8 Tips to Grow your Spotify

Spotify aims at making music “available to anyone.” This giant platform is currently streaming millions of songs created by talented artists, but just like with any budding platform, competition is getting aggressive. If you are a Spotify tastemaker, then your goal is to have your playlists played as many times as possible.

Furthermore, Spotify is fast attaining social network status. Producers can grow their following with proper promotional strategies and implementation, and one of these strategies is playlisting. Now, let’s discuss how simple it is to build your playlist followers, increase your plays, and grow your popularity within a short time.

1. Know Your Listeners’ Needs and Wants

While song creation is your strong suit, Spotify playlists provide you the opportunity to take an entrepreneurial approach when dealing with your target audience. This is an area where your level of success is dependent on how well you promote your art. Hence, it is crucial to put your fans first and consider their top desires and interests and in turn get more Spotify plays. To start with, you need to identify your target audience. Which group are they? If you feel that they’ll love your music, what else will they love? Are there other genres that you like, although you don’t necessarily make that kind of music?

In order to start reaching your fans, you need to first think through their interest patterns.

2. Plan Your Marketing Efforts

As Brian Tracy once said, you save 10 minutes in execution for every one minute that you spend in planning. Hence, take the time to write down all the strategies (that you are aware of) to expand your Spotify playlist audience. Enlist them in one to help with reference purposes, and divide each strategy into smaller easier tasks. Restrict yourself to one thing until you realize/don’t realize expected results, then modify and optimize.

3. Make Use of Social Platforms

If you want your Spotify playlist to be famous, you need to take advantage of social networks. Nowadays, the vast majority of people are spending time on social media, hence, here is where you too should be. Build a professional page with a professional design and brand name. You need to provide value to your target audience by posting relevant content. Expand your page’s followers, and start promoting your Spotify playlists.

4. Find and Enroll in Playlisting Websites

There are various networks and websites for curators such as Playlist.net and Sound Plate that are specifically designed to help people like you promote their playlists. For instance, Playlists.net works with the “Playlist a Day” app, which can be found in iOS and Android app stores. This app essentially provides users a random Spotify playlist depending on the theme they’ve chosen. Add your playlist, and get new random fans daily.

5. Post Your Playlist on Reddit

You might not have been aware but there is a certain subreddit known as “Spotify Playlists” which hosts regular competitions where the best playlists are prized. You just have to link your playlist in the “Spotify Playlists” subreddit. Since Reddit is a high-ranking authority in search engines, organic traffic will begin flowing immediately. What’s more, the user engagement of the site has the ability to make a post go viral within a short time. Scale by including more playlists!

6. Utilize the “Playlist Exchange” Feature

There is a special forum in Spotify where you can post your playlists and include a brief description of your genre, your target audience, and your mission. Ensure that you remember to tag associated keyword and genres because this helps to expand your forum post reach.

7. Reach Out to Other Playlist-Makers

One of the most effective ways of increasing the popularity of your playlist is to create a network with music creators in your bigger community. Learn who else your fans listen to, pay attention to which artists and bands you play shows with, or other artists or bands that share your label, and reach out. Doing so helps to open avenues and promote each other’s work and provide your audience something else that they may like as it is from a related artist community.

Along the same line, utilizing influencers who aren’t even musicians themselves helps to widen your reach. Discover who your fanbase follows, and get in touch with those people by politely asking them to share your work on their social networks, maybe in exchange for sending them brand merchandise or writing a free track for them. Once more, the point here is cross-promotion and expanding your audience via shared extensions.

8. Remain Consistent, and Continue Creating Content

Lastly, it crucial to keep in mind that in order to become a successful Spotify tastemaker, you need more than just luck or talent. You need to remain consistent, grow your brand, and exploit mood to realize success in this game. A strategic roadmap should guide your actions, however, the specifics of which are up to you! Keep coming up with content, keep satisfying your fans, and stick to a schedule.

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