebellum – Golden

Join me next week when my guest will be Revd Andy Griffiths, for many years C of E Vicar of Galleywood and now with an advisory role in the Diocese of Chelmsford providing clergy on-going training.

Friday Night Extra 18.5.18 with Joanne & Simon Schultz from @actionafrica

Joanne and Simon recently returned from three months in Kenya. Part of the time was spent volunteering at the Salvation Army church in Kibera, which is a slum on the outskirts of Nairobi. They were particular struck by the way that the people in the slums had very little, yet always approached life with gratitude and many with a strong faith. They were also struck with Nairobi being large and very noisy, with some stark contrasts between shiny new executive apartment buildings and the hovels that are living areas in the slums, which residents have to rent.  The charity had originally been set up following a small group of families from the Chelmsford Salvation Army travelling to see an officer who had previously been in Chelmsford. Since then they have been involved in a number of projects. That latest is to assist in marketing wire and bead animals made by a group of mothers, Very kindly they gave Jonty an elephant and I had an ostrich. They are looking for events where they could set up a stall and sell these to raise money to be sent back. Simon commented on how amazed the mothers had been to set up a bank account.

Musically tonight we had a special feature on Bob Dylan. Continuing an exploration of the music of the Beach Boys, we played a 1996 collaboration with Status Quo that is not mentioned in any of the memoirs written by members of the band. We can see why! We had our own Harry & Megan, Harry Chapin and Megan O’Neill.  Continuing the question of whether a new version of a song should be a copy or add something very different, we played Sunshine of your love. The jury was out on the jazz version! I loved it. Jonty felt it took away the essential character, the riff, of the original.

Tonight’s playlist

Toto – Africa

Lion King – Circle of life – chosen by Joanne & Simon

Chelmsford Songsters – Christ calls

Lion King 2 – He lives in you

America – A horse with no name – requested by Patrick

Pat Boone – Love letters in the sand – requested by Phyl

Leon Bridges – Bad bad news

Soweto String Quartet – Victory

Harry Chapin – Cats in the cradle

Megan O’Neill – Ghost of you – Megan is singing in Billericay next month

Years & Years – Desire – requested by Adrain for Deuwe and Kris who were supposedly working hard revising – actually they were listening to us and playing games.

Michael Schulte – You let me walk alone – Germany’s entry in last Saturday’s Eurovision Song contest and amazing the favourite song of mine and Jonty.

Lisa Harman – Don’t want to rock & roll

Bod Dylan – Blowing in the wind

Byrds – Mr Tambourine man – brought back memories of primary school to John.

Status Quo & Beach Boys – Fun, fun, fun – amazingly the only version of this classic Beach Boys song to chart in the UK, which was in 1996.

Cream – Sunshine of your love

Jenny Evans – Sunshine of your love

Mango Groove – Special star

We will not be with you next week. Join us on Friday 1st of June.

Friday Night Extra 11.5.18 with Revd Paul Carr talking about Mindfulness for the Christian.

Paul joined us tonight to talk about Mindfulness and the Christian and Compassionate Mindfulness. He talked about how seeking peaceful and quiet places to reflect on life, and appreciating every moment, are at the heart of Christianity. Jesus set this as an example. This would lead to having a compassionate view on others and seeking to make life better for everyone. He spoke about Billericay Random Acts of Kindness (B.A.R.K), a group of individuals who seek to help individuals and the community. When the toll booth used to be on the Dartford Bridge, Paul used to like to pay for both his car and the next, as an example of a random act of kindness. More information can be found about mindfulness, music and other matters by checking out his blog. He chose two interesting tracks for us. The first was from Barclay James Harvest. The track Hymn linked nicely to yesterday having been Ascension Day. Chris in Harlow e-mailed her surprised that they were still playing, and had bought an album by them many years ago. Paul stated he had seen them recently and would be seeing them again in October in Islington. He also chose a track by Midland, clearly an interesting country band with a sound like The Eagles. We heard tonight from many listeners, commenting on the show and the music and seeking requests.

