Now this is really how to get your own back!

On today’s show we heard about the member of a shooting party who became a victim of his prey, when one of the large Canadian geese they had been hunting plummeted from the sky, braining him and rendering him unconscious.

Canadian geese can weigh anything between 10 to 14 lbs and have a wingspan of up to 6 feet, so if they drop out of the sky from a height of around 90 feet, will certainly do you a power of no good.

Perhaps he’ll now think twice before picking up a gun again!

Being a Tuesday Margaret Mills returned with another of her historical gems, this time concerning an old miser from High Ongar who died in 1854.

Apparently he was a miller who had somehow amassed a fortune of around £7000 in cash and a similar amount in investments which together must have been worth the equivalent of close on £2m in today’s money.

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