Modern Party Ideas For You To Try

With COVID-19 set to remain in our lives for a little longer, we need to get creative when we plan to socialise and celebrate with our friends. In some respects, we’re fortunate that we can utilise technology to our advantage and keep in touch with those closest to us during these difficult times. You might be in the unenviable position of being tasked with arranging a birthday party during a lockdown, which isn’t easy, to say the least. In this post, we will share some modern party ideas for you to try, which won’t break the bank and ensure you have lots of fun with friends and family.

Virtual bingo night 

Online bingo is incredibly popular right now, and there are many websites that you can sign up to and begin playing bingo straight away. However, for some people, the allure of bingo is the social element of it, particularly meeting up with friends and having a great time. While you may not be able to attend bingo halls right now, you can set up a virtual bingo night and invite your friends to join you. All you need to do is to set up a group call on a platform like Zoom, Houseparty, or Discord, decide who the bingo caller will be, and download some tickets. It really is straightforward. 

Jackbox games night 

With the accessibility of online platforms like Jackbox, we no longer have to meet our friends in person to have an engaging, competitive games night. There are several types of games that you can download and enjoy on your smartphone or tablet. All that’s required is for one of you to host the game and share your screen, and then the rest of the players compete using their smart devices. Drawful 2 is one of the most popular games on the platform and is a modern take on Pictionary. Jackbox games can get super competitive and are a great way to spend the evening virtually with friends. 

Cards Against Humanity 

Easily one of the best party games around right now, Cards Against Humanity is an excellent accompaniment to a boozy night in with friends. Be warned; if you’ve never played it, it’s not the most family-friendly game out there, so be sure to put the kids to bed first. While there isn’t an online version of Cards Against Humanity yet, you can log onto All Bad Cards and use their online platform. This raunchy card game is sure to make you laugh with your friends, and it often gets more enjoyable as the night progresses! 

Monopoly party 

Some people don’t think the words Monopoly and party should be uttered in the same breath, but we sure do! Monopoly is a fantastic game and a firm family favourite. While you used to have to clamber around the kitchen table and be eagle-eyed to ensure Dad didn’t cheat in days gone by, you can now make use of the fantastic virtual Monopoly world available to download. All you need to do is download the Monopoly app on your phone or tablet, where you can create a private multiplayer game and play with your family and friends live. If you’re put off by the length of time that Monopoly usually takes, you can opt for a quick game version, another significant benefit of the online platform. 

Although things are tough right now, if you’re hoping to organise a party, you have many options available to you that are fun, engaging, and make use of modern technology.  

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