Tonight’s playlist

Sam Outlaw – Tenderheart

Barclay James Harvest – Hymn – chosen by Paul

Midland – Drinkin problem – chosen by Paul

Elvis Presley & The London Philharmonic Orchestra – Love letters – requested by Phyl

Ed Sheeran – Thinking about love – requested by Adrian

Carrie Underwood – Temporary home – if you do not know the song, check out the words.

Jonathan Veira – Oceaons – requested by Derek. Paul told us Jonathan would be singing in Billericay in December.

Sophie Griffiths – Bear the pain – an exclusive self-penned track from Sophie, from her up-coming E.P.

Animals – Don’t let me be misunderstood – celebrating lead singer Eric Burden’s 77th birthday today.

Brotherhood of Man – Save your kisses for me – requested by Patrick. With the Eurovision Song Contest tomorrow, Patrick wanted to remember happier times for British entries.

Stevie Wonder – Lately – requested by Dewie. Chris e-mailed to say that when they she first met Bob, her future husband, this was their song.

Emerson Lake & Palmer – Fanfare for the Common Man – for Chris in Bishop Storford who had seen them live in 1972.

Beach Boys – Sloop John B – vocals only from the Pet Sounds sessions.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Good Vibrations – with the news that an album by the orchestra, featuring the original Beach Boys vocals, is to be released on June 6th.

Dead or Alive – You spin me round – remembering drummer, guitarist, keyboard player and latterly manager of the band, Steve Coy, who passed away this week aged 57 years.

Lisa Harman – Would ya

Elvis Costello & the Attractions – She – requested by Sue.

Jamie Cullum – Pure imagination – a great version of the song originally in the 1971 film, Charlie Chocolate factory.

Never be enough – from the soundtrack of the film The Greatest Showman

Join us next week, when the studio guests are Simon and Joanne Shultz, taking about the recent voluntary work in Kenya with the Salvation Army.

Friday Night Extra 4.5.18 with charity abseiler Mandie Gaskin.

Mandie took part in the abseil last Saturday to raise funds for Ingatestone C of E. Junior school and St. Edmund & St. Mary Parish church. She had never done anything like this before. Feeling it is always good to try something new outside her comfort zone, together with it being for a good cause, she took part. Getting over the edge was the most difficult part. Once halfway down, she said she loved the experience. Mandie can be supported towards her target of raising £150 by going to her just giving page. Musically tonight we had a new exclusive self-penned track from Sophie Griffiths. We also had a feature on Pet Sounds, seen by many as the most influential pop album of all time. It was astonishing to hear that, using a modern calculation, it cost over half  a million dollars to produce. No wonder the record company were worried! They need not have been. Phyl requested the Adam Faith song, ‘What do you want if you don’t want money? which led to listeners contacting to say what they thought was more important in life than money. Answers included contentment, peace, friendship and love.

Tonight’s playlist

Simon & Garfunkle – Bridge over troubled waters

Coldplay – Adventures of a lifetime – chosen by Mandie

Ken Dodd – Tears – chosen by Mandie

Beatles – In my life – chosen by Mandie

Barry Manilow – Mandy – Jonty said we just had to play it.

Adam Faith – What do you want? – requested by Phyl – the shortest track ever to top the charts.

Corrs – Radio

Sophie Griffiths – Tears – exclusive self penned track from an up-coming EP.

Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers – Got to get you into my life – remembering Roy Young, who turned down being in the Beatles in their Hamburg days because he had a regular gig at a club.

Joe Stilgoe – Waterloo sunset

Stevie Wonder – You are the sunshine of my life – requested by Patrick – ranked by Rollingstone at 281 in their list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

Bucks Fizz – Making your mind up – to celebrate the birth of Jo Aston

Lisa Harman – The world in seven day – a self-penned exclusive by Lisa, only twelve days from finishing playing a world cruise.

Jamie Cullum – Love sick blues – Patrick knew it was a big hot in the early 60s by Frank Ifield, who was interviewed by Bob Simpson on the station this week.


Beach Boys – Pet Sounds feature. Jonty loves this album and proved it by buying an original pressing of the vinyl album in Cambridge.

Caroline no, I just wasn’t made for these times, Pet sounds, God only knows (vocals only). We all loved the God only knows, available on the Pet Sounds Sessions CD.

