A couple of life’s little problems

During today’s music packed edition of the show, we rejoiced in news of two calamities which have reached us from across “the pond”.

First up came news of the girl who thought it might be a good idea to see if she could shove her head up an exhaust pipe.

And guess what – surprise, surprise, she got it stuck and had to be cut free, only then to be charged by police for under age drinking.

A great day there then!

But if she thought she had a bad day, well that was a mere trifle when compared with our second tale of woe.

This involved a 5-year old boy who, whilst attending a wedding reception, accidentally knocked over a sculpture sitting on a plinth in the hallway.

Sadly the artist who created the masterpiece insists on being reimbursed for the amount of time he spent working on it and for what he considers it’s worth – $132,000 (about £100k)!

Insurers acting for the venue insist that, although the item was totally unprotected with no warning signs placed close to it, the child’s mother was responsible for the supervision of her child, was clearly negligent in this respect and therefore liable for the resultant damage.

They have accordingly submitted their claim to the family who are now trying to work out how to deal with the issue.

Oh dear!

See you again tomorrow,


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