Is this truly “state of the art”?

The BIG question we posed today was when is “ART” real and when is it just a heap of rubbish?

It seems that a self-styled anonymous artist in Oxford could be dumping his unwanted items in public areas, but passing them off as pieces of artwork.

It has been alleged that he dumped an old washing machine in an underpass to which he attached a notice reading, “Please use this machine to cleanse your mind of all prejudices and negative preconceptions relating to contemporary art.”

Perhaps not too surprisingly, Oxford City Council, concluded that the item was rubbish and had it removed, but the artist hit back, telling THE BIG ISSUE that the machine was already there, when he came across it and that he had reused it with a sign that transformed the item so that it became something else.

Meanwhile at the other end of the scale, high end Fashion designer, BELENCIAGA, as part of their Autumn collection, has just released the so-called T-Shirt Shirt which is a plain blue T-Shirt with a standard check shirt pinned to the front of it.

Quite whether anyone would want to wear such a bizarre item is open to question, as well as whether anyone would be willing to shell out the eye watering £935 price tag!

Sounds a bit like the song about The King’s New Clothes to me.

See you again tomorrow,


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