George Ezra – Budapest – requested by Adrian

Dolly Parton & Pentatonix – Jolene

Jerry Rafferty – Take the money and run

James Brown – I feel good – remembering drummer John “Jabo” Starks.

Join me next week when our guest is Revd. Paul Carr from Emmanuel church, Billericay , talking about how a Christian should view Mindfulness.

Friday Night Extra 27.4.18 Just great songs

No guest tonight, so we just played two hours of great songs. We also asked for listeners reactions to the news that ABBA had recorded two new tracks. The results were surprisingly mixed. We remembered the acting career of Verne Troyer, MIni Me in two of the Austin Powers films. We had a couple of artists featured in the Queen’s birthday show. As the evening progressed we asked listeners for their favourite ABBA track. The most caustic reply came from Chris in Harlow who e-mailed, “favourite and ABBA are not two words that appear in the same sentence!” John also stated he was not an Abba fan. Patrick, Tania, Adrian and Chris offered tracks, whilst Bob could not choose, so spent the rest of the show whistling ABBA tunes. His wife was not amused.

Tonight’s playlist

The Goodbye Look – Eye to eye

Quincy Jones – Soul Bossanova – Austin Powers theme

Roger Miller – King of he road – requested by Phyl

Kyle Minogue – Stop me from falling – from her new no 1 album. She sang this at the Queen’s birthday party TV show.

Noel Harrison – Windmills of your mind

Jamie Cullum & Gregory Porter – Don’t let me be misunderstood – I think Jamie stole the show at the Queen’s birthday performance. AS Jonty noted, it was certainly a random selection of performers.

Adele – Rolling in the deep – loved by Adrian

Lisa Harman – Barbara Streisand medley. Lisa had been singing with Darren Day this week. We dedicated this her Dad, whose birthday it was today. Also to Jack and Mary, getting married on Saturday.

Barbara Streisand – A star is born – to mark her 76th birthday this week

Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it be nice – for Jonty who had bought the vinyl album this week in Cambridge.

George McCray – Rock your baby – requested by Bob.

Colin Blunstone – Say you don’t mind


Bryan Adams – Everything I do, I do for you – requested by Patrick and one of the biggest selling singles ever, number one in numerous countries.

Lady Antebellum – Need you now

George Ezra – Paradise – requested by Kristoff, a first time listener.

Nathan Carter – Beautiful life – apparently Nathan is a star in ‘Country & Irish’ – there is a new genre for us!

Dolly Parton – I will always love you – despite the fact that this is the original version by the song writer, Jonty felt it just songs wrong not to be Whitney Houston singing the song.

Pams 18 – Sonowaltz – the theme of Big L, the pirate ship Radio London, recognised instantly by Chris in Bishop Stortford.

George Harrison – What is my life – released in the UK on the B side of My Sweet Lord, but a hit in its own right in many countries.

Eric Clapton – Wonderful tonight – Eric played on the George Harrison track.

ECHO – Know where to run

ABBA – Fernando – the biggest selling ABBA track

Aretha Franklin – Respect

Joni Mitchel – Big Yellow Tax- Jonty had been humming this in Maths class today and the 17 years old boy next to him recognised it straight away.

Join me next week for another two hours of great music to make your Friday sound better.

Friday Night Extra 20.4.18 with singer songwriter & accoustic guitarist Ian Perryman

Ian Perryman joined us this evening and sang three original songs. He also sang a song by his inspiration, John Denver and two 1960s covers. He told us how he began singing publicly and writing his own material. Find our more about him on He can be heard regularly in The Rose and Crown in Wivenhoe and also around the Colchester and Clacton areas at open mike events. His music can be downloaded from soundcloud and iTunes. In the second hour we heard from Chris. She appeared on the show a few weeks back and talked about running the Brighton marathon last Sunday. This was her first marathon. She ran along with two teaching colleagues from her school. The children had decided they should run to raise money for the Red Cross. To date they have raised over two thousand pounds. Donations can be added by accessing the Red Cross page, then Brighton Marathon. She said that after the event her first reaction was “never again!” By Monday morning she was thinking about the next marathon. She felt that taking part may well be addictive.

Tonight’s playlist

Beatles -Here comes the sun – with the temperature being 27 degrees today, we had to start with this great track. It was much appreciated by Chris, listening in Bishop Stortford.

