Welcome to July!

The start of a new month and another week of hopefully good weather!

On today’s show we heard the bizarre story of the offer made (but subsequently withdrawn) by one of the Russian Burger King franchises to offer a reward of 3 million rubles (about £35k) and a lifetime supply of whoppers, to any girl who managed to get herself pregnant by a World Cup player.

Wonder how any claim could have been successfully proved if all the potential impregnators had left the country!

Staying with the bizarre, we heard about the cruise with a difference aboard the so-called “TORTURE SHIP”.


The vessel is actually no more than a barge which provides an annual one-night trip across Lake Constance between Germany and Switzerland for fans of bondage and sadomasochism.

Organisers were a bit disappointed by this year’s turnout which was sadly affected by the fact that on the night chosen for this year’s outing, Germany were playing Sweden in the World Cup.

Presumably the “Torture Ship” does not provide TV in the cabins!

Nevertheless 500 bondage and masochist fans, flaunting an impressive array of bondage gear, including gimp masks, figure hugging corsets, horse masks and a collection of whips and chains, still took to the water.

Better luck next year then!

See you again tomorrow,



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