Show 191: Local Music and 100th and 150th show sessions

This week I have decided to play just local artists. Representing some of the best music on Essex!As I’m recording acts of my 200th show in the next week, I’ve also decided to play some of the music from my 100th and 150th show sessions. These are show in bold…

Roisin O’Hagan – At Our Finest
2. Adam Duffill – I’ll Be Waiting
3. Domino Collective – It’s Not Worth It
4. Young Machetes – Just Happening
5. Lee and Debora – Ex Factor
6. Davey Hal – My Senses
7. Finding Miranda – Coax
8. John Paul Elliott – Follow Your Star
9. Owen Williams – God Be Guessin’
10. Kieran McLoughlin-Spink – Torn
11. Matt Tubey – Keep On Keeping On
12. Nicola Collis – Welcome Back To The 80’s
13. Neil Davies – Be Mind Today
14. John Paul Elliott – Weird And Wonderful
15. Chay Appleyard – We’re Too Close To Death
16. Davey Hal = Fingertips
17. Lee and Debora – A Change Is Going To Come
18. Nicola Collis – Burning The Candle At Both Ends
19. Owen Williams – Else The Devil Try
20. Matt Tubey – Prison Van
21. Finding Miranda – One Last Time

22. Apachelux – Red Light
23. Different People – Best Before/Used By
24. Billy Collins – Oceans Of Love

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About Chay Appleyard

I've been at Phoenix FM since February 2014. I'm a local singer/songwriter who plays in a couple of bands - and I also host 50 Shades of Chay on Thursdays evening at 8pm. I normally play music that I love and interests me whilst having other local artists in the studio with me. Often they are friends who I have met in my decade of being in the local music scene.