Ian Perryman – Seasons of the heart – originally sung by John Denver

Moody Blues – Nights in white satin

Steeleye Span _ All around my hat – requested by Phyl  – loved by John who said he bought the album back in the 1970s when he was in the 4th form. Reminded him of a friend from those days.

Ian Perryman – Valentino,

In Perryman – Blood in the sand – a moving song about his father’s experiences on D-Day and the fact that he would never talk about them.

Ian Perryman – Your smile

Goodbye Look – Eye to eye – featuring Brentwood’s very own Michael Horner on keyboards

Elton John – Nakita

Avicci – Hey Brother – played after the shock news of his death today

Martha and the Vandellas – Nowhere to run – featured on the soundtrack of Good Morning Vietnam. – Requested by Patrick

Beach Boys – Warmth of the sun – also from the soundtrack of that film.

Adele – Skyfall – requested by Adrian

Lisa Harman – Eurythmics medley – a wonderfully soulful track from show favourite Lisa

Sophie Griffiths – A thousand times – Ingatestone’s very own Sophie with a track available on Itunes

Sky – Toccata

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – The onion song & You are all I need to get by.

Mary J Blige – Sorry seams to be the hardest word – from the new Revamp album – not universally appreciated by listeners. Check out the recording of last week’s show, Copy or cover?

Corrs – Runaway

Join me next week for another show, live from Brentwood to wherever you happen to be.

Friday Night Extra 13.4.18 Copy or cover?

Tonight we asked, if you record a new version of a well know song, should it just be a copy, or a cover that added something new? We had a diverse playlist this evening with some surprises. A number of listeners played along, guessing the original artists. The consensus was that if you were making a recording, there should be something original about the arrangement. Lee commented that country artists felt all they needed to do was add a slide guitar and they could copy anything. You will see which songs in the playlist brought this statement. John did well with the Mary Hopkin track, noting he thought it sounded Russian. Mark and Sian contributed choices. Chris, Sarah and Bob also e-mailed in correct answers.  How many did you get right? Which are copies and which are covers?

Isley Brothers – Summer Breeze – Seals and Crofts

Echo – This will be – Natalie Cole

Ed Sheeran – Candle in the wind – Elton John

Mary Hopkin – Those were the days – requested by Phyl who knew it was originally a Russian 19th century song. Where would we be without Wikipaedia?

Cliff Richard & Phil Everley – She means nothing to me – from an album of covers, but an original.

Pentatonix – Can’t help falling in love – Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley – Suspicious minds – Mark James

Lisa Harman – Man with a child in his eyes – Kate Bush

Kate Bush – Rocket man – Elton John

Elton john – Free man in Paris – Joni Mitchell

Whitney Houston – I will always love you. – Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton – Help – Beatles

Counting Crows ft Vanessa Carlton – Big yellow taxi – Joni Mitchell

Sophie Griffiths – All I want – Kodaline

Earth, Wind & Fire – Got to get you into my life – Beatles

Pet Shop Boys – Always on my mind – Elvis Presley

Johnny Cash – Hurt – Nine inch nails

Rosanne cash – I’m only sleeping – Beatles

Future Heads – Hounds of Love – Kate Bush

Lorrie Morgan – Eight days a week – Beatles

U2 – Everlasting love – in the UK Love Affair, USA Robert Knight

KIllers – Mona Lisas and the mad Hatter – Elton John

Marvin Gaye – I heard it through the grapevine – Gladys Knight and the Pips.

Join me next week when folk singer Ian Perryman will be singing live in the studio.

And do check out the Brentwood Gazette this week, with a big feature about the Easter special we did on Good Friday.


Friday Night Extra 6.4.18 Remembering

Tonight we featured a number of anniversaries. Thirty years ago this month saw the release of Travelling Wilburys Volume 1 by the supergroup consisting of Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty. We played two tracks from their much anticipated first of just two albums,  with Roy Orbison on vocals.

