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A Concise Guide to a Successful Office Renovation

Regardless of the size of your office and the nature of your business, a functional workspace is only ever going to increase business efficiency and productivity.

In an effort to implement a boost to both in your own office whilst the space is being renovated, continue reading.

Stick to Your Budget

On the first page of a book entitled Project Management for Beginners would be to not only set a reasonable budget, but to stick to it no matter what.

Many companies, both large and small, opt to hire a professional expert in office renovation, who could save you money on expensive software and systems, as well as provide you with leading budgeting and costing software (and also trade contacts for the future too).

The trick here is to balance a reasonable cost with a high level of quality, which can sometimes be considerably easier to achieve than it sounds.

Design an Efficient Yet Relaxing Layout

The main objective in designing your new office layout is to provide an energising, efficient and productivity-focused workspace for both yourself and your team members.

Even though you may feel as if the emptier and more streamlined the space is, the more likely your employees are to not become distracted and waste time, the truth is that building a comfortable and happy working culture in the office will benefit your company immeasurably.

There is a plethora of ways to promote a healthy working office culture, including the following:

  • Giving each employee space around their desk to manoeuvre
  • Providing more comfortable chairs and ergonomic keyboards
  • Maximising the volume of natural light in the space
  • Fostering technologies and programs which encourage collaboration
  • Leading by example and being an honest and open leader

Ensure the Entire Space is Clinically Clean

Commercial pest control experts are an absolutely essential contact to have in your phone and if you are moving to an entirely new office space (rather than renovating an old one) you should arrange for a full inspection for pests prior to moving in.

Additionally, make sure you hire professional cleaners to go through the entire office with a fine-toothed comb and ask them, should they discover an area of sub-par woodwork or carpet, to report this immediately.

Increase Storage Capacity

Just as inside your residential property, you will likely feel more ‘put-together’ and organised when everything is in its place and there is little to no clutter in each room. Applying this same mindset to the renovation of your office will only serve to cater more effectively to the needs of your employees and also create a more calming and relaxing working environment.

As well as ensuring there are several indoor plants dotted around the office (to clean and purify the air) and letting as much light in as possible, you should also increase the number of storage structures you include in the new layout.

This way, you will be more likely to maintain a clear and clutter-free office space and your employees will not be wasting time hunting down the right stationery item or important file.

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