What’s In For Autumn: 7 Best Fall Fruits

The fall season is coming, and you are excited because of the fun fall activities and traditions that go with it. Perhaps, you are giddy about Halloween, Thanksgiving, or even Christmas because these events are best celebrated with your loved ones.

But if you are someone who loves various fruit types and enjoys their very presence in your life, you may take advantage of the fall season and climate and begin growing them. But remember that growth is always associated with harvesting. So it shall also be discussed here the right time of these fruits’ harvest during autumn.

And therefore, if you find joy in cultivation and growing fruit-bearing trees, suggested below are the seven fruits to grow during the fall season.

1. Apples

The apples are among the best fruits to grow and harvest during fall or autumn because of the season’s climate. They bloom during this season instead of at the typical time in spring. It does not also grow effectively during summer because of its usual drought weather. Autumn, on the other hand, is the perfect occasion for these apples to bloom.

But when you choose to plant an apple tree during the fall season, it is suggested that you decide on cold-hardy apple varieties because they are best to grow during this season. Also taken into consideration during autumn is the fall apple harvest. For one, you cannot merely pick the apples from the tree since there is an ideal way of harvesting them.

Consequently, you must study the best ripening times or the specific months for the apple harvest during fall before deciding to plant it to know whether your tree is too early, midseason, or late. Thus, in places with mild climates, some cultivars, or an apple variety ripen as early as July. And the later cultivars ripen around October or November.

Knowing all these will help you will maximize the enjoyment you will experience with your apples.

2. Sweet Melons

Sweet melon or otherwise known as sweet autumn melon, is another famous fruit to grow and harvest in autumn. It is a kind of melon with smooth yellowish skin and whiter flesh. This is very different from the green watermelon with red flesh because the latter grows best during summer.

Further, this type of melon is famous for its watery and fragile texture and sweet and tender taste, all because of the fall climate. More importantly, early fall is the great and best time to harvest this watermelon type.

3. Pears

Pears are not associated or linked with the fall season most of the time. But autumn is the season where a wide range of pear varieties and flavors are produced. The cold autumn weather and the loam soil that emerges during this season make the best pear fruits. Further, depending on the pear variety like Anjous, Sugar pear, or Forelle, pears run from mid-summer well into winter as it is the peak season of the said pears.

4. Grapes

Grapes grow excellently and produce their best flavors during fall. Autumn is a great time where you can enjoy the grapes when freshly picked from the vine. Other grape varieties like champagne grapes, concords, and holiday seedless are available only on this season, and you cannot get them at different times or seasons of the year. More importantly, they ripen towards the end of the summer, and the harvest continues into fall, particularly early fall.

5. Persimmons

Persimmons are not so commonly known as fall fruits, but they are. They grow and are available for a short window in the fall and early winter. If you are not familiar with this fruit type, persimmon is a golden yellow fruit rich with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The fall weather contributed generously to the high quality and soft texture of persimmons.

6. Strawberries

Planting strawberry plants in the fall is always a good idea because they can be best harvested during the gardening season of the following spring or summer. Thus, autumn, particularly between October and November, is the most appropriate time to begin growing your strawberry plant because they yield a healthy harvest on the next gardening season.

More importantly, by planting them in the early autumn months, they are given ample time to establish themselves, including their roots, before becoming dormant and inactive during winter.

7. Pomegranates

Pomegranates refer to a sweet-tart fruit with an inedible thick red skin. It is a fibrous fruit that is loaded with various nutrients. It is not only nutritious but also sweet-smelling with a flavorful taste. They are best grown during fall because of its excellent climate, although they ripen only during seasons with warmer weather. But they are in demand and season during October and are freshly available during December.


Planting, growing, harvesting your favorite fruits during fall is one pleasurable activity you can do during this season. So long as you are happy with it, then go for it. Not only will you reap its health benefits, but it is also a form of stress-relieving activity to do during autumn.

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