5 Ways that casinos are leveraging technology to attract millennials

Unlike baby boomers, millennials seem to lack interest in traditional casino games such as slot machines. According to research, only 44% of millennials like to play slots compared to 72% of older generations. This, however, doesn’t mean that millennials are averse to gaming. Given their tech-savvy nature, they’re more inclined toward smartphones and thrilling gaming consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Even the most enthusiastic young gamblers would take their smartphone and search for ‘live casino UK’. As a result, forward-thinking casinos are capitalizing on millennials’ preferences and making the most out of sophisticated technologies to develop online casinos tailored to their specific needs. Let’s take a look at some ways in which casinos are leveraging technology to attract millennials.

5 Ways Casinos Are Leveraging Technology to Attract Millennials

Introducing Mobile Gaming

Many live casinos are investing in mobile gaming technologies to allow their visitors to enjoy mobile casino games while they’re on the property. This may not make sense as many online casinos allow you to gamble from anywhere in the world. From the perspective of live casinos, however, it’s a great strategy to engage visiting millennials, who are not likely to leave the bar or pool to try their luck with roulette or blackjack.

Integrating Virtual Reality Into Live Casino UK

Virtual reality technology has already transformed the gaming industry to a great extent. Examples of VR-based games include Jack and the Beanstalk and Gonzo’s Quest. While not many gamblers own a VR headset today, the global virtual reality market is expected to reach $34 billion by 2023. Taking note of this critical prediction, online casino developers are planning to integrate VR technology to live casino UK to create a more lifelike experience for users.

Utilizing Big Data

Both physical and online casinos are using big data to collect in-depth user information. Physical casinos are using loyalty cards to obtain the information of visitors, the amount they spend while gambling, etc. Similarly, online casinos are using big data software to not only obtain user information but also find out how people are playing games. This data can then be used to develop much better marketing campaigns that will more effectively attract millennials on websites such asĀ onlinegamblingcasino.xyz.

Using Voice Control

When it comes to attracting millennials, you can’t ignore voice control technology. If you’ve heard about voice search on Google or voice commerce, this shouldn’t be difficult to understand. As more and more youngsters use voice commands to conduct searches on Google and place orders on eCommerce platforms, the latest casinos are looking to incorporate voice control into online casinos. Gambling will thus be remarkably convenient in the upcoming years.

Gambling on the Go

Digitization has brought convenience and comfort to the lives of youngsters. Therefore, to attract millennials, casino developers need to respect this type of lifestyle. When you can do everything else right from your smartphone from the comfort of your living room, traveling to attend a brick and mortar casino seems like a chore. Keeping this in mind, online casinos are rapidly replacing physical casinos, allowing people to gamble on the go.

By now, you should have developed a clear idea of how casinos are leveraging technology to attract millennials. The major difference between past gamblers and the younger ones is that the latter want more technology-rich gambling scenarios than the former. Even if youngsters visit a resort, they’ll spend more time in the pool and on other activities than in the casino. If they enter the casino, they’ll have little interest in a slot machine.

Based on these insights, casino developers are making the most out of the latest technological solutions to develop casinos. Among the most common technologies being considered are mobile gaming, virtual technology, big data, and voice control. Since these technologies are fast becoming part of the typical millennial lifestyle, integrating them into casinos should make a huge impact on youngsters and encourage them to gamble, either in online casinos or physical casinos.


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