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Classic cars from the Peaky Blinders TV series. What kind of car does Cillian Murphy drive in real life?

The series Peaky Blinders, set in Birmingham after the First World War, captivated viewers not only with its exciting plot and charismatic characters, but also with the atmosphere of the time. One of the important components of this atmosphere are the classic cars. They are not just vehicles, but a symbol of wealth, power and status.

Classic cars from the series

Many models that were popular in the 1920s can be seen in the footage. Cars for the Peaky Blinders series were sought from all over the UK. Some of the cars have been specially restored for filming. These cars reflect the spirit of the era and emphasise the status and character of the main characters. So what cars can be seen in Peaky Blinders?

Austin Seven. Not a large and manoeuvrable and car.  The Austin Seven was an affordable, reliable and practical car, making it indispensable to gang members and other Birmingham residents.

Ford Model T. This legendary model also appears in the series. It was one of the most popular cars in the world at the time. The Ford Model T was an affordable and unpretentious car. Simple yet rugged and reliable, the car reflects the resilience and resourcefulness of its drivers.

Bentley 3 Litre. A symbol of wealth and power. With its flowing lines and formidable appearance, this luxury car exudes sophistication and authority, perfect for an ambitious leader.

Rolls-Royce Silver. Another luxury car that appears in the series. This elegant sedan was one of the most prestigious cars of its time. Often associated with aristocracy and extravagance, the Rolls-Royce Silver serves as a status symbol for those who command respect and admiration.

Bentley 4.5 Litre. This powerful, elegant and imposing sedan was one of the fastest cars of its time. It exudes an air of sophistication and dominance and perfectly suits the status of Thomas Shelby, the hero of the TV series played by Cillian Murphy. 

Cillian Murphy’s cars

Cillian Murphy is often seen behind the wheel of sleek and modern cars. He eschews the nostalgia of classic cars in favour of the performance and comfort offered by modern luxury cars.

In recent years, the actor has been seen driving a number of impressive cars such as the Porsche 911, Audi R8, Aston Martin DB11 and other luxury brands. Cillian Murphy’s cars have powerful engines and are equipped with advanced features that provide the driver and passengers with maximum comfort.

  • Porsche 911. It is a sports car with an engine that propels it to speeds of 288 mph. Brake master cylinder for auto Porsche 911 is an essential component of its braking system. Despite its sporty character, the Porsche 911 offers a comfortable interior with comfortable seats and a smooth ride.
  • Audi R8. This supercar with a comfortable interior is equipped with an engine that accelerates it from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds. The Audi R8 has a range of safety features including stability control, traction control and brake assist.
  • Aston Martin DB11. The luxury car, which provides a smooth and comfortable ride, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Equipped with a host of features including Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Keeping Assist.

The actor’s collection also includes an Audi A8L and Audi Q7, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class and a Lexus RX 450h.

The Peaky Blinders series takes viewers back to a bygone era of secret deals and classic cars, and the preferences of the series’ stars reveal the modern world of automotive luxury and comfort. 


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