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House Of Fun – With Super Guests Claire Ivey from HypnoCaring and Emma Kemsley the editor of East Life Magazine

Sunday 9 December 2018,

Lots of great chat….. Check out Animal Aid, the Southend Vegan Fair and the wonderful Hopefield Animal Sanctuary We ask you read more

House Of Fun – VegfestUK Comedian Special with Sarah Benetto, Ishi Kahn , Matt Hoss and Kahn Johnson

Sunday 23 September 2018,

Tonight’s show is a comedy special with Sarah Benetto, Ishi Kahn Jackson amd Matt Hoss.

Sputnik and party

Wednesday 22 July 2015,

Yet another month draws in, and yet more more music floods my way. Which is a delight, and talking of read more

The Phoenix FM Drive Show – ‘The Council Awards’ (not as boring as it sounds!)

Sunday 27 October 2013,

So on Wednesday night this week I sat down to watch Brentwood Councils webcast of their Ordinary Council. I follow read more

Driving Through The Sunshine

Friday 6 September 2013,

It’s been a hectic few weeks for the poor drivers in and around Brentwood.  With the Crossrail infrastructure being put read more

Adding A Bit Of Drive To The Summer Holidays

Sunday 14 July 2013,

Well, it’s all been go in Phoenix Towers these past few weeks, as summer time really does seem to kick read more

Getting You Home In Spiffing Style

Sunday 2 June 2013,

I’ve been suitably telt off by the Head Phoenix, so now here I am, bringing colour, delight, and the latest read more

October’s Summer is a bygone..

Saturday 8 October 2011,

It has been a funny old week, and now we are finally in a world we are used to, winter…oh read more

Drive – Wednesday Midweeks

Wednesday 18 May 2011,

Adele seems to have been number one on the album chart for as long as I can remember. I don’t read more

Drive – The Scott Ross Sandwich & Keith Brown

Tuesday 17 May 2011,

Tuesday’s are probably my favourite day of the week on Phoenix FM Drive due to the abundance of people that read more

Drive – National Hug A Ginger Day & Azerbaijan win Eurovision

Monday 16 May 2011,

Today is National Hug A Ginger Day, so imagine my dismay that fellow red-head Taylor Godwin was not here in read more

Drive – Phil Colclough in Dusseldorf for Eurovision 2011

Friday 13 May 2011,

Our build-up to the 56th annual Eurovision Song Contest reached it’s climax on tonight’s show. Our expert Phil Colclough, webmaster read more

Drive – Charlie Simpson from Fightstar (ex-Busted) goes solo

Thursday 12 May 2011,

When you think of the career Charlie Simpson has had over the past decade, it’s easy to forget he’s still read more

Drive – Time To Change Campaign & Brentwood Festival July 2011

Wednesday 11 May 2011,

A packed show Live At Five today, which is just how we like it as regular listeners will know only read more

Drive – Keith Brown & I set for 3 weeks in a row

Tuesday 10 May 2011,

Something must be amiss with the usually hectic diaries of me and Essex FSB supremo Keith Brown, as we sit read more

Drive Specials – Election 2011 & Misha Calvin

Friday 6 May 2011,

The last in a week of specials on Phoenix FM Drive was today peppered with reaction from the borough councillor read more

Drive Specials – Creative on Drive 2011

Thursday 5 May 2011,

Big thanks to Graham Stannard for doing a sterling job as always sitting in for me yesterday while I headed read more

Drive Specials – Eurovision 2011 & Keith Brown

Tuesday 3 May 2011,

Our week of special programmes continued today as we commenced the Phoenix FM Drive countdown to this year’s Eurovision song read more

Drive Specials – Year So Far Albums & Singles

Monday 2 May 2011,

Big thanks to the team for covering the show during my Easter break – hats off to Graham Stannard, Mike read more

Drive – The Fresh Hour 2

Wednesday 20 April 2011,

Another bout of extra Drive goodness on the show tonight as we celebrated more of the great new music set read more