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Time to have some fun!


I was joined today by MATTHEW HAILSTONE who will be holding another of his “DOG AND FAMILY FUN DAYS” this coming Sunday 1st September at BLEWGATES FARM SHOP over in Blackmore.

His last “fun day” was held back in June and Matthew popped in today to tell us what changes he has planned for next Sunday’s event and also about some of his future plans.

If you missed it listen out here, or better still head on over to BLEWGATES FARM in Blackmore this coming Sunday where the fun starts at 10am: –

There’ll be Craft stalls, food, drinks, a mobile bar, Bouncy Castles, stall games, Pony Rides and even a live band!


Now I have to say that I’m always slightly bemused by stories of young children driving cars as I always wonder how they are able to reach the pedals whilst at the same time being able to look out of the windscreen to see where they’re going.

Nevertheless news has just come in about an 8-year old German boy who it seems had taken his parent’s automatic Volkswagen Golf out for a spin on the autobahn.

Police were alerted by the boy’s mother who raised the alarm after she noticed that both her son and car were missing.

Wonder how long it was before she noticed.

The child was eventually found on a motorway where he’d had the sense to pull up on the hard shoulder and put the hazard warning lights on.

It seems that he’d started to feel uncomfortable once he hit 87MPH!

He told police that he “just wanted to drive for a bit!”

After this incident his mother apparently gave him a stern talking to.

Well fat lot of good that did as just a couple of days later he stole the car keys again and this time it seems that he was less fazed by his original speed as on his second outing he reached speeds of up to 110MPH (180 Kph).

In addition he seems to have ignored such minor traffic regulations as red traffic lights, or come to that, any other rules of the road.

Furthermore the second outing came to an abrupt end when he crashed into the trailer of a parked truck.

The boy’s mother said her son regularly drives go-carts and bumper cars and has in the past practised driving a real car on private property.

Apparently the boy is now to undergo psychological counselling. Well he’d be getting a damned site more than that if he were my son and any pocket money would be withheld until all the physical damage had been paid for.

Perhaps he was getting in training to invade Poland!

See you again tomorrow,


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