From fifty years ago we remembered the assassination and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. He became the most visible spokesperson and leader in the civil rights movement using the tactics of non-violence. From the same era we also recalled the short period when the sitar, a Hindustani classical instrument could be heard on pop records, through the influence of Ravi Shankar on George Harrison and others. The TV show ‘Hill Street Blues’  ran from 1981 – 1987. This week saw the passing of producer and writer Steven Bochco who is said to have changed TV drama for ever with the introduction of Story arcs, with more than one story running over a number of weeks.

Tonight’s playlist

ECHO – People get ready

Sophie Griffiths – I heard it through the grapevine

Johnny Cash – Ring of fire – requested by Phyl

Carrie Underwood – Just a dream

Kenny Rogers – The gambler – we played this track as Kenny has cancelled the rest of his scheduled farewell concert tour.

Kate Bush – Hounds of love – requested by Chris

Beyoncé – Sweat dreams – requested by Patrick

Commodores – Easy – Jonty said this track had been playing in his head all week.

Alessa Caira – I guess that is why they call it the blues – from a new tribute album to Elton John, Revamp, released today. Rene loved this track.

Travelling Wilburys – Handle with care, Not alone anymore

Daniel Caine – Hill Street Blues theme

Gladys Knight and the Pips – Midnight train to Georgia – for Rene and everyone watching the golf from Georgia.

Coldplay – We all fall in love sometimes – from the Elton John tribute album Revamp.

Elton John – Tiny dancer – a sublime track from the man himself

Beatles – Tomorrow never comes – featuring a sitar

Box Tops – Cry like a baby – featuring an electric sitar

Traffic – Paper sun – the biggest hit from this late 1960s period featuring a sitar.

Brentwood School Band – Something

LIsa Harman – Nothing I can do – loved by John

ELO – Mr. Blue sky – for john and everyone who had been mowing a lawn under a blue sky today.

Marvin Gaye – Abraham, Martin and John

Simon and Garfunkle – The only living boy in New York – on our playlist and Matt’s as well.

Join me next week for another edition of Friday Night Extra.

Friday Night Extra 30.3.18 Easter Special with Singer Marina Bottali- Price and guests including Alfie Clark.

Marina sang three songs live tonight Alfie Clark aged 10 sang live and talked about Easter at Ingatestone Junior School. Tim Lee told us about the celebrations for Good Friday held this morning in the town centre in Brentwood, with over four hundred people and a dramatized re-enactment of the first Good Friday. He also talked about the service he had taken at Mountnessing school about an empty Easter egg. Adrian, chaplain at Brentwood school, explained about the services for Easter that were held before the pupils had their Easter holidays, so this focussed on Palm Sunday. He also told us about last Friday being in Ypes in Belgium and how moving an experience that was for all concerned. Marina sang her three songs and talked about the importance of the resurrection in her own life. John spoke on the phone about an event happening at Emmanuel church Billericay on Easter Saturday afternoon, where they are having a Messy church for Easter. Apparently the tomb is a bread roll. Jesus is a jelly baby and the stone across the entrance to the tomb is a rich tea biscuit! Sue, who lives with husband Jim in Colorado Springs, but had worked for eight years in Cyprus, explained about the multicultural character of the church in Larnaca where she worshiped and about how they worked with refugees and others on the edge of the society.  She also said the church back in Colorado Springs regularly has 7,000 attenders on a Sunday morning. We have never had such a packed show! Jonty was back as well. We had lots of e-mails saying that Alfie was a star.

Tonight’s playlist

Carrie Underwood – Jesus take the wheel – Holly commented that she loves this song and uses the phrase all of the time, having first heard it on this show.

Jesus Christ Superstar (1986) – Hosanna

Hilary Scott & family – Thy will

Michael W Smith – Awesome God

Casting Crowns – O my soul

Lisa Harman – Psalm 23 – LIsa’s own setting.

Jesus Christ Superstar – Title song – loved by everyone in the studio and Jonty had seen the show live in London and loved it.

Chris Tomlin – Amazing grace

Carrie Underwood – How great thou art

Matt Redman – 1,000 reasons – check out the amazing video of this being sung at a live concert in Times Square, New York to an enormous audience.

Godspell – Prepare ye the way of the Lord

David Pickhall Big Band – Mac Arthur Park – they are playing live on Easter Saturday at Ingatestone Parish Church.

Join me next week for more music and chat, live from Brentwood.