The straw that broke the camel’s back!

Today we heard about the couple who’s combined weight of 55 stone has been blamed for breaking the suspension of two different vehicles belonging to a taxi company.

MARCUS EDWARDS and TAYLOR FAULKNER, have been using CENTREX CARS in Birmingham, to transport them to and from Marcus mother’s house as often as 4 times a day and always insist on a people carrier to allow Marcos to sit across the back seats.

But now the firm says that as over time Marcos’s girth has increased they no longer have a vehicle large enough to transport him and his partner so the couple will have to use another company.

For her historical gem this week, Margaret Mills transported us back to the 18th century and the tale of an Essex inhabitant of a house on the borders of East Hanningfield and Great Baddow.

When she became sick, she needed help from the parish but as her property straddled the parish border, there then followed an argument as to which of the two parishes would have to take responsibility.

In the end the matter was settled once it was established on which side of the bed she slept.

You can listen to the story in full here